Catan Buyer’s Guide: Which Settlers of Catan Expansion to Buy?

So you heard about the Settlers of Catan. Maybe it was mentioned as one of the best board games of all time. You want to try it yourself, or maybe give it as a gift. Maybe you just want to get another expansion for your base set. However, there are tons of different versions, so you don’t know which one to get.

Worry not, as we’re here to help you settle for nothing less than the best choice for you. In this Catan Buyer’s Guide, we’ll help you decide which Settlers of Catan version to buy.

This can be a pretty daunting task, as there are over 30 different products, if you count all expansions, scenarios and licensed adaptations. That’s why we’ll focus on the major expansions, which will get you the most bang for your buck.

The Base Catan Set – Start Here

Settlers of Catan Base Set Game

Additional Products Required: No.

If you haven’t played Settlers of Catan yet, this is the version that you should get. It’s the base set that includes everything you need for a game with 3-4 players. You’ll quickly learn just why this game is considered one of the best board games of all time.

The important part to remember is that you need the base set to play with expansions. So if you want to try something like Seafarers Expansion, you can’t actually play it, if you don’t have the base set.

The best part about it is that you can really enjoy the game without any expansions. Some players claim that the vanilla Catan is their favorite way of playing.

However, if you want to expand your Catan experience, there are a bunch of ways to do so.

Seafarers – Best Expansion to get First

Which Settlers of Catan to Buy Seafarers

Additional Products Required: The Base Catan Set

Seafarers is probably the best place to start, especially if you just want to enrich your experience and don’t want to add too many complex rules.

As the name suggest, this expansion gives you the option to explore the seas. You’ll no longer be limited just to the main Catan island. Instead you’ll have access to things such as:

  • boats
  • smaller islands
  • the pirate (basically the robber on the sea)
  • new ways to get victory points
  • additional scenarios

As we mentioned before, the amazing part is that while the game adds another layer it doesn’t take much time to learn. One play-through (or maybe two) and everybody will completely understand it.

Another great thing that comes with the addition of ships is that they require Wool and Wood. In the original game Wool (Sheep) is considered the weakest resource, so it’s a nice addition that you have another way to use them.

Anyways, if you’re wondering which Settlers of Catan Expansion to buy first, Seafarers is the obvious choice.


  • 60 wooden ships
  • 1 pirate ship
  • 6 frame pieces
  • 19 sea hexes
  • 11 hexagonal region tiles
  • 50 Catan chits
  • 10 number tokens
  • 10 harbor tokens
  • 1 Rulebook with scenarios

Cities and Knights – More Complex Gaming

Cities and Knights Which Settlers of Catan to Buy

Additional Products Required: The Base Catan Set

Now if you’re a gamer by heart and you have mastered the base game, here’s a challenge for you. Cities and Knights expansion definitely makes the game harder to master, but more enjoyable for more competitive play groups.

Perhaps the best single thing about this expansion is that it allows you to build up instead of just going wide. In the base Catan game it can quickly happen that one player can’t expand, as roads from other players prevent that. With Cities & Knights everyone can have a viable strategy, even if limited to a smaller space.

This is great, as it allows a player who stumbled early on, to still have something to work towards in the late game.

However, the expansion isn’t perfect for everyone. The additional complexity isn’t great for kids or for less experienced gamers. Besides, it usually doubles the time you need for a single play-through as compared to the base set.

So if this is your first time getting an expansion and you’re asking yourself which Settlers of Catan Expansion to buy, this probably isn’t the right one. However, if you’re familiar with with other more complex board games, you can definitely get it.

The version we featured above comes with extension for two additional players, but you’ll also need a base set extension for the fifth and sixth player to support them.


  • 18 commodity cards
  • 3 victory point cards
  • 12 wooden knights
  • 6 city walls
  • 2 development flip-charts
  • 1 Rulebook with scenarios

Traders and Barbarians – Spice Catan Up

Traders and Barbarians Expansion

Additional Products Required: The Base Catan Set

For those players who want something less vanilla than the Seafarer expansion, but not as complex as Cities and Knights, this is the right choice.

