Best MTG Deck Box for Commander and Other Formats

There are countless MTG deck boxes on the market, which can make it hard to pick up the tight one. Which deck box is the most durable? Which deck box is the most budget friendly? Which one is the best overall? There are many questions that you might have, and today we’re going to answer all of them, and help you find the best MTG deck box for you!

Quick Recap

We’ve sorted the deck boxes into three major groups:

  • deck boxes for Commander (with enough space for 100 cards and some tokens)
  • deck boxes for Standard (or other formats with 60+15 cards)
  • special deck boxes (in various shapes in sizes)

If you’re in a hurry, here’s a quick recap of our three favorites, one from each group:

Deck BoxQuality
Flip N Tray Xenoskin Best Deck Box Commander IconFlip'n'Tray 100+ XenoSkinBest for Commander
Ultimate Guard Sidewinder 80+ XenoSkin Deck Box IconSidewinder 80+ XenoSkinBest for Standard
Ultimate Guard Sidewinder 100+ ChromiaSkin IconSidewinder 100+ ChromiaSkinBest Looking

On the other hand, if you have time, and want to make a more informed decision, let’s take a look at various deck boxes and find the best one for you.

Best MTG Deck Box for Commander

One important thing when picking a Commander deck box is its size. It should be big enough to hold at least 100 double sleeved cards, and perhaps some tokens too. Of course, you also want it to be durable. We considered both of those factors when picking our favorites.

Best Overall: Ultimate Guard Flip’n’Tray 100+ XenoSkin

best MTG deck box for commander flip n tray 100 xenoskin

Are you looking for a perfect deck box for Commander? You’ve found it – this is the one.

Ultimate Guard makes some of the best deck boxes. Period. This Flip’n’Tray is no different. It’s sturdy, very well-built and will therefore last you for multiple years to come.

It has a satisfying closing system with magnets and a separate container for dice and counters. The box easily holds 100+ double sleeved cards. There’s also enough room for tokens. The surface of the box is really nice to touch, thanks to the XenoSkin design.

If you want a deck box that will serve you for a long, long time, look no further. You simply won’t be disappointed with this one. Besides, you can also choose a color that will suit your commander perfectly.

Holds 2 Commander Decks: Ultimate Guard Twin Flip’n’Tray 200+ XenoSkin

magic the gathering most durable deck box for commander ultimate guard twin flip n tray

The Twin version of Flip’n’Tray has all the same qualities we mentioned above. As the name suggests, the box is double in size, so you can fit another Commander deck in it.

Despite its bigger size, it still has all the qualities you’d expect from an Ultimate Guard’s product. It will hold your cards safely, it’s nice to touch, and it will last for a lifetime, probably. So if you can’t decide which commander to take with you to your play group, this is the box for you. Take two Commander decks anywhere you go!

Do you need more in-depth information about it? Check our Flip’n’Tray deck box review.

Best Budget-Firendly Option: Ultra Pro Satin Tower

best MTG box for commander ultra pro satin tower

Ultra Pro Satin Tower is cheaper than previously mentioned XenoSkin deck boxes. It’s not as nicely looking and has a less soft covering.

It is however quite bulky and very compact. If you don’t care that much about the looks, you can save some money with this one. It will still protect your deck perfectly fine, and it also has a compartment for dice and counters, which always comes in handy. No more forgetting your dice at home.

All in all, it’s a great product for its price, as it perfectly serves its main purpose of protecting your cards. That’s why you’ll often see in on the tables of Commander players.

Show Your True Colors: Ultra Pro Alcove – Guilds of Ravnica

ultra pro ravnica alcove.jpg

Deck boxes with pictures on them are usually pretty bad. Colors wear off quickly, and you are left with a bad looking box. That’s why it is hard to get a flavorful deck box for your commander. Well, if you have a two-color commander, Ultra Pro has a solution for you.

They made a very high quality deck boxes designed with the guilds from Ravnica in mind. Each box has a guild symbol in the front, and a pattern of symbols in the inside. The colors are very vibrant and warm. The magnets hold it closed pretty strong, so it won’t open in your backpack by accident, which could damage your cards.

The deck box can hold 100 double sleeved cards plus some tokens. If you want to show your commitment to your favorite Magic the Gathering guild, this is the best product for you.

The Cheapest Deck Box: Ultra Pro 2 Piece Box

cheapest deck box MTG commander ultra pro 2 piece

Ultra Pro 2 Piece Box has at least one thing going for it — the lowest price you can get. This is one of the cheapest deck boxes for Commander you can get.

So, where’s the catch? Well, it isn’t the most durable deck box out there. You’ll want to store it safely in your backpack and not give it too much space to move around. If you have an expensive deck, you should invest in a better deck box.

