Commander Series: List of All 116 Commander Precons

Every year, the most exciting products that Wizards releases are the Commander pre-constructed decks or Commander precons. These decks are designed specifically with Commander in mind, so they always make an impact on the format and keep Commander players on their toes. Wizards have been releasing these decks almost every year for the past nine years.

In recent years, they started releasing commander decks with almost every set release. This gives them an opportunity to develop themes and mechanics that appear in the main set more thoroughly for Commander without filling standard with too many made-for-commander cards.

As there are so many precons, I want to talk about each and every Commander deck that Wizards has released in paper. I will start with the most recent ones and make my way back in time.

UPDATE: When I first wrote this article, there were around 40 different Commander precons. Today, there are over a hundred precons! That’s why this article was split into three parts for easier reading. In this one, you’ll find in-depth information about the precons released from 2022 onward. The older decks will be listed at the end of the article, but if you want more information about them, that’s available on the following links.

Anyway, let’s get started with the freshest decks, some of which are not even released!

Table of Contents

Upcoming Commander Precons

In this section we’ll just quickly touch on the Commander decks that are coming in the near future, but their decklists weren’t revealed yet. Since we don’t know everything about them, we won’t go into too many details here. However, you can still find additional information in their linked articles.

Currently, there’s information about three future Commander releases.

Modern Horizons 3 Commander Precons

Perhaps the most exciting part is that one of the four Modern Horizons 3 Commander decks technically contains six colors. Now that’s a first!

This time around, Modern Horizons, won’t just break Modern, but it’ll affect Commander too. Hopefully, it a positive way, but there will certainly be some powerful cards included.

Bloomburrow Commander Precons

The third Standard set in 2024 will be released in August. It’s bringing us perhaps the most cutest Commander precons of all times. If you like small and fluffy creatures, you’ll be extremely happy with Bloomburrow Commander decks. (Squirrels are back!)

Outlaws of Thunder Junction Commander Precons

Thunder Junction is a Wild West inspired plane, full of all sorts of villains. The setting is quite fascinating, and so are the four Commander decks released with this set. Most of the themes feel distinct and special, which is certainly a big plus.

You can find additional info about Outlaws of Thunder Junction Commander decks here.

Quick Draw

Quick Draw Outlaws of Thunder Junction Commander Decks
  • Theme: Casting multiple spells in a turn
  • Colors: blue, red
  • Main Commander: Stella, Wild Card

