Commander 2022: New Capenna Commander Decks and Decklists

Today we’ll talk about perhaps the most iconic Commander product of 2022. That’s right, it’s time to discuss Commander 2022 decks! Of course, that’s the unofficial name, as these are officially known as Streets of New Capenna Commander decks. We recently got the full decklists, and you can find all of them below.

However, before we get to it, we’ll touch on what New Capenna Commander precons actually are. If you are a more experienced player, feel free to skip this next section.

New Capenna Commander 2022 Decks

New Capenna is a brand-new world in Magic the Gathering. It’s Magic’s take on the gangster movie, and that’s reflected in these Commander precons.

There are five crime families. Each one of them has three colors, and has a signature mechanic. All of this makes for a perfect setup for the biggest Commander product of the year, with five Commander 2022 decks, in the following color combinations:

Deck nameColors
Obscura Capenna Commander Deck IconObscura Operation
  • White
  • Blue
  • Black
  • Maestros Capenna Commander Deck IconMaestros Massacre
  • Blue
  • Black
  • Red
  • Riveteers Capenna Commander Deck IconRiveteers Rampage
  • Black
  • Red
  • Green
  • Cabaretti Capenna Commander Deck IconCabaretti Cacophony
  • Red
  • Green
  • White
  • Brokers Capenna Commander Deck IconBedecked Brokers
  • Green
  • White
  • Blue
  • Intro or Full Versions?

    In the past, Wizards released intro (or lite) Commander decks. These decks had lower power level and lower price. As an example, you can take a look at Kaldheim Commander decks.

    However, the vast majority of the time, WotC make fully powered Commander decks. The most recent ones were Neon Dynasty Commander decks. They have higher power level, more powerful reprints, and have the standard price for Commander precons.

    So, the question is: Are New Capenna Commander decks intro decks or the full versions?

    Well, Wizards didn’t make a lite Commander deck since Kaldheim, which was over a year ago — back in February 2021. It certainly looks like Wizards are phasing out this product. Additionally, this is the big Commander release of the year, so it doesn’t make any sense to bring intro Commander decks back with this release. So this means that the New Capenna Commander 2022 decks are fully powered.

    This means that these are powerful decks with 17 exclusive new cards in each one and with exciting reprints. The new cards will be thematically tied to New Capenna, but the reprints can be from anywhere.

    Release Date

    New Capenna Commander decks release on April 29, 2022. That’s the same day as the main set releases in paper.

    New Capenna Commander Deck — Contents

    Each Commander 2022: Streets of New Capenna Commander will likely contain (based on previous releases):

    • 2 different foil commanders (the main commander, and a different commander to swap it with, if you want to)
    • 98 regular cards
    • 10 double-sided tokens
    • 1 cardboard deck box (these are usually not the sturdiest, so we’d recommend one of the better Commander deck boxes)
    • 1 life counter

    You don’t just get the foil version of your main commander. There’s also a so-called foil-etched display version. It’s a slightly thicker card, and isn’t meant for competitive play. You can use it in your command zone, and that’s to its size, you won’t accidentally shuffle it into your deck.

    Sample Collector Booster

    What is Collector Sample Pack Commander New Capenna

    On top of all that, these decks will also have a Sample Collector booster, which will include two cards:

    • 1 rare or mythic with special treatment (foil or non-foil)
    • 1 common or uncommon (foil)

    This is certainly an exciting addition, as you could potentially get a valuable card in this booster. And that’s on top of the 100 cards which you already know that you’ll get.

    With that said, let’s take a look at the five decks, main commanders and new cards. We’re starting with Obscura.

    Obscura Operation

    Obscura Operation New Capenna Commander Decks 2022 Precons

    We’re starting with a very unusual theme for this color combo. The deck cares about attacking, and utilizing the connive mechanic.

    What’s connive? It’s a new mechanic introduced with Streets of New Capenna. If you attack with a creature that has connive, you get to draw a card and discard a card (a little bit of a card selection). If the discard card wasn’t a land, you also put a +1/+1 counter on the creature that attacked.

