Get Bob Ross Basic Lands on Arena

Do you want to get Bob Ross basic lands on Arena? Here you’ll find all the codes you need to get them for free. Plus we’ll include some additional information and trivia.

How to Get Bob Ross Basic Lands on Arena?

It’s pretty simple. Just go to Store tab in the Arena client, and find the Redeem Code button in the top right corner. There you’ll enter the codes, which you can find below. Each code redeems for a single specific basic land.

But hurry up, these lands are only redeemable until December 14, 2020. Don’t forget to tell your Arena-playing friends too.

Bob Ross Basic Plains

Plains Bob Ross Basic Lands Arena
  • Code for Bob Ross Plains: DelightfulMeadow

A code for Plains was the first one that Wizards shared on their Secret Lair Twitter account. Go ahead and add this delightful meadow to your collection.

Bob Ross Basic Island

Island Bob Ross Basic Lands Arena
  • Code for Bob Ross Island: IslandWilderness

Not only, does this Island have an amazing artwork. It actually depicts an island, which is a rare thing lately. Just check some of the recent basic Islands, if you don’t believe us – it’s mostly lakes and rivers.

But this one is simply amazing.

Bob Ross Basic Swamp

Swamp Bob Ross Basic Lands Arena
  • Code for Bob Ross Swamp: HappySwamp

Perhaps, our favorite Swamp in the recent years. It’s just so warm, which is very rare on a Magic Swamp. Simply gorgeous.

Bob Ross Basic Mountain

Monutain Code MTGA
  • Code for Bob Ross Mountain: MoveMountains

This looks like a perfect place to go to for a weekend retreat. A nice peaceful cabin in the mountains. Hopefully, it’ll look great on the Arena battlefield.

Bob Ross Basic Forest

Forest Basic Land Code
  • Code for Bob Ross Forest: TreeFriend

Here we have, not one, but a bunch of happy little trees bundled together. Get your tree friend on Arena, it’ll surely look great.

Secret Lair & Other Five Basic Lands

You might have noticed that there are five more Bob Ross basic lands available on Arena. How do you get those? Well, there’s two ways.

Happy Little Gathering

First option is to buy the Secret Lair, called Happy Little Gathering from Wizard’s official store. The sale ends on December 14, 2020. You’ll get all 10 basic lands in paper plus an Arena code, which will redeem for the other five basics.

The cost of the Bundle is $29.99 for regular basics, and $39.99 for foil ones. The release date is March 15th, 2021.

Buying a Code

If you don’t want to buy these lands in paper, you can also just get the code from Gray Viking Games. That’s a store with various MTG Arena codes. You’ll get the code quickly and they are very reliable, so make sure to check them out.

Bob Ross Trivia

Bob Ross MTG

Before we wrap up, here’s some quick trivia about our favorite painter, who is both incredibly calm and inspirational:

  • Bob Ross discovered his love for painting while serving in the Air Force.
  • He completed 403 episodes of Joy of Painting. You can find most of them on the Bob Ross YouTube channel.
  • Bob had a squirrel names Peapod. How cool is that?
  • He used a wet-on-wet oil painting technique of painting over a thin base layer of wet paint.
  • “Happy little trees” was one if his catch-phrases, which is still popular today.

More Codes

As you can see, these codes will be around for just two weeks. So make sure that you won’t miss any new ones and give us a follow on Facebook or Instagram. We’ll post them there, once they become available. This way you’ll be able to get them immediately and avoid waiting past expiry date.

If you’re looking for more codes, make sure to check this page with all MTG Arena codes. In addition, you might like some of the following articles:

Until next time, have fun and remember – we don’t make misplays, just happy little accidents

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