Brawl Decklist: Ashiok, Nightmare Muse

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1 thought on “Brawl Decklist: Ashiok, Nightmare Muse”

  1. Great deck! It has more counterspells than I usually play … and that’s been playing well … thanks!

    I wondered whether Midnight Clock was too slow … but then it’s also mana acceleration, and it saved the day on one game so far.

    However, FYI: I took out 4 basic lands, added Skyclave Relic, and 3 other cards … and just know to mulligan for 3-lands-or-mana-acceleration. The other 3 cards I added were Teferi Master of Time, Covetous Urge, and Cunning Nightbonder. The first two have each turned around a game so far. Nightbonder … meh … I may rethink that one.


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