Top 10 Best MTG Werewolves

During the last few months, we have covered most of the popular creature tribes in the game. But it seems we have missed a sleeper tribe. So today, I’ll talk about the best MTG Werewolves.

Werewolves are not as popular compared to other tribes. They don’t have that much support to make them Tier 1. But that does not take away the fact that they have really cool and flavorful mechanics. Furthermore, you can totally make a good Werewolf deck for casual games.

With the upcoming new Innistrad set, called Midnight Hunt, we’ll see a return of Werewolves. The set looks it’ll feature them as of the main themes. That means we will get a lot more cards to play around with.

So, in preparation for this set, here are the Top 10 Best MTG Werewolves. But first, some honorable mentions.

Honorable Mentions

Here I’ll talk about some card that you can use in your Werewolf tribal deck, although they aren’t Werewolves themselves.

Werewolf Planeswalker

First we have Arlinn Kord and her two planeswalker cards.

Arlinn Kord / Arlinn, Embraced by the Moon

Planeswalkers are always cool, and some of them also support a tribe. Arlinn is only a Werewolf, and it doesn’t have in-your-face support for Werewolves. Nevertheless, it can be a strong card in a Werewolf tribal deck, and a flavor win as well.

It’s one of the few planeswalker cards that transforms. This follows the usual mechanic of transforming, common among the Werewolf cards. The front side costs 4 mana, and either pumps a creature, or makes a Wolf token.

The Werewolf side of the card offers a mass pump effect, Lightning Bolts a creature or player, or gives you a strong emblem. This makes this card a good addition to any deck, but a superb one for a Werewolf tribal deck.

Arlinn, Voice of the Pack

Arlinn, Voice of the Pack

The War of the Spark version of Arlinn is somewhat weaker. It has the static ability of making all Wolves and Werewolves enter with a +1/+1 counter, and generates some Wolf tokes. Passable in some more casual environments.

Best Werewolf Support Cards

Here are some good support cards that’ll make the best MTG Werewolves even better. Additionally, there’s also some support for the Wolf tribe.

Rule of Law

The mechanic that defines Werewolves is the ability to transform from the Human side to the Werewolf side. This usually happens when no spells are cast in a turn. They’ll transform back when a player casts two or more spells in a single turn.

So you can use Rule of Law to stop your Werewolves from going into their weaker Human form. Plus, it also serves as a useful tool against some type of decks, and it has really cool art.

Howlpack Resurgence

Howlpack Resurgence Best Werewolf Tribal Cards MTG

Howlpack Resurgence is a great Werewolf tribal card. It has flash, which is always a powerful ability. It’s also particularly nice in a Werewolf deck. You won’t cast a spell in your turn, so your Werewolves transform, but you’re still able to use your mana in your opponent’s turn.

The main thing going for it is that it pumps all Wolves and Werewolves with +1/+1 and trample. Solid.

Full Moon’s Rise

Full Moon's Rise Werewolf Transform Enchantment

Full Moon’s Rise is somewhat similar to Howlpack Resurgence in the sense that it is a pump card. But the thing that makes this card stand out is the fact that it can be sacrificed to regenerate all Wolves and Werewolves you control, which is an excellent counter to board wipes. You can also use it to win combat or to protect a single one of your Werewolves.

It’s a must-have for a Werewolf tribal deck.

Moonlight Hunt

Moonlight Hunt Best Werewolf Tribal Cards MTG

Moonlight Hunt pretty much fits into this tribe perfectly. It cares about Wolves and Werewolves by making one sole creature be the prey of all of yours. It also has the best art on any card in the whole game, in my opinion.


Moonmist Best Werewolf Tribal Cards MTG

Moonmist is a surprise card. It has the potential to come out of nowhere and win games because of this. It is really cheap instant, which transforms all Humans into their Werewolf side! But that’s not all – it also prevents all combat damage dealt by creatures other than Wolves and Werewolves. Nice.

Not Quite Werewolves

Finally, three great creatures that support this theme but are not actually Werewolves.

Nightpack Ambusher

Nightpack Ambusher Werewolf tribal

Firstly we have Nightpack Ambusher which is probably the best card in this article. It was an integral part of many Standard decks when it was in rotation, and it saw a bit of play in Modern which is not easy.

It has incredible value. It’s a 4/4 for 4 with flash, it pumps all Wolves and Werewolves, and it creates Wolf tokens at the beginning of your end step if you didn’t cast any spells. That’s the whole point of a Werewolf deck, anyway.

Silverfur Partisan

Then we have Silverfur Partisan, which is a great support creature that brings value from your opponents targeting your creatures. This is even a better than expected ability because you can even target your own Wolves and Werewolves in order to get tokens. Good card.


Another great card for a Werewolf tribal deck. Whether as a part of a 99 in a Commander deck, or in a 60-card casual deck. It pumps your Wolf and Werewolves, and on top of that, it keeps your Werewolves in their more powerful side. What’s not to like?

Top 10 Best MTG Werewolves List

So that was it about the support cards. Now we’re moving to the list of the best MTG Werewolves.

#10 Mondronen Shaman / Tocolar’s Magehunter

I got to say that this card has one of the simplest abilities in any list that I’ve made. It simply punishes opponents for casting spells. This ability paired with Werewolves is excellent.

This tribe wants to be flipping from one side to the other. From a Human with a tame ability to a Werewolf with a powerful ability. The way in which they transform is if no spells are cast or not cast during a turn.

This card makes your opponents think: “Do I want to let them transform their creatures, or do I want to take 2 damage to cast something?” However, you still have to transform it first, and it’s quite fragile for four mana, and that’s why it isn’t higher on the list.

