Best Dice for MTG

How do you begin a game of Magic? You roll a pair of dice. How do you represent counters of different kinds? With dice, of course. There are so many of them, though. So today we’ll take a look at best dice for MTG including some very special ones.

Regular 6-sided Dice

Most Magic players use regular 6-sided dice. They are very useful since they are harder to accidentally move, than 20-sided ones.

100 Colored Dice – Yellow Mountain

Best Dice for MTG 100 Piece Multicolored

These dice are great if you want to get multiple different colors. As you can see, you get a total of hundred of them, each ten in other color. You also get a nice bag to carry them around easily,.

All in all this are great dice for MTG if you want lots of them, different colors prove to be useful if you want to represent different kind of tokens with them.

36 Dice Boxed Set – Chessex

Chessex 36

This dice come in plenty of different styles. They are neatly arranged in box, which contains 36 dice – that’s more than enough for your Magic game. We like those and we’re currently using their yellow ones.

Best Dice for MTG Counters

Are you using a lot of different types of counters? Dice in this section will help you make the battlefield more transparent. Great for long games of Commander.

Dice for Planeswalker Loyalty Counters – Hedral

Planeswalker Loyalty Counter Dice

If you want to have your planeswalker dice in style, here’s your solution. As you can see they came in five colors of Magic and each number is inside a symbol for loyalty on Planeswalker cards. Pretty neat.

Dice for +1/+1 Counters (and -1/-1)

+1+1 counters -1-1 counters

No more messing with the difference between -1/-1 and +1/+1 counters. These dice are a must for everyone who uses both kind of counters. Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons loves them.

Special Dice

Looking for some special dice? We have some suggestions.

Hexatec Color Changing Dice

Hexatec Color Changing Dice

Hexatec definitely has some special dice. These ones are heat sensitive and change color, but you also have some that glow in the dark. Click on the image to check their price on Amazon.

Wiz Dice Cup of Wonders – Just Gimme Everything

Best Dice for MTG Bag of Wonders

Not sure what to get? Just grab this big box of everything.

You’ll get 35 polyhedral dice. Five of each:

  • 4-sided dice (D4)
  • 6-sided dice (D4)
  • 8-sided dice (D8)
  • 10-sided dice (D10)
  • 12-sided dice (D12)
  • 20-sided dice (D20)
  • dice with tens (D00)

Maybe not the most common one for Magic, but if you’d like to get a bunch of different dice, this is a way to do so.

Metal Dice – CKLT

CKLT Metal Dice

Looking for something more shiny? These dice are made from solid brass, and have a real nice feel to them. They came in a nice looking box and are a great idea for a gift. Maybe even for a gift to yourself?

Rolling Out

That’s all about best dice for MTG. IF you’re looking for more reviews for Magic the Gathering accessories, you might want to check some of the following:

Until next time, may you always win the die roll.

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