Best Flesh and Blood Booster Box to Buy

While Flesh and Blood is still quite new, there are a number of types of products. As with any TCG, the most common way to purchase cards is via booster packs, found in booster boxes. This article will go over the best Flesh and Blood booster boxes to buy. If you just want a quick overview, the following table shows what booster boxes are best for whom:

Booster BoxQuality
Welcome to Rathe IconWelcome to RatheBest for Beginners
Crucible of War IconCrucible of WarBest for Collectors
Arcane Rising IconArcane RisingBest for Advanced Players

Flesh and Blood Booster Box Contents

Each Flesh and Blood booster box contains 24 booster packs in a display. Each set follows the same format, but with different cards from different sets.

One important distinction is the difference between first print run and unlimited print runs. First print runs include cold foils, whereas unlimited runs only contain rainbow foils. Booster boxes and packs should clearly indicate which print run they are from on the packaging, and you can buy each separately.

Booster Pack Contents

Each Flesh and Blood booster pack contains 15 cards and one token. Cards in each booster pack (except for Crucible of War) are distributed as follows:

  • 4 generic commons
  • 7 class commons
  • 1 rare
  • 1 rare, super rare, majestic, or legendary card
  • 1 equipment
  • 1 foil

Super Rares and Majestic cards come far less frequently than Rares. Approximate odds of pulling a card of a higher rarity are:

  • Super Rares: 1 in every 6 booster packs
  • Majestic: 1 in every 12 booster packs
  • Legendary: 1 in every 96 booster packs

Of course, these odds aren’t 100% sure, they’re just approximations. Since Crucible of War, Super Rare and Majestic are combined into one rarity (Majestic) that you can find once every 4 packs or so.

Fabled cards are even more rare than Legendaries but are not necessarily the best cards in the game – they are more for collectors. Both Fabled and Legendary cards are the most expensive to buy individually.

Best Flesh and Blood Booster Box – Sets

So far there are four main sets for Flesh and Blood:

  • Welcome to Rathe
  • Arcane Rising
  • Crucible of War
  • Monarch

In this section we’ll go over each set in detail.

Welcome to Rathe

Welcome to Rathe Best Flesh and Blood Booster Box to Buy

Welcome to Rathe is the first Flesh and Blood set. It contains a total of 226 cards and was released in 2019. It is a full set, so you can get both heroes and equipments. Welcome to Rathe revolves around a dangerous jungle land and the initial four melee classes: Brute, Guardian, Warrior, and Ninja.

These themes are the simplest and easiest to learn this complicated game with. However, this set will also rotate out of the standard Constructed rotation first. If you’re planning to play in official events, this isn’t the best Flesh and Blood booster box for you.

Arcane Rising

Arcane Rising Best Flesh and Blood Booster Box

Arcane Rising is the second full Flesh and Blood set, containing 219 cards. It was released in 2020. A twist from the initial expansion, Arcane Rising bears a heavy magic focus, including the new Wizard hero class, spells, and terrible monsters.

New classes include the aforementioned Wizard, the Ranger, the Mechanologist, and the Runeblade. This is a great set if you like its theme and hero playstyles. Additionaly, it has some great cards, which can power up your decks.

Crucible of War

Crucible of War Best Flesh and Blood Booster Box

While Crucible of War is the third Flesh and Blood set, it is the first supplementary set. It came out in the latter half of 2020. A supplementary set contains fewer card in total and fewer cards per booster pack, but focuses on the addition of weapons and equipment.

You won’t find any heroes in Crucible of War but you’ll be able to power up your deck more efficiently. It only contains 198 cards. The Crucible of War booster pack configuration is a little different from standard configurations:

  • 7 Commons
  • 1 Rare
  • 1 Rare, Majestic, or Legendary
  • 1 Premium Foil

This is a great set to buy if you’re happy with whatever heroes and classes you have and just want some new tools to fit into those decks. However, Crucible of War has had a very limited release. Only the first print run has been distributed, so it can be hard to find. It’s certainly one of the more sought after sets at present.

It’s also important to note that due to the organization of Crucible of War, it’s not good for Limited play (i.e. Draft and Sealed), only for Constructed.


Monarch Newest Best Flesh and Blood Booster Box to Buy

Monarch is the fourth and newest set, released in May, 2021. It revolves around the concepts of light versus dark and good versus evil, perhaps themed around angels and demons or life and death. Monarch will include four new heroes with new playstyles, perhaps including new classes as well.

It is the largest set yet, with 307 new cards, and was highly anticipated by the community.

Other Products

While the primary way to purchase Flesh and Blood is via booster packs, there are other products to begin learning the game. Welcome to Rathe starter decks, one for each class, are available for purchase through some game stores and on other online retailers like Amazon.

Additionally, the new Monarch set supposedly has a similar set of starter blitz decks coming out at the same time, though you can only preorder those at this time.


While Flesh and Blood is a new, unique, and complex card game, collecting and purchasing it is no different than other TCGs.

You’ll find that presently, with the global pandemic coupled with a certain ship getting stuck in a certain canal, products are hard to come by. However, Welcome to Rathe and Arcane Rising should be easier to come by if you’re just getting into the game.

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Remember to check with and support your local game stores first before going shopping online.

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