Hello, I’m Anže Mlakar and I always enjoy a good card game. In paper or online, simple or complex, I like them all. My favorite one is certainly MTG – Magic: The Gathering!

I’ve been playing MTG for over 10 years now. The first deck I got was a green-red intro deck from Future Sight. I didn’t know what most of my cards did and neither did my friend. After a couple of years I went to my first FNM and I’ve learnt that we misinterpreted a lot of the rules.

Afterwards I improved step by step as I found a lot of good content from more experienced players. I have competed at the World Magic Cup in 2016 as a member of team Slovenia. I’ve also reached a day two at a Pro Tour. As a result I have some experience at the highest level of competition.

However I’ll always remember how I started out and got so many things wrong. Well, until I got help from our amazing community. And this is exactly what I want to do with this site. Help newer players enjoy the game to its fullest – so they won’t repeat the same mistakes I did.

You can expect a lot of informative and fun content from me and my friends here at Card Game Base. If you have any questions you want answered don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re always eager to help. If you want daily MTG stuff, check our Instagram – we have spoilers, MTG memes and alerts for new articles.

We hope you’ll have an amazing time browsing our site and that you’ll get the information you were looking for.