Best Gifts for Bridge Players in 2024

Looking for the perfect gift for a bridge player? You’ve come to the right place, as in this article, you’ll find some amazing recommendations. These gift ideas will make the giftee extremely happy, showing them how much of a thoughtful person you are.

Below you’ll find multiple suggestions. This way, you can pick the one best suited for the recipient. However, if you’re in a hurry and can’t browse through all of them, we highly recommend Artisan Playing Cards Luxury Set, as the best gift overall. These cards are an amazing present that every bridge enthusiast will enjoy.

However, if you have the time, let’s take a deeper look at some of the best gifts for bridge players.

Bridge Cards and Accessories

We’re starting with a couple of gifts, that can be used during a game of bridge. The first one is the one we mentioned above.

Artisan Playing Cards Luxury Set


Every bridge player already owns a set of cards. Thus, if you plan to gift them cards, they better be something truly special. Thankfully, Artisan luxury playing cards fit the bill perfectly.

They are of a high-quality and look absolutely stunning. Any game with them will feel special. On top of that, even the cardboard boxes they come in are gorgeous.

All of that is neatly placed in a wooden box with laser-etched details. This nicely ties everything together into an excellent gift. This is, without a doubt, one of the best gifts for bridge players out there. If you want, you can check its price and see more photos on Amazon.

Bridge Bidding Boxes

Best Gifts for Bridge Players Bidding Boxes

If you don’t know much about bridge – there’s a bunch of bidding going on. In order to keep track of bidding and scores, players need proper equipment. That’s what these bidding boxes are for.

This set contains 4 bridge bidding boxes, bidding cards, as well as two scorebooks. All of this can be easily packed in a simple, but sturdy box, which makes it very practical.

However, this is not the gift you should be buying if you don’t know that your giftee wants or even needs one. Many experienced bridge players might already own something similar, so it’s best for beginners. If you’re in doubt whether to buy this, perhaps a book would be a better idea.

Bridge Books

A great book is a splendid gift, as it can provide many hours of entertainment. Whenever your giftee will pick it up, they’ll think of you. Thankfully, there are many exciting bridge books.

Below you’ll find some amazing choices, recommended by various bridge players, on online forums like Reddit. Rest assured, these are the best of the best, that every bridge enthusiast will enjoy.

Classic Kantar by Eddie Kantar

Best Gifts for Bridge Players Eddie Kantar Classic Kantar Book

Eddie Kantar is one of the best bridge writers, and certainly one of the funniest. Before this book, he already wrote two other bridge books (Bridge Humor and The Best of Eddie Kantar). Classic Kantar contains the best stories from both of them, plus plenty of new ones too.

Eddie is telling many stories about the games he had played. Of course, he does it with a very humorous style, making the book an entertaining read. But don’t think it’s all about jokes. There are plenty of useful tips that help players improve their game. This is one of those rare gems that’s both fun and educational at the same time.

A splendid gift for bridge players of all levels!

I Love This Game by Sabine Auken

Bridge Gift Guide Book I Love This Game Sabine Auken

Sabine Auken is known as one of the greatest bridge players. The centerpiece of her book I Love This Game is a match of Germany versus French for the Venice Cup – Women’s Bridge World Championship.

Even though that match is incredibly fascinating, it isn’t the only thing she talks about in the book. Sabine writes with great knowledge about playing bridge at the highest level. She also tackles the controversial issues such as separate playing fields for men and women.

This is certainly not your regular get-better-at-bridge book, but it still includes plenty of learning opportunities packed in the interesting story. As such, this book is a great gift for anyone who loves this game.

Bridge in the Menagerie by Victor Mollo

Bridge in the Menagerie Victor Mollo Book

As many bridge players know, during your games you’ll encounter various sorts of folks. This book certainly play that up, by depicting different types of players as different animals. They are hilarious and entertaining, and as a result, Bridge in the Menagerie becomes a delightful read for bridge players.

Two of the main characters, Hideous Hog and Rueful Rabbit, have become quite iconic in some bridge circles. That shouldn’t be a big surprise, as Victor is a master at telling a captivating story. So, if your giftee likes both fun stories and bridge, this is a great present for them.

Practical Bridge Gifts

You can never go wrong with some practical gifts. Everyone has room for an additional cup or can find use for a nice canvas bag or shirt. All of these items listed below are bridge themed, and as such a perfect gift for fans of this great game.

Canvas Bag: Eat. Sleep. Play Bridge.

Best Gifts for Bridge Players Eat Sleep Play Bridge Canvas Bag

This canvas bag is a great gift for a bridge player. It’s handy, comes in two different sizes and has a cheeky bridge motto.

It’s also more environment-friendly as a plastic bag. If you want to buy a gift that will actually get used and not just gather dust somewhere, this is a great pick. Everyone needs a bag occasionally, be it going to the market or to their next bridge game.

Bridge-Themed Coffee Mug

Coffee Mug Best Gift Ideas for Bridge Players

Who doesn’t like a steaming hot cup of coffee in the morning? If you’re looking for something small and on the cheaper side, a cup with a quip is surely a great pickup. It’s practical, funny, and great as a small gift.

Another great benefit of this gift is that whenever they’ll pour a drink in the cup, they’ll think of you. Ain’t that nice?

Card Symbols Cookie Cutters

Card Symbols Cookie Cutters

Now, this might not be a perfect gift for just any bridge player. However, if your giftee likes boet both playing bridge and baking cookies, this is a great choice for a gift.

These cookie cutters make fabulous cookies for a bridge game day. Just keep in mind that these particular ones are a bit on a bigger size. If you want a different size, you can browse through various options on Amazon. However, if you’d like to get some large cookies, this is the way to go.

Wrapping Up

With that we wrap our Bridge Players Gift Guide. We hope that you found the perfect gift. Anyway, if there’s a great bridge gift that you’d like to recommend to others, feel free to do so in the comments below.

Finally, don’t forget that the best gift you can give someone is some quality time spent with them. If you don’t know how to play bridge, maybe ask them to teach you? They’ll surely enjoy talking about their favorite game, and it is one of the most popular card games for a reason.

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