Best Pokemon Theme Decks 2022

Do you want to get a prebuilt Pokemon deck, but you don’t know which one to pick? Worry not, as today we’ll discuss which are the best Pokemon Theme decks to buy in 2022. This way, you’ll easily be able to pick out a perfect Pokemon deck for either yourself, or for someone else.

If you don’t have time to browse through the whole article, here’s a quick recap of our three favorite choices among the best Pokemon Theme decks.

Theme DeckQuality
Rilabloom Theme Deck IconRillaboom Theme DeckPowerful & Budget Friendly
Soaring Storm IconSoaring StormPowerful Dragons
Relentless Flame IconRelentless FlameBest Overall & Contains Charizard

What Are Pokemon Theme Decks

Pokemon Theme decks are prebuilt 60-card decks. You just open the box, and you’re ready to play. As such, they are a great starting point for new players. You won’t need to build your own deck from scratch.

The sixty cards you get aren’t random. This means that if you were to buy two Unseen Depths decks, you’d get the same sixty cards twice. They are built in a way that the deck functions quite smoothly.

Pokemon Theme Deck Contents

Your average Pokemon Theme deck contains:

  • 60 card prebuilt deck
  • 1 code to get the copy of deck on Pokemon TCGO
  • 1 cardboard deck box
  • some damage counters
  • 1 coin

If you play Pokemon Online, you’ll be happy to get the code alongside the deck. If you need some information about how to start playing it, our Pokemon TCGO Beginner’s Guide can help you. The Theme decks have a special format available for them, where you’ll play against other Theme decks of the similar power level.

The deck box usually looks nice, but isn’t of the highest quality. Additionally, if you decide to sleeve your deck, the box will often be too small. If you want, you can find a selection of best deck boxes here. The article focuses on deck boxes for MTG, but since the cards are of the same size, it’ll also hold your cards nicely.

In general, we’d recommend getting an Ultimate Guard deck box, as they are of a really high quality.

Ultimate Guard Sidewinder Deck Box

Finally, you also get some damage counters and a coin. These are great, so you can keep track of everything that’s happening in the game. Various cards also require coin flips, so having a coin always comes in handy.

Battle Decks

Lately, Pokemon Theme Decks have been replaced with Battle Decks. These are quite similar to them, so we included a couple on the Top 10 list.

The biggest difference is that Battle Decks aren’t legal in the Theme Deck format in Pokemon TCG Online. Additionally, Battle decks come in pairs with two different decks. However, you can also get them separately, and we included the separate versions in our list.

Selection Criteria

How did we select the best Pokemon Theme decks? The main criteria we used is how powerful the deck is. The higher on the list it is, the stronger it is — in general. The thing is that it’s not necessary that the number one on the list beats all the other decks. If it’s a Grass type deck, it will have problems with Fire decks, due to Pokemon’s weaknesses.

So keep that in mind when deciding which is the best Pokemon Theme deck to get. It’s probably best if you buy one that’s the most fun for you — that’s what this game is all about.

With that said, let’s get to the Top 10 Best Pokemon Theme Decks. We included deck from various releases, all the way back from 2018, to nowadays, that’s 2022. Hopefully, most of them are still available for purchase.

#10 Blastoise V Battle Deck

Blastoise V Deck

We’re starting off with a Battle deck. Its main Pokemon is Blastoise V. It’s not the most exciting Pokemon card out there, but it’s still a solid one for beginners. For a basic Pokemon, it has a lot of HP, with 220. Its first attack costs one Water Energy and deals 30 damage. However, once you get to three Water Energy cards, you can deal 200 damage with it.

The other Pokemon cards, such as Barraskewda, Sharpedo and Dreadnaw are somewhat similar. They aren’t the most exciting cards, but they can be strong in the right scenario.

As a result, we end up with a deck, which is decent, but not particularly amazing in any way. Still, it’s a fine Pokemon Theme deck for new players, as it’s pretty straightforward, and they’ll learn its ins-and-outs easily enough.

#9 Victini V Battle Deck

Victini V Best Battle Decks Pokemon

As you’ll see through this article, usually the best Pokemon in these decks have an ability that lets you put multiple Energy cards into play. Victini V is no different.