However, if you’re one of those players who just can’t stop building commander decks, this is a solid choice. You can use multiple 2 Piece deck boxes for storage at home. Just get one better deck box when going somewhere. This way you can have all of your decks neatly arranged and save some money as opposed to buying multiple high-end deck boxes. You don’t need to worry about the box opening in your backpack, as you’ll use the better one for traveling.

They are transparent, which isn’t totally useless. This way you can easily see which deck is which.

Make sure to order the right size. The 150-count one is actually great for 100 double sleeved cards and some tokens, so this would be probably the right one to get. If you just single sleeve your cards (or don’t sleeve them at all) you can fit them in the 100-count box.

Best MTG Deck Box for Standard

Now we’ll shift our focus to the smaller deck boxes for formats such as Standard, Draft, Pioneer and Modern. Typically, these come in sizes that can easily hold 75 double sleeved cards. Besides, most of them they also come in a bigger size, so if you want to get a bigger one with the same design, you can do so.

Best Overall: Ultimate Guard Sidewinder 80+ XenoSkin

MTG best deck box for standard ultimate guard sidewinder

The most annoying thing with deck boxes is often getting the deck out of it. Folks at Ultimate Guard solved it by simply putting the deck box on its side along with curved edges for easy access to your deck. This guarantees a really nice experience.

As we come to expect from Ultimate Guard deck boxes, it’s quality-made and will serve you for a long time. It easily fits 60+15 double sleeved cards and comes in a variety of colors.

Budget Option: Ultimate Guard Boulder Deck Case 80+

deck box boulder

The Boulder deck box can definitely save you some money. It’s simple looking, compact deck box. The case is extremely hard, and it barely flexes when you try to squish it. If you just want a deck box that won’t fall apart, this is certainly a viable option.

Best Bulk Buy: Ultra Pro Set of Five Deck Boxes

cheap deck box for yugioh pokemon magic the gathering

Sometimes you don’t care about quality. You have plenty of cards and decks lying around, and you just want to get them in order. In that case, getting a pack of multiple deck boxes is probably the cheapest way to do so.

These boxes are obviously not the best quality, but they will still work just fine. They are also great for draft decks, which mostly contain cheap chaff cards. If you want a lot of deck boxes for low price, it’s hard to get a better deal than this.

On top of that, if you’re careful with them, they can still serve you for quite a while.

Special MTG Deck Boxes

Do you want your deck box to really stand out at your table? Here are a couple of suggestions.

Stores Multiple Decks: Grimoire Wooden Box

Best Deck Box MTG Wooden Grimoire

Okay, this one isn’t your regular deck box. It’s more of a wooden box for your other deck boxes. If you have multiple decks though and want something nice to store them in, this might be a good buy for you.

However, if you’re just looking for a single deck box for a single deck, this isn’t a product for you, as the size just isn’t right for that, and your cards will move around, which could damage them.

Changes Colors on Touch: Ultimate Guard Sidewinder 100+ ChromiaSkin

ChromiaSkin Deck Box Yugioh Gift Guide 2022 2023

This one has the same qualities as previously mentioned Sidewinder:

  • easy deck access
  • durability
  • sturdiness

Besides that, it’s also crazy cool looking.

ChromiaSkin is heat sensitive — its color changes whenever you touch it. This one easily holds a Commander deck, plus some tokens. However, if you’re playing 60-card formats (with 15 card sideboard), you’re better off getting it in a smaller size.

Are you’re skeptic about how it actually works, and how it preforms in different environments? In that case, you should definitely read our in-depth ChromiaSkin Sidewinder review. In that article, we talk about box’s qualities and potential downsides as well.

Out of the Box

Hopefully you found your perfect MTG deck box. Do you enjoy one that we didn’t mention? Recommend it in the comments below.

If you’re looking for sleeves to go well with your deck box, you can find the best MTG sleeves here. You’ll be able to find some that won’t split easily and that will last for a very long time.

Maybe you’re picking the deck box for someone else as a gift? In that case, you might want to check our Magic the Gathering Gift Guide.

Anyway, that’s all for today, have fun and may you never forget where you put your deck box. (That happens so many times to me, but well, what can you do…)

4 thoughts on “Best MTG Deck Box for Commander and Other Formats”

  1. Helpful guide. I only recently purchased a satin tower and was wondering if something better existed for some more money. I see the Ultimate Guard is the way to go! Gonna have to finally give them a shot. Thanks for all the detailed info!

  2. I have one satin tower for my favorite commander deck. Its very nice and I really like it, but is quite heavy and the dice compartment sometimes opens in my bag.

    Forthe rest of my commander decks I use some utrapro cheap boxes. They are somewhat low quality, but very compact and lighter than other options.

  3. I don’t know, normally you don’t have only one commander deck not two commander decks you have a lot of commander decks. Even if you don’t play them all at one event. You need choices. Some high, some med and some precon level.
    That’s why I don’t like the idea of the satin tower or Flip n Tray. I need one possible to store for my dices, one for the playmat and a lot of possibilities to store my decks.


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