    All things considered, this is a pretty cool mechanic to have in a Commander deck. It promotes attacking, which makes for more proactive games, and card filtering is always useful. Plus, you can also do some graveyard shenanigans.

    Kamiz, Obscura Oculus Review

    Kamiz, Obscura Oculus New Capenna Commander Precons

    Kamiz is very combat oriented. So, if attacking isn’t your cup of tea, it won’t be a great commander for you. On the other hand, if you do enjoy sneaking in with a big creature, then Kamiz is an amazing option.

    Everything Kamiz does happens when you attack. First, one creature becomes unblockable and connives. Then you choose a creature with lesser power, and it gets double strike. Essentially it improves two of your attackers. It can also support some kind of a Voltron strategy. (That’s a strategy uses one big attacker, sometimes that’s a commander in order to win via Commander damage.)

    Kamiz can offer you interesting deck building decisions, but it isn’t too strong by any means. You can use it as a fun commander, without worrying about becoming the biggest target at the table immediately.

    Obscura Operation Decklist

    Commander (1)
    Kamiz, Obscura Oculus

    Creatures (28)
    Daring Saboteur
    Ghostly Pilferer
    Inkfathom Witch
    Looter il-Kor
    Cephalid Facetaker
    Champion of Wits
    Chasm Skulker
    Daxos of Meletis
    Drana, Liberator of Malakir
    Graveblade Marauder
    Nadir Kraken
    Shadowmage Infiltrator
    Thief of Sanity
    Alela, Artful Provocateur
    Identity Thief
    Misfortune Teller
    Skyway Robber
    Whirler Rogue
    Aerial Extortionist
    Custodi Lich
    Dragonlord Ojutai
    Fallen Shinobi
    Oskar, Rubbish Reclaimer
    Archon of Coronation
    Sun Titan
    Tivit, Seller of Secrets
    Wrexial, the Risen Deep
    Silent-Blade Oni

    Instants (7)
    An Offer You Can’t Refuse
    Swords to Plowshares
    Change of Plans
    Obscura Charm
    Lethal Scheme
    Obscura Confluence
    Utter End

    Sorceries (9)
    Profane Command
    Nightmare Unmaking
    Writ of Return
    Austere Command
    Stolen Identity
    Treasure Cruise
    Dusk // Dawn
    Commit // Memory

    Enchantments (3)
    In Too Deep
    Smuggler’s Share
    Life Insurance
    Lands (38)
    Arcane Sanctum
    Ash Barrens
    Choked Estuary
    Command Tower
    Creeping Tar Pit
    Darkwater Catacombs
    Esper Panorama
    Exotic Orchard
    Fetid Heath
    Myriad Landscape
    Obscura Storefront
    Path of Ancestry
    Port Town
    Prairie Stream
    Rogue’s Passage
    Skycloud Expanse
    Sunken Hollow
    Temple of Silence
    Thriving Heath
    Thriving Isle
    Thriving Moor

    Artifacts (14)
    Currency Converter
    Sol Ring
    Wayfarer’s Bauble
    Arcane Signet
    Azorius Signet
    Dimir Signet
    Fellwar Stone
    Mask of Riddles
    Orzhov Signet
    Strionic Resonator
    Swiftfoot Boots
    Commander’s Sphere
    Mask of the Schemer
    Quietus Spike

    Capenna Commander Decks New Cards – Obscura Operation

    Some of the new cards below have the borderless treatment. Note, that in the precons all cards will have the regular versions. However, at the time of writing this article not all the regular images of the cards were available yet, so we used the borderless ones.

    Tivit, Seller of Secrets Commander 2022 Decks

    Maestros Massacre

    Maestros Massacre New Capenna Commander Decks 2022 Precons

    Blue, Red and Black is the only three color combo in New Capenna that contains both Red and Blue. For that reason we expected the deck to care about instants and sorceries – and it does that, but wit an additional twist.

