Assassin’s Creed Fan – New to MTG: Guide

So, one of your favorite games, Assassin’s Creed, is doing a collaboration with Magic the Gathering. You’ve decided to pick up some cards, but you also want to learn about the game and actually play with them. However, Magic can be quite hard to get into, with more than 30 years of history.

But there’s no need to worry, as this article can help you with that. You’ll learn all the basics you need to start playing MTG with your new Assassin’s Creed cards. We won’t go into too much detail in order to not overwhelm you.

With that said, let’s get straight to it.

Learning the Game

First up, how do you learn to play the game? Well, you need to decide whether you want to learn the game online or in real life. Both options come with pros and cons.

Digital: MTG Arena

MTG Arena Assassins Creed Fan New MTG Player

Arena is the official and best way to play Magic the Gathering online. On top of that, it comes with an amazing tutorial, which makes it easy to learn the ropes. You won’t need to sink any money into it, as it’s free-to-play. Since you don’t know if you’re going to like the game, this is a big plus.

Another upside is that you can play at any time. You don’t need to wait for anyone; you simply download the game, and you could be playing in a matter of seconds.

Arena is available to download from multiple sources, such as:

One downside you’ll encounter is that Assassin’s Creed cards won’t be added to Arena. So, while it’s a great way of learning how to play the game, you won’t be able to play with the AC cards, which is a shame.


The other option is the old-school way. You learn by playing with real cards. (Including the ones from Assassin’s Creed set.) However, understanding the official rules without any help can be quite a daunting task. Thus, it’s best to find someone who’s willing to teach you.

Ask a Friend

If one of your friends is plays MTG, that’s amazing. We (Magic players) are always looking for new folks to play with. So if you ask, they’ll probably be very happy to teach you.

This can be a really fun experience, as opposed to learning by yourself. You can ask additional questions, and there’s less risk that you’ll learn something the wrong way.

Helpful Game Store

But what if you don’t know anyone who plays Magic? In that case, you might want to use Wizards’ Store Locator and find a local game store (LGS). Contact them and ask when is the best time to visit, if you’re looking to learn the game.

The vast majority of LGS employ friendly and helpful folks. They’ll be willing to either teach you the basics themselves, or recommend you someone who could do that.

Now you know how you can learn the game, so let’s move to the next big decision.

Which Assassin’s Creed Products to Buy?

There are four different products being released with this set:

This mostly depends on your goals. Do you want to play with the cards or do you just want to collect them? Which format do you want to play? Is your goal to collect all the cards, just a few specific ones, or whichever ones you open in boosters?

Let’s tackle these questions one by one and see how you should acquire Assassin’s Creed cards.

I Want to Play With The Cards

Among the four products, there’s one that’s just perfect for an MTG beginner. That is, as the name would suggest the Starter Kit. It’s fairly cheap, and it contains everything you need for a two player game.

Assassin's Creed MTG Starter Decks

Unlike the boosters, the contents of the Starter deck aren’t randomized. Each one contains the following:

  • red-white 60-card deck
  • blue-black 60-card deck
  • 2 cardboard deck boxes
  • a learn-to-play guide

There’s a lot of good things to be said about this product. It’s self-contained, so you can leave it as is, and use this a a 2-player board game. You don’t need to add any cards to it. And all the cards in the decks are set in the Assassin’s Creed worlds.

You can find more information about Assassin’s Creed Starter Kit here.

What About Non-Casual Formats?

Magic the Gathering has a rich history, as confirmed by the fact that there are around 30,000 different Magic cards. Thus, there are many different formats, which are essentially different game modes.

Each format comes with deck building restrictions. In some formats, you might only play cards that were recently released; others allow only a single copy of a card per deck, and so on. We won’t go into too much details, but you can find more about MTG formats here.

As far as Assassin’s Creed cards go, you can play them in casual settings, and the following official formats: Modern, Vintage, Legacy, and Commander.

The first three are highly competitive, and you can’t really construct a viable deck with plenty of Assassin’s Creed cards. The other decks contain so many powerful cards, that it wouldn’t be a fair fight.

However, you could play many of these cards in Commander. That format is a bit more laid-back, with many fun strategies. It’s typically played in multiplayer mode, and in a non-competitive setting. (There are still competitive play groups, if that’s your thing.) Plus, you always have access to a legendary creature, which is your commander, such as Ezio Auditore.

Ezio Auditore da Firenze MTG Assassin's Creed Spoilers

Now in order to get cards for your deck, you’ll probably be looking for specific ones. In that case, the best way to acquire them is by buying singles from a card store like TCGPlayer.

Building a Collection

What if, you’re just looking for a general collection of Assassin’s Creed cards, but aren’t looking for specific ones. In that case, you can purchase some boosters. With this set, there are two different boosters.

Beyond boosters are fine, cheaper option, if you’re looking for random cards. There are seven cards per booster and 24 boosters per box. (That’s 168 cards per box.) You could also go with the Bundle, which contains 9 Beyond boosters, as well as some additional items, such as basic lands, and sturdy storage box with a cool design.

Collector boosters, on the other hand are more expensive, but the cards use alternate art and/or foil treatment. There are ten cards per booster, and 12 boosters per box. If you’re looking for special cards, this might be the way to go if you don’t mind spending a bit extra.

Here’s one example of an alternate art card, with its regular version on the left:

Kassandra, Eagle Bearer
Kassandra, Eagle Bearer Assassin's Creed New to MTG Guide

Once again, if you’re looking for specific cards, or want to collect a whole set, the most efficient way of doing so is by purchasing singles. (For example, from previously mentioned TCGPlayer.)

Final Tips

Before we wrap up, here are some final tips that you might want to try out when you’re just starting with Magic:

  1. Join online communities. Sites like Reddit, Discord, and other MTG focused forums can be a great place to find additional information, and learn from other players. The largest one is r/MagicTCG, but there are plenty of others, too.
  2. Watch YouTube videos. There’s no shortage of great Magic content creators. The biggest one is Tolarian Community College, which is great for beginners and intermediate players too.
  3. Share the game with your friends. Magic is more fun when you have a gathering of folks you like spending time with. If you can convince your friends to start learning and play MTG alongside you, the whole process is going to be much more enjoyable.

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Until next time, have fun and enjoy the new set! As always, if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below, and we’ll get back to you.

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