Bloomburrow Basic Lands: Full List

It’s always exciting to see the basic lands from the new set for the first time. Particularly when the set features a brand-new plane. That’s the case with Bloomburrow basic lands, which we will explore today.

This time around, they come with a special twist; hence their other name, the Seasonal basic lands. Let’s see what that’s all about.

Seasonal Basics

For each of the five basic land types (Plains, Island, Swamp, Mountain, Forest), there are four different versions.

Each version depicts the same scene, but set in a different season (spring, summer, autumn, winter). So, while each will feature the same natural landmarks, the details and the color palette will be different.

Here, take a look at the lands and see for yourself.

List of All Full-Art Bloomburrow Lands

All five cycles have been revealed on July 9th. The images are ordered by their collectors’ numbers, which is from spring to winter.






Where to Get Bloomburrow Basic Lands?

Do these look great to you, and you’re wondering what’s the best way to acquire them? One option is to order them on a secondary market, such as TCGPlayer. This is a great way to acquire multiples of a specific land.

But what if you plan to open some Bloomburrow boosters? How many can you expect in different booster types? Well, each Collector booster contains one foil full-art basic land.

There’s also a single land slot in Play boosters, but it works a bit differently. One in five boosters (20%) contains a foil in that slot, but in the other cases the land is non-foil. Furthermore, while most of the time, you’ll open a full-art basic land in that slot, you could also open a different land of a higher rarity.

However, there’s one product that offers great value if you’re looking for a mix of boosters and basic lands. We’re talking about the Bloomburrow Bundle.

Bloomburrow Bundle Contents

It’s moderately priced, contains 9 Play boosters, a sturdy box, as well as some other extras. (You can find detailed Bloomburrow Bundle contents here.) Mainly, there’s a total of 30 basic lands, half of which are foil. Among them, 20 are full-art, while the other 10 use regular frames.

So, in the Bundle, you’d get:

  • 10 foil full-art basics
  • 10 non-foil full-art basics
  • 5 foil regular basics
  • 5 non-foil regular basics

On top of that, you’re also getting the boosters, in which you can expect some more basic lands, plus exciting rares and mythics. So, if you’re looking for moderately priced Bloomburrow product, this is the way to go.


So, that’s it for the Bloomburrow basic lands. How do you feel about them? Which ones are your favorite? And most importantly — how will you use them? Will you use multiples of the same art, or do you prefer a mix of different seasons? Let us know in the comments below.

Oh, and if you’re a Commander player, don’t forget to check Bloomburrow Commander precons. These also include the basic lands, but just with regular frames. Nevertheless, the decks do look quite exciting.

Until next time, enjoy Magic, and may you open plenty of your favorite basic lands.

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