    That would be the casualty mechanic, which lets you sacrifice creatures in order to copy spells. Getting double value from your spells is always fun, and there are a tons of creatures that can be sacrificed for value in these three color. This Commander 2022 deck certainly looks like it could be very powerful.

    Anhelo, the Painter Review

    Anhelo, the Painter New Capenna Commander Precons

    1/3 deatchtouch are appropriate stats for an assassin. However the power of Anhelo comes from its ability that lets you sacrifice a creature with power 2 or greater in order to copy the first instant or sorcery spell you cast each turn.

    This does provide some interesting deck building decisions, as you have to have a balanced mix of sacrifice fodder and worthwhile spells to copy. Nevertheless, it shouldn’t be too hard to build around it. One option would be to include creatures like Ardent Elementalist that works as a sacrifice fodder, and also has synergies with instants sorceries. Extra turn spells, like Temporal Manipulation are arguably the best ones to copy.

    All in all, Anhelo looks like the best commander from New Capenna Commander decks, as you could build some really mean and efficient decks around it.

    Maestros Massacre Decklist

    Commander (1)
    Anhelo, the Painter

    Creatures (14)
    Bloodsoaked Champion
    Dogged Detective
    Goblin Electromancer
    Sinister Concierge
    Skyclave Shade
    Spellbinding Soprano
    Squee, the Immortal
    Woe Strider
    Cormela, Glamour Thief
    Kess, Dissident Mage
    Rekindling Phoenix
    Syrix, Carrier of the Flame
    Parnesse, the Subtle Brush
    Puppeteer Clique

    Instants (10)
    A Little Chat
    Body Count
    Frantic Search
    Maestros Charm
    Waste Management
    Audacious Swap
    Fact or Fiction
    Mystic Confluence
    Dig Through Time

    Sorceries (21)
    Damnable Pact
    Dread Summons
    Feed the Swarm
    Chain Reaction
    Deep Analysis
    Drawn from Dreams
    Make an Example
    Sever the Bloodline
    Talrand’s Invocation
    Flawless Forgery
    Zndrsplt’s Judgment
    Maestros Confluence
    Reign of the Pit
    River’s Rebuke
    Xander’s Pact
    Call the Skybreaker
    Army of the Damned
    Clone Legion

    Enchantments (5)
    Determined Iteration
    Cryptic Pursuit
    Double Vision
    Rite of the Raging Storm
    Extravagant Replication
    Lands (37)
    Ash Barrens
    Cascade Bluffs
    Choked Estuary
    Command Tower
    Crumbling Necropolis
    Darkwater Catacombs
    Exotic Orchard
    Foreboding Ruins
    Grixis Panorama
    Maestros Theater
    Myriad Landscape
    Path of Ancestry
    Shadowblood Ridge
    Smoldering Marsh
    Sunken Hollow
    Temple of Epiphany
    Thriving Bluff
    Thriving Isle
    Thriving Moor

    Artifacts (12)
    Sol Ring
    Wayfarer’s Bauble
    Arcane Signet
    Dimir Signet
    Fellwar Stone
    Izzet Signet
    Lightning Greaves
    Rakdos Signet
    Commander’s Sphere
    Mimic Vat
    Twinning Staff
    Smuggler’s Buggy

    Capenna Commander Decks New Cards – Maestros Massacre

    Parnesse, the Subtle Brush Maestros Massacre Decklist Spoilers
    Maestros Confluence New Capenna Commander Decks Spoilers

    Riveteers Rampage

    Riveteers Rampage New Capenna Commander Decks 2022 Precons

    Are you a fan of big creatures? If so this is a great deck for you! As you’ll see on the back of the deck box the heading of the deck’s synopsis is “Say hello to my massive friends”. This suggest that there will be some heavy hitters included in the deck.

    Furthermore, the deck also has some support for the new blitz mechanic. That’s a mechanic that lets you play a creature (usually for a cheaper cost) and it gains haste, and the ability that draws you card when this creature dies. At the next end step you have to sacrifice it, so you’ll get your card back then if not sooner.