Its first attack lets you attach three Fire Energy cards from your discard pile to your Pokemon any way you like. This can enable some pretty explosive turns. It also synergies nicely with it’s second attack, which deals 30 damage for each Energy attached to both active Pokemon.

Cinccion synergies nicely with Victini. It has an Ability that lets you discard a card to draw two new ones. So you can discard a Fire Energy, knowing that you’ll be able to get it back with Victini.

The deck has some similar synergies, and can be quite powerful, when everything comes together. It’s also the newest Pokemon Theme deck, which means you can easily get it for a very fair price.

#8 Storm Caller

Storm Caller Raikou Best Pokemon Theme Decks 2021

This deck is a very interesting one and while it might not be the strongest, it certainly isn’t weak and can definitely win games.

It has interaction with the Lost Zone. Raikou, the main Pokemon, has a two Energy attack that deals 30 damage. However, if you have at least one Electric Energy in the Lost Zone, it deals a whooping 120 damage total.

The way to get cards in the Lost Zone is with Ampharos. You can put two Electric Energy cards into Lost Zone to make the opposing Pokemon paralyzed. If you want to improve this deck, you’ll probably want to add some more cards that interact with the Lost Zone.

#7 Unseen Depths

Unseen Depths Best Pokemon Theme Decks to Buy in 2021

If you like Water type Pokemons, then this is the best Pokemon Theme Deck for you. The deck is full of Water Pokemon, with Kyogre at the helm.

Kyogre is a 130HP Basic Pokemon. His first attack lets you get two Water Energy Cards from your discard pile to any of your Pokemon. This plays nicely with various discard effect you have in the deck (such as Roller Skater and Viridian Forest).

You can also use its second attack, which deals 130 damage. Now that’s quite a lot.

The deck is quite strong, but maybe doesn’t have the most raw power. It enables some tricky plays, but it’s still a fairly easy deck to master.

#6 Charizard Theme Deck

Charizard Theme Deck Pokemon TCG

Charizard is probably the most popular Pokemon character, rivaled only by Pikachu. Naturally, the Charizard theme deck was highly anticipated. It definitely lived up to the expectations.

Charizard card is powerful and combines very nicely with a powerful Leon trainer card. Two copies of it are also included in the deck. Combined with Leon, Charizard can easily deal over 200 damage.

The deck has enough card draw, and while it’s powerful, it isn’t overly complicated. Compared to the other Charizard themed deck, its price is lower, which is another benefit. All of this makes it one of the best Pokemon Theme decks you could get.

#5 Towering Heights

Towering Heights Best Pokemon TCG Theme Decks to Buy

Want big Fightning Pokemon? If so, you can’t go wrong with Towering Heights deck.

Groundon is a big basic Pokemon with 130 HP. Its first attack costs only one mana, and it allows you to attach two Fighting Energy cards from your hand to any of your Pokemon. These can provide you with some very explosive starts, which are often a key to the victory.

It can attach these two Energy cards to itself, so it’ll be able to deal 130 damage on the following turn. You can also just power up other powerful Pokemon. For example, Garchomp is a great one that’s even better if you’ve fallen behind.

The deck will require some skill, but it’s still pretty straightforward. All in all, it’s a really nice option, and it also holds its own in the Theme format on Pokemon Online.

#4 Blazing Volcano

Blazing Volcano Best Pokemon Theme Decks to Buy in 2021

Blazing Volcano isn’t the simplest deck out there, so it might not be the best choice for absolute beginners. However, if you have at least some experience with Pokemon cards, it’s definitely a great Pokemon Theme deck to pick up. It provides you with various options and is really fun to play.

Its main card – Entei is just a very solid card. Blaziken is the Pokemon that can be more powerful, but that makes sense, since it’s a Stage 2 Pokemon. Blaziken’s Ability allows you to attach a Fire Energy from your discard pile to one of your Benched Pokemon. With its attack it deals 90 damage to the opposing Pokemon and 20 to each of your opponent’s Benched Pokemon.

You have a bunch of card draw, which makes Houndoom an excellent attacker, as it can potentially deal 130 damage for just two Fire Energy. There are also quite a few useful Trainer cards included as well.