#9 Kruin Outlaw / Terror of Kruin Pass

Moving into the aggressive side of Werewolves. The Human side of this card is decent. The Werewolf side, though, is pretty good. A double strike 3/3 which makes each Werewolf you control have menace is great.

You are guaranteed a lot of damage with this card. It would make it even better if the Human side had just one extra ability, but these were the old days when Magic wasn’t so overpowered.

#8 Hermit of the Natterknolls / Lone Wolf of the Natterknolls

Human side is a good counter to a Control deck. It basically draws you cards whenever an opponent plays a spell at instant speed on your turn. Good way of punishing this strategy. The Werewolf side of the card does the same, but doubled.

The fact is that this card can be good in almost any deck. And it takes advantage of the fact that there will always be some type of interaction at instant speed on your turn at some point in the game. It’s also another card that might make flipping your Werewolves easier.

#7 Geier Reach Bandit / Wildin-Pack Alpha

Now that I notice, Werewolves have some of the best card arts out of all creature types. Maybe it is due to the fact that the artist has to showcase the same creature in two forms, and there needs to be some sort of continuity. This card is no exception.

Apart from the sick art, its ability is great. The Human side is a good aggressive threat, being a 3/2 haster for 3. The Werewolf side doesn’t offer a big size upgrade.

However, the additional ability is superb. It makes all your Werewolves transform immediately, when you play them. That’s really game changing.

#6 Sage of Ancient Lore / Werewolf of Ancient Hunger

Here’s one of the big hitters. Big is an understatement when talking about this creature’s mana cost. Five mana, that is a lot! But its ability is pretty good. It draws you a card when it enters the battlefield. So it replaces itself immediately. How good it is depends on the number of cards in your hand.

This card can be paired up with a bounce or blink creature, which takes advantage of this ability. The Werewolf side of the card pretty much serves as a center of attention. It becomes an immediate threat after flipping.

It becomes a creature with its power and toughness equal to the amount of cards in all players’ hands. Plus, it has vigilance and trample. Trample being the key to making this card work.

#5 Scorned Villager / Moonscarred Werewolf

When it comes to card art, this is worth mentioning and praising. It really showcases how both sides differ but are still the same creature. Both sides have the same ability. The Human side serves as a simple ramp dork. It is a 1/1 that taps for 1 green.

But it also is a 2/2 that taps for 2 green and has vigilance. It only costs two to cast the creature, which is worth the value. Effective card to have in the Werewolf tribe. Or in any green deck to be honest.

#4 Duskwatch Recruiter // Krallenhorde Howler

The Human side of this double-sided creature is pretty decent. It is a perfect draft card. But it is also a good inclusion in any green deck looking to refuel or find that good creature that you need. Its ability to dig for three is good in a game of Commander when the game starts to drag. Just this side of the card is already good.

But the Werewolf side makes this card even better. It makes all creatures cost 1 less to cast.

Werewolf cards usually tend to transform from one side to another with ease during a game. Especially in Commander. So, having a good ability on both sides of the card is great. That’s why Duskwatch Recruiter is one of the best MTG Werewolves.

#2 Ulrich of the Krallenhorde / Ulrich, Uncontested Alpha

This is the only actual Werewolf Commander, and as such Ulrich is iconic. But it is not overpowered. It is 4/4 for 5 mana. Its abilities trigger when it enters when it comes into play or when it transforms from one side to the other. So it will constantly happen.

When it transforms into the Human side (or enters the battlefield), it gives a creature +4/+4. When it transforms into the Werewolf side, it may have it fight another creature. Not great, but good enough to build a Commander deck around it. Especially because of its colors.

#3 Mayor of Avabruck / Howlpack Alpha

The fact that this card showcases the conflicting duality of having two different creature types in one same card is amazing. The art’s truly superb, and I particularly like the promo version.

Mayor takes the lore and mechanics of this type of card to the next level. The Human side pumps Humans and the Werewolf side pumps Werewolves and Wolves. Perfectly in lore.

Plus, the Werewolf side creates a 2/2 at the beginning of your end step. Mayor is easily one of the best MTG Werewolves in the game, and an essential card in any Werewolf tribal deck.

#1 Huntmaster of Fells / Ravager of the Fells

This is one of the best MTG Werewolves out there. If it was legendary, this would probably be a popular commander for Werewolf decks. Unfortunately, it is not. That doesn’t stop the fact that it is really common to transform Huntmaster a couple of times in the game. Whenever you do so, you will generate plenty of value. You’ll either get a Wolf and 2 life, or deal 2 damage to a creature and a player.

The card was absurdly strong when it first came out. Nowadays, it’s somewhat less broken, compared to all the other insane cards, but it’s still very strong.

Best MTG Werewolves – Conclusion

What else to say about Werewolves? Great art, great mechanics and flavorful design. This pretty much describes them. They keep being an underdeveloped and supported tribe. They have a lot of potential to be really powerful and interesting.

Flip cards have always been a fascinating concept, and the fact that these types of cards take into account the lore side of the game is great. They are really fun to play with and build around.

Just thinking about what the best play is, how to transform a creature, how to surprise your opponents, and how to force errors is an amazing part of playing with these creatures. They are strategic in nature, which is super fun.

It’s fair to say that the new Innistrad set that is coming out pretty soon is cause for excitement. Especially because it has been teased that there is going to be a lot of support for this creature type. Can’t wait, for it. You can find Midnight Hunt spoilers here.

If you want, you can also get a Midnight Hunt Set Booster Box on Amazon.

Innistrad Midnight Hunt Set Booster Box

As always, feel free to let me know in the comments what you think of the list. If you agree, disagree, or if I missed any cards, please let me know.

Stay safe, have fun, and go for wins with these deadly creatures.

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