    Henzie “Toolbox” Torre Review

    Henzie Toolbox Torre Commander 2022 Decks

    Besides having a cool nickname, Henzie is also very powerful. It gives all of your creatures that cost four or more blitz. The blitz cost is equal to its mana cost.

    However, thanks to the second ability that cost is reduced for each time you’ve cast Henzie from the command zone. You might even be able to cast Emrakul, the Promised End for free and with haste! Of course, that’s mostly Magic Christmas land, but there’s certainly some synergy with the big colorless Eldrazi creatures.

    Of course you can also lean more heavily into the creature cost reduction theme with cards like Heartless Summoning. There are various paths to take with Henzie, and you’ll probably be able to find some interesting interaction with it.

    Riveteers Rampage Decklist

    Commander (1)
    Henzie “Toolbox” Torre

    Creatures (29)
    Overgrown Battlement
    Weathered Sentinels
    Disciple of Bolas
    First Responder
    Grime Gorger
    Jolene, the Plunder Queen
    Solemn Simulacrum
    Caldaia Guardian
    Temur Sabertooth
    The Beamtown Bullies
    Wave of Rats
    World Shaper
    Bellowing Mauler
    Indrik Stomphowler
    Kresh the Bloodbraided
    Mezzio Mugger
    Mitotic Slime
    Etali, Primal Storm
    Greenwarden of Murasa
    Inferno Titan
    Noxious Gearhulk
    Avenger of Zendikar
    Deathbringer Regent
    Giant Adephage
    Stalking Vengeance
    Treeshaker Chimera
    Woodfall Primus
    Artisan of Kozilek

    Instants (4)
    Chaos Warp
    Riveteers Charm
    Windgrace’s Judgment

    Sorceries (11)
    Life’s Legacy
    Rampant Growth
    Kodama’s Reach
    Painful Truths
    Migration Path
    Aether Snap
    Riveteers Confluence
    Blasphemous Act

    Enchantments (9)
    Evolutionary Leap
    Garruk’s Uprising
    Next of Kin
    Protection Racket
    Deathreap Ritual
    Industrial Advancement
    Rain of Riches
    Turf War
    Warstorm Surge
    Lands (39)
    Ash Barrens
    Blighted Woodland
    Cinder Glade
    Command Tower
    Exotic Orchard
    Foreboding Ruins
    Game Trail
    Jund Panorama
    Kessig Wolf Run
    Mossfire Valley
    Mosswort Bridge
    Myriad Landscape
    Path of Ancestry
    Riveteers Overlook
    Savage Lands
    Shadowblood Ridge
    Smoldering Marsh
    Spinerock Knoll
    Temple of Malady
    Temple of the False God
    Thriving Bluff
    Thriving Grove
    Thriving Moor
    Twilight Mire

    Artifacts (7)
    Sol Ring
    Arcane Signet
    Fellwar Stone
    Commander’s Sphere
    Dodgy Jalopy
    Glittering Stockpile
    Lifecrafter’s Bestiary

    Capenna Commander Decks New Cards – Riveteers Rampage

    The Beamtown Bullies Riveteers Rampage Decklist

    Cabaretti Cacophony

    Cabaretti Cacophony New Capenna Commander Decks 2022 Precons

    Cabaretti Commander deck is built around a theme that has been around for a long time – creature tokens and going wide with them. It does provide a fresh take on it, as it gives you lot of uses for the random untapped creatures you have laying around. This is always welcome so that the deck has some own identity to it.

    Kitt Kanto, Mayhen Diva Review

    Kitt Kanto, Mayhem Diva

    Kitt Kanto is a Cat, which is amazing. 10/10, would rate again.

    On a more serious note, it’s nice that it comes with a token, as it already supports it second ability. That one lets you tap two untapped creatures at the beginning of a combat in order to buff a creature and goad it as well. (If a creature is goaded it must attack if able, and it must attack a player other than you if possible.)

    This enables some mind games, or you can simply use it to make on of your own creatures better, whichever works for you. While Kitt Kanto isn’t the strongest commander out there, it does provide a different dimension to a popular strategy, and it’s certainly fun to build around.

