Best MTG Accessories

There are tons of MTG accessories that can make your Magic the Gathering experience better. But there are so many to choose from, that sometimes it can be hard to pick the right ones.

Worry not, as we’re here to help you. Today, we’ll take a loot at all MTG accessories, and we’ll recommend the best one to you — from sleeves to dice. So without further ado, let’s get started!

MTG Sleeves

Sleeves are great. They protect your cards and make your deck easier to shuffle. The problem with sleeves is that they can split after some use.

However, this won’t happen quickly or often if you get some high-quality sleeves. Our recommendation are the Dragon Shield sleeves. They are the most durable sleeves you can get. We bought a pack of them over 8 years ago, and they’re still doing just fine.

They also have sleeves with art, if that’s something you’d like.

If you want to explore your other options, we wrote more about the best MTG sleeves here.

MTG Deck Box

As you know, deck boxes are very useful to carry your deck around. When buying a deck box, you should pay attention to its size. If you’re playing Commander, you should aim for a bigger box. On the other hand, if you’re playing a 60-card format, don’t go too big, so your cards won’t move around.

With that in mind, here are a couple of options for you.

Deck Box For Commander

Your best choice for Commander is probably Flip’n’Tray 100+ XenoSkin from Ultimate Guard.

It’s sturdy, it’s nice to touch, and it’s held together by strong magnets, so it won’t randomly open when you carry it in your backpack. In addition, it has an extra compartment for dice and tokens, which always comes in handy.

Deck Box for Standard (and other 60-card formats)

As for sixty card formats (or 75, if you’re playing with sideboard), our recommendation is Sidewinder 80+ XenoSkin. It’s made from the same quality material as the previous deck box, although it has a nice design, which lets you put the deck in sideways, giving you an easier access.

Ultimate Guard Sidewinder Deck Box

There’s also a special version of this one — a deck box that changes colors on touch. This one will surely stand out, when you bring it out of your backpack. Furthermore, you can find more MTG deck boxes here.

MTG Binders

If you like to keep your valuable cards organized, but still easily accessible, you should probably get yourself a binder. They come in various sizes, but the most common one is the 3×3 binder, which fits 9 cards per page.

One of the best ones in such size is XenoSkin Zipfoilo (9 Pockets) from Ultimate Guard.

MTG Accessories Binder 9 Pocket Ultimate Guard Zipfolio

It has 20 pages with 9 pockets, so it fits 180 card total. It actually closes with a zipper, which isn’t usual for most Magic binders. As you can imagine, it offers better protection for your cards. This is also true because of the side loading pockets.

Last, but not least, the binder is really nice to touch, which often isn’t true with binder of other brands.

You can find more information about the best MTG binders here.

Dice for MTG

Dice are certainly one of the must-have MTG Accessories, especially if you’re playing Commander. They can do various things like:

  • replace tokens
  • represent +1/+1 or other counters
  • keep track of life totals (although we wouldn’t recommend doing that at tournaments)
  • and plenty more

Our favorite choice for dice are Chessex Dice, they are both elegant and simple, and you get 36 of them, which is more than you’ll ever need. Anyway, it’s fine to have some extra in case you lose some. The price is also very affordable, which is always nice.

Would you maybe want different dice? Check for other MTG dice here.

Playmat for Magic the Gathering

Don’t like playing on sticky tables? It can sometimes be hard to even move your cards around, as they stick to the surface. Playmats are a great solution to this.

Not only do they keep your sleeves clean for a long time, they also come with various artworks, so you can easily find the one you like. The one below, features Arcane Flight, for example.

MTG Accessories Ultra Pro Playmat Arcane Flight

Ultra Pro is the biggest manufacturer of quality playmats with all sorts of different Magic art. They have an enormous selection, and you can find it on Amazon.

Want to know more about playmats? Check the best MTG playmats here.

Backpack for Magic Cards

Finally, if you won’t just be playing at home, you need a backpack. Of course, if you already have one, it will surely serve you perfectly fine. Nevertheless, if you do need to get a new one, there are some that are made with MTG players in mind.

Pirate Lab Backpack MTG Accessories

For example, Pirate Lab Backpack is designed in a way that it easily fits various deck boxes, as well as a playmat and a binder. It offers plenty of benefits like:

  • adjustable shelves, that will fit your deck boxes perfectly
  • water-resistant material
  • great zippers

However, this is certainly a premium product and its price reflects that. If you’d like to get a more budget friendly option, you can find more MTG backpacks here.


That’s all about MTG accessories. If you feel like there’s a type of product we missed or if you have any question, let us know in the comments below, we’ll be happy to help you.

In case you’re looking for more card related products, you can find best buys for MTG beginner here. Until next time, have fun and may your new products serve you for a long time.

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