So if you’re looking for a strong deck, with various options, you really can’t go wrong with Blazing Volcano.

#3 Rillaboom Theme Deck

Rillaboom Best Pokemon Theme Decks to Buy in 2021

Rillaboom is definitely a big Grass Pokemon. It’s a Stage 2 with 190 HP and two attacks. For the first one, you’ll need three Energy, and it’ll deal 90 damage to the opposing Pokemon and 10 damage to each of your opponent’s benched Pokemon. For the second attack you’ll need one Energy more, and while it can be used only every second turn, it deals 180 damage total. Talk about powerful!

While it can look hard to get to that much Energy cards, Eldegoss can help you with that. That’s a Stage 1 Pokemon with an amazing 1-Energy attack. You get to search your deck for three Grass Energy cards and attach them to your benched Pokemon in any way. This way, you can unlock your powerful Pokemon’s attacks.

Rillabloom is certainly a deck that can pack a punch. So if you’re looking for a deck full of Grass Pokemon, this is the one for you.

#2 Soaring Storm

Soaring Storm Best Pokemon Theme Decks

Soaring Skies is probably the best Pokemon theme deck for the fans of the Dragon Type. Why? Because it features the powerful evolution chain of Dratini-Dragonair-Dragonite.

Both early stages are fine cards, but Dragonite is insanely strong. Even if it’s not your active Pokemon you can use its Ability to attach a Water and an Electric Energy card to your Pokemon. Oh, and its attack deals 170 damage. Sure, you’ll have to discard three energy cards, but you can quickly attach new ones with its aforementioned Ability.

The deck also has various card draw cards. One of the best ones is Stage 1 Pidgeotto. It has an Ability called Air Mail. Once per turn, you get to look at the top two cards of your deck and put one of them into your hand, which is great.

But powerful Pokemon don’t stop just yet. The pair of tho big basic Pokemon Thundurus and Tornadus are very strong if you get both of them in play. They can easily win you the game on their own.

All in all, it’s a deck that might sometimes be hard to play, but once you master it, you’ll have an insanely powerful deck in your arsenal.

#1 Relentless Flame

Relentless Flame Best Pokemon Theme Decks

Finally, we’ve reached the best Pokemon Theme deck — of all time possibly. Its price reflects its popularity, as it’s quite high compared to the others.

Of course, there’s a Charizard as the face card. It’s a very strong one. Its Ability Roaring Resolve lets you put 2 Damage counters on it in order to search your deck for two Fire Energy cards and attach them to Charizard.

Its attack combines nicely with it. It costs two Fire Energy, and it causes you to discard all Energy cards from Charizard. That doesn’t sound so great — but wait, there’s more! You get to deal 30 damage + additional 50 damage for each Energy discarded. So if you have two Energy, you deal 130 damage.

If that isn’t enough, attach another Energy or two — in order to deal 180 or 230 damage, respectively. So you can easily one hit knock-out almost any opposing Pokemon.

There are other powerful Pokemon cards in the deck, such as Nidoqueen, which lets you search your deck for Pokemon, that aren’t GX or EX. This means you can simply get any Pokemon in your deck. Rapidash is another powerful one with a strong attack, which can potentiality disable your opponent’s attacks.

The deck offers you plenty of options and almost all of them are very strong, therefore making this the best Pokemon Theme deck.


That’s all about the best Pokemon Theme decks for today. If you’re planning on buying one, you might also want to get some sleeves. You can read our article about best sleeves for Pokemon cards. We talked about which are sleeves are the most durable, so you’ll be able to use them for a long time.

Additionally, if you’re looking for more Pokemon card content, you might like the following articles:

Until next time, have fun and enjoy your new Theme deck!

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  1. Ok so first of all, Kyogre theme deck should be placed MUCH higher than that place. Empoleon’s Recall is easy to snipe benched Pokemon, especially stage 1s which haven’t evolved into stage two yet.

    Second of all, V Battle Decks aren’t theme decks. Yes, they are prebuilt decks, but theme decks are decks in an entire format of its own. These decks are used in standard/expanded formats.

    Otherwise, good guide.


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