    Cabaretti Cacophony Decklist

    Commander (1)
    Kitt Kanto, Mayhem Diva

    Creatures (22)
    Leafkin Druid
    Sakura-Tribe Elder
    Bess, Soul Nourisher
    Agitator Ant
    Champion of Lambholt
    Magus of the Wheel
    Orzhov Advokist
    Rumor Gatherer
    Scute Swarm
    Selvala, Explorer Returned
    Wood Elves
    Zurzoth, Chaos Rider
    Arasta of the Endless Web
    Life of the Party
    Master of Ceremonies
    Rose Room Treasurer
    Sizzling Soloist
    Boss’s Chauffeur
    Gahiji, Honored One
    Kazuul, Tyrant of the Cliffs
    Phabine, Boss’s Confidant
    Thunderfoot Baloth

    Instants (10)
    Path to Exile
    Artifact Mutation
    Aura Mutation
    Boros Charm
    Grand Crescendo
    Beast Within
    Cabaretti Charm
    Call the Coppercoats
    March of the Multitudes
    Crash the Party

    Sorceries (11)
    Sylvan Offering
    Martial Coup
    Seize the Spotlight
    Fell the Mighty
    Indulge // Excess
    Shamanic Revelation
    Cabaretti Confluence
    Vivien’s Stampede

    Enchantments (10)
    Intangible Virtue
    Awakening Zone
    Beastmaster Ascension
    Duelist’s Heritage
    Killer Service
    Prosperous Partnership
    Felidar Retreat
    Outpost Siege
    Assemble the Legion
    Sandwurm Convergence
    Lands (38)
    Ash Barrens
    Cabaretti Courtyard
    Canopy Vista
    Castle Ardenvale
    Castle Embereth
    Cinder Glade
    Command Tower
    Exotic Orchard
    Fortified Village
    Game Trail
    Jungle Shrine
    Mossfire Valley
    Myriad Landscape
    Naya Panorama
    Path of Ancestry
    Rugged Prairie
    Sungrass Prairie
    Temple of Triumph
    Thriving Bluff
    Thriving Grove
    Thriving Heath
    Windbrisk Heights

    Artifacts (8)
    Sol Ring
    Arcane Signet
    Bloodthirsty Blade
    Fellwar Stone
    Idol of Oblivion
    Commander’s Sphere
    Scepter of Celebration
    False Floor

    Capenna Commander Decks New Cards – Cabaretti Cacophony

    Phabine, Boss's Confidant Cabaretti Cacophony Spoilers

    Bedecked Brokers

    Bedecked Brokers New Capenna Commander Decks 2022 Precons

    This is probably the most interesting color combination for a Commander precon. Whenever Blue is paired with Green, there’s always some wacky stuff happening. This time around it’s no different, as the theme of Brokers deck are counters.

    But wait, aren’t +1/+1 counters a regular occurrence in Commander precons? Well, yes – as far as the +1/+1 counters go, they appear often enough. However, this time the deck doesn’t support just spamming +1/+1 counters everywhere. Instead, it wants you to distribute various different types of counters, which opens up new possibilities in deck building.

    Perrie, the Pulverizer Review

    Perrie, the Pulverizer

    Four mana for a 3/3 is somewhat lacking, but as we all know the stats aren’t the most important thing about a commander. One very important property of a good commander is how it can protect itself. Perrie definitely delivers on that front, as it can give itself a shield counter.

    When a creature with shield counter would be dealt damage or destroyed, you just remove a shield counter from it instead. So essentially, opponents need to spend two removal spells on it. Note, that they might kill it in response to the first trigger. If you have a better creature in play, you can also give the shield counter to it.

    Second ability actually improves its stats, and can make Perrie a big threat, especially considering Commander damage rule. So when you’ll attack, can give Perrie (or another creature) +X/+X and trample, where X is the number of different kinds of counters among permanents you control.

    As you can see Pierre has a soft built-in protection, a very relevant second ability and a fun deck building direction. While it’s certainly not overpowered, it does have many traits of a good commander, and is certainly a good option to pick up.

