Best MTG Backpacks

Are you looking for a perfect backpack for your Magic decks? We’ll help you with our choice from the best MTG backpacks. We’ll talk about variety of them, including:

  • backpacks for multiple decks
  • backpacks for Cube
  • budget friendly backpacks

Bellow you’ll find our recommendations for backpacks made specifically for Magic the Gathering. We included some regular good backpacks at the end. Let’s get right to it.

Ultra Pro Citadel Backpack – Great for Cube Players

Folks at Ultra Pro don’t make just sleeves and deck boxes – they also produce backpacks made especially for Magic the Gathering. Citadel is not the only backpack they made, but it is the biggest of them.

It’s made with their Cube Box in mind. You can easily fit the whole box in the Citadel Backpack, so it’s great for Cube players, just look at the size of this chonker.

Best Backpack MTG Ultra Pro Citadel

The backpack itself is built from a quality waterproof material. Your cards will be safe even if you’re walking around in a storm.

Ultra Pro Deluxe Gaming Case – For Lots of Decks

Do you have a ton of decks and can’t decide which ones to take to your game night? Well, you can take all of them – with Ultra Pro’s Deluxe Gaming Case.

Best MTG Backpack Ultra Pro Deluxe Gaming Case

It comes with a real nice feature, which makes it one of the best MTG backpacks. (Well, it’s not technically a backpack, it’s more of a big shoulder bag, but you get it.)

Now, back to the feature – it has one main compartment along with dividers that you can adjust so they fit your deck boxes. No matter what kind of size your deck boxes are, you can find a way to fit them in. So if you want to take many decks with you, this is a perfect solution for you to have an organized bag.

Ultra Pro Gaming Case – Budget Option

Ultra Pro Gaming Case

If the deluxe option is too expensive for you, there is a regular option. Often, when you see a product with Deluxe stapled next to it’s name, you assume that it’s just about some extra stuff and perks. However, this is not the case (pun unintended) here.

The dividers that come with this cheaper case are flimsier and won’t last that long. Now, if you’re a crafty person, you can possibly make them sturdier or use something else as dividers. This way you’ll save some money. If you don’t care much about the dividers, then this can also be a right pick for you.

Pirate Lab Backpack – High End

Best MTG Backpack Pirate Lab

Speaking of dividers, here’s another backpack with them. It’s probably the most premium – and therefore expensive – MTG backpack on the market. If you want a budget option, stay away from this one.

However, if you don’t mind spending a bit extra, there’s certainly a lot that the Pirate Lab Backpack has to offer, for example:

  • big space with adjustable shelf-like dividers for storing your decks
  • separate compartment for your playmat
  • special pocket for your binder
  • water resistant fabric
  • great zippers

The cool thing about dividers is that they are also completely removable, so if you sometimes need just a regular backpack, this can become one.

It’s quite bulky and rightfully so – as it can store more than 9 deck boxes – you have to support that weight.

This is a right choice if you can afford to spend a little extra on a very customizable MTG-friendly backpack. It’s certainly one of the best MTG backpacks, if not the best one. You can get it on Amazon.

Matein Backpack – Best Budget Choice

Backpack for Magic Cards Matein

Getting a special backpack for MTG is cool and all, but they are all pretty pricey. If you don’t care that your backpack isn’t made especially for MTG cards, you can save some money and spend it on, you know, Magic cards.

If that’s the case here is a great budget option for you. Matein Backpack is both durable and affordable. You can check its current price on Amazon and we doubt it will disappoint you.

Yes, it’s a laptop backpack, but who cares, really. It can hold your binder instead of a laptop. It has plenty of different compartments for your decks, dice, life pads and stuff.

One feature we really like are the side pockets for water bottles. This way the liquid won’t spill all over your decks and cards if the bottle accidentally opens.

Matein backpacks are durable and nice looking. You can get them in variety of colors. Mono red players, you don’t need to worry. Red is included.

If you just want a simple backpack that will last for quite some time – this is the right choice for you.

Everest Basic Backpack – Ultra Budget Choice

Cheap Backpack MTG

If Matein Backpack is too pricey for you, there is another option. It has basic in it’s name and it’s just that. A basic backpack that will serve you for some time.

It will hold your decks and binders just fine, but it’s true what they say: “You get what you pay for.” Although, this backpack is one of the best for under $15 it can still rip if you don’t treat it well.

We wouldn’t recommend it very highly, but if low price is really important to you – this is probably a good enough choice.

Packing Up

That’s all about best MTG backpacks. If you have another suggestion let us know in the comments bellow. We’ve also reviewed other Magic accessories, you can read all about theme here:

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Have fun and may your backpack serve you well.

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