Traders and Barbarians is a great expansion for players who’d like to get something in between. The game rules aren’t overwhelming, while still providing much additional options, such as:

  • The Fishermen of Catan – You can now fish on Catan. This makes positions on the edge of the island more desirable, which adds some additional balance to the game.
  • The Rivers of Catan – Two great rivers flow through Catan. You’ll have to build bridges to cross them. By doing so you’ll also get Gold as a reward.
  • The Caravans – Nomads and their Camel caravans are coming from the oasis. They seek wool and grain and offer you rich trade opportunities.
  • Barbarian Attack – Barbarians have arrived to occupy Catan. Use brave knights to defeat them. Prepare for a combat orientated Catan game.
  • Traders & Barbarians – Build roads and use wagons wagons to transport marble, glass, sand and tools, this way you’ll be able to restore Catan’s great castle.

Besides all of this, you’ll also have a way to play Catan with just two players. So if you’d like to spice up your regular Catan game, you should definitely get the Traders & Barbarians Expansion.


  • 24 wooden knights
  • 12 wooden bridges
  • 22 wooden camels
  • 4 wooden wagons
  • 36 wooden barbarians
  • 40 coin counters
  • 14 new terrain and water tiles
  • 120 new cards
  • special victory point cards and tokens
  • 1 Rulebook with scenarios

Explorers and Pirates – Completely Change the Game

Which Settlers of Catan to Buy Explorers and Pirates

Additional Products Required: The Base Catan Set

Do you want to completely change the game, while still playing with the base Catan set? In that case, you don’t need to wonder which Settlers of Catan expansion to buy, because Explorers and Pirates is the right one for you.

At first look it might look similar to the Seafarers expansion. However, the mechanics are very different. Even though you still have ships, they function differently. For example, in Seafarers they act as roads on the sea, here they are actually moving around.

Your ships will also be able to carry crew, or spice sacks to transport them for value. Each player will also have access to their own pirate ship, which they can use to mess with their opponents.

All in all, the game becomes more focused on exploring and sailing and less on just building a civilization. So if you’d like to get a different take on Catan, this expansion is probably a fine choice for you.


  • 16 harbor settlements
  • 32 adventurers
  • 12 ships
  • 8 settlers
  • 12 markers
  • 4 pirate ships
  • 6 fish
  • 24 spice sacks
  • 76 gold coins
  • 12 frame pieces
  • 6 gold field hexes
  • 6 fish shoal hexes
  • 6 spice hexes
  • 6 terrain hexes and 6 number tokens (green backs)
  • 6 terrain hexes and 6 number tokens (orange backs)
  • 6 pirate lair tokens
  • 3 mission cards
  • 3 mission victory point cards
  • 4 building cost cards

Catan Starfarers – Catan Reimagined in Space

Which Settlers of Catan to Buy Starfarers 2nd Edition

Additional Products Required: No. It plays without the base set.

Sure, we talked how you can completely change the game with Explorers and Pirates. But what about playing Catan in space?

This is a separate game, that’s a new take on Catan. You’ll still enjoy some of the same things, but with new twist on the game.

This is actually the Second Edition of the Starfarers game. Players had many complaints about the quality of the game pieces in the first addition. Thankfully, they took care of this so Second Edition is much sturdier and won’t break that easily.

About the game play – one thing you’ll notice is that is somehow a bit less competitive, as there is less focus on negotiating and trading. Both of these mechanics are still present, but less game defining.

Additionally, there are no roads. Of course, you’re in space – so why would there be roads? This means that you can’t fully block a player from expanding. While this can be a useful tactic in base Catan, it’s usually pretty frustrating for the player getting blocked.

Finally, multiple different strategies seem viable in this version of Catan. You can try to:

  • add engines to your ships and explore space to its fullest, so you’ll meet multiple alien races
  • stay close to home, but build multiple colonies and space ports
  • apply a mix of both strategies

The game also has one very important thing, which is a catch up mechanism. Even if you had a bad start, you’ll still have a non-negligible chance of winning the game. This way players won’t get bored, even though the game can take more time than your base Catan game.


Anyways, that’s all for today. Hopefully you found which Settlers of Catan Expansion to buy for yourself and your play group. If you have any additional questions about Catan and its many expansion, you can ask us in the comments below. We’ll try to do our best to answer you as quickly as possible.

Note that whichever of the mentioned expansion you decide to get, they also combine well with one another – expect the Starfarers, which is a standalone game.

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Until next time, enjoy life and may your new Catan expansion bring you and your play group countless hours of fun!

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