    Bedecked Brokers Decklist

    Commander (1)
    Perrie, the Pulverizer

    Creatures (30)
    Aven Courier
    Devoted Druid
    Grateful Apparition
    Incubation Druid
    Luminarch Aspirant
    Scavenging Ooze
    Skyship Plunderer
    Steelbane Hydra
    Wall of Roots
    Angelic Sleuth
    Aven Mimeomancer
    Crystalline Giant
    Evolution Sage
    Jenara, Asura of War
    Park Heights Maverick
    Rishkar, Peema Renegade
    Vorel of the Hull Clade
    Wingspan Mentor
    Denry Klin, Editor in Chief
    Fathom Mage
    Forgotten Ancient
    Kros, Defense Contractor
    Slippery Bogbonder
    Wickerbough Elder
    Avenging Huntbonder
    Roalesk, Apex Hybrid
    Shield Broker
    Skyboon Evangelist
    Bribe Taker

    Planeswalkers (1)
    Ajani Unyielding

    Instants (7)
    Bant Charm
    Brokers Charm
    Contractual Safeguard
    Exotic Pets
    Generous Gift
    Storm of Forms
    Brokers Confluence

    Sorceries (6)
    Declaration in Stone
    Tezzeret’s Gambit
    Damning Verdict
    Planar Outburst
    Urban Evolution
    Rishkar’s Expertise

    Enchantments (5)
    Hoofprints of the Stag
    Together Forever
    Family’s Favor
    Primal Empathy
    Resourceful Defense
    Lands (38)
    Ash Barrens
    Bant Panorama
    Brokers Hideout
    Canopy Vista
    Command Tower
    Exotic Orchard
    Flooded Grove
    Fortified Village
    Gavony Township
    Karn’s Bastion
    Littjara Mirrorlake
    Llanowar Reborn
    Myriad Landscape
    Nesting Grounds
    Path of Ancestry
    Port Town
    Prairie Stream
    Seaside Citadel
    Skycloud Expanse
    Temple of Mystery
    Vivid Creek
    Vivid Grove
    Vivid Meadow

    Artifacts (12)
    Everflowing Chalice
    Sol Ring
    Arcane Signet
    Fellwar Stone
    Gavel of the Righteous
    Power Conduit
    Swiftfoot Boots
    Agent’s Toolkit
    Commander’s Sphere
    Midnight Clock
    Oblivion Stone
    Oracle’s Vault

    Capenna Commander Decks New Cards – Bedecked Brokers

    Kros, Defense Contractor New Capenna Commander Spoilers

    New Capenna Commander Decks 2022 – FAQ

    Before we wrap up, here’s some questions that you might have about this decks. If you have a question that we didn’t answer leave a comment below, and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

    Are New Capenna Commander decks balanced against each other?

    Yes, they probably will be. Whenever Wizards release such a product they always try to balance them against one another. Most of the time they succeed, and even when they don’t entirely, the variance of Commander makes it possible to win with any of them.

    Which is the best New Capenna Commander deck?

    It depends on what you want, as they offer various different themes. So far it looks like the Maestros Massacre has the strongest Commander, but as far as the whole decks go, we’ll have to wait and see for the full decklists to get previewed.

    Can New Capenna decks function as a self-contained game?

    Yes, they can. You can get all five Commander decks, and use them as a board game for up to five players.

    Do New Cappena Commander decks come with a booster?

    Yes, they do. However, it’s not a regular booster, but a Sample Collector Booster, which contains two cards.


    That’s everything we know so far about the Commander 2022 decks / Streets of New Capenna precons. We’ll update the articles once the decklists become available, so make sure to check back soon. Meanwhile, you can also read some of the following articles:

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      Maestros Massacre – Spell-slinger/Aristocrats make-over?
      Riveteers Rampage – Treasure/Artifact Creature/Dragon
      Cabaretti Cacophony – Prepare to be trampled
      Bedecked Brokers – Voltron


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