Best MTG Card Sleeves in 2024

You sit down to play a fun game of Magic and start to shuffle your deck. Sadly, your anticipation is met with a familiar frustration – one of your sleeves has split again, though you just recently bought them. To prevent such scenarios, you want to use the best MTG card sleeves possible.

There are many sleeves on the market, so it can be hard to choose the right one. We won’t overwhelm you with too many options, though. Today we’ll explore only the five best MTG sleeves on the market. When deciding which ones are the best, we’ll mainly focus on two things – durability and ease of shuffling.

Among our five favorites, you’ll first find the best budget option, followed by an old-time favorite. The final three sleeves are certainly the best ones out there, as they often make Magic players argue which one is the undisputed favorite.

#5 TitanShield Sleeves

Best Cheap Value MTG Card Sleeves TitanShield

The reason for the TitanShield’s being in our top 5 sleeves is their ratio of durability versus cost. You’ll get a very fair price for the 150-sleeves value pack. Sleeves are one of the most robust on the market. They almost never split, however, they are also not the best for shuffling.

If you don’t care about looks and shuffling feel, but just want a sleeve that will last you for basically forever for a low price, they are still a reasonable choice.


  • quite durable
  • fairly cheap


  • only in black color
  • slightly wider than other sleeves
  • average for shuffling

#4 KMC Hyper Mat

KMC Hyper MAT sleeves used to be one of the best sleeves on the market. Lately players did report some decline of the quality, therefore Hyper MATs fell to the fourth place.

They are pleasant on feel and are perfectly sized for single sleeved cards. You can also fit a double sleeved card in it with some effort.


  • foils really stand out
  • great for single sleeved cards
  • cards don’t stick together


  • newer batches seem a bit worse
  • after lots of use, edges start to split
  • sizes sometimes differ

#3 Ultimate Guard Katana Sleeves

Besides great deck boxes, Ultimate Guard also makes impressive sleeves. The Katana sleeves are somewhat newer, than most sleeves on this list. A lot of players claim that Katanas are the best sleeves on the market.

To be fair, all of our top three picks for the best MTG card sleeves are pretty optimal. Which ones are truly the best is hard to say, but you won’t be disappointed with any of them.


  • extremely smooth
  • great for shuffling
  • wide selection of colors


  • corners bend after some use
  • cards sometimes stick together
  • single sleeved cards move around

#2 Ultra Pro Eclipse

Ultra Pro sleeves used to be a complete joke. They would split even just a single draft match. They still make those sleeves, and they are cheap if nothing else.

However, their newer premium Eclipse Pro-Matte sleeves are a major step in the right direction. They are very durable, compared to most other sleeves. Their best feature is the ease of shuffling.

If you really enjoy shuffling cards, these sleeves are the right ones for you.


  • best shuffling feel
  • great durability
  • constant size
  • amazing with double sleeves
  • wide variety of colors


  • get dirty faster than other sleeves
  • colors might vary between packs
  • foil cards don’t look that nice

#1 Dragon Shield Matte

The Best MTG Card Sleeves Overall Dragon Shield Matte

Finally, our number one pick, the best MTG card sleeve on the market – Dragon Shield Matte. They will last you years. Honestly, we still use some Dragon Shields, that we bought more than six years ago, that work just fine. Although they do get dirtier after so much use, you can still clean them fairly easily.

Besides that, Dragon Shield succeeded where others failed. They manage to put art, that doesn’t peel off, on their sleeves. You can check different variations on Amazon.


  • most durable sleeves on the market
  • different colors available
  • art sleeves available
  • fine for shuffling
  • sleeves don’t stick together
  • great customer support


  • not that great for single-sleeveing
  • some versions are slightly transparent

Finally, if you want to know more about those sleeves, you can find Dragon Shield Sleeves Review here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size are Magic the Gathering sleeves?

MTG card size is 2.5 inches (6.3 cm) x 3.5 inches (8.8 cm). Thus, sleeves should be of the 66mm x 91mm dimensions. This is the most often used size for cards of various TCGs, and is often referred to as standard size.

Which are the best MTG sleeves?

There’s some debate, but our choice would be the Dragon Shield Matte sleeves.

Should I double sleeve my cards?

That depends on how valuable they are and how much you want to protect them. If you want optimal protection, then yes, you should double sleeve your cards. This way, your cards will be protected from possible spills, and from wear on the top of the card.

Which are the best MTG inner sleeves?

Typically, players are very happy with the KMC Inner sleeves.

Should I double sleeve my cards upside down?

Yes, the inner sleeve should be used upside down, while the outside sleeve needs to be put on in a regular way. Only then will your card be protected from both sides.

Your Favorites

Hopefully we helped you pick the right sleeves for you. Are you already using some? Tell us which ones in the comments below.

If you’re looking for more Magic accessories, you can check best deck boxes or read about best buys for new players.

That’s all for today, until next time, may your sleeves never split.

2 thoughts on “Best MTG Card Sleeves in 2024”

  1. Do I need really the Dragon Shield Matte black? Or only darker colors?

    What do you think about the Dragon Shield Matte Non-Glare / Dragon Shield Dual Matte?

    • Darker colors might be better if you’re playing with a lot of double-faced cards in your deck in a competitive setting. However, you mostly won’t be able to see through the lighter colors as well.
      Any kind of matte sleeves are usually great so you won’t miss with either of these two options. As far as the quality goes, when it comes to Dragon Shields, most of their sleeves are top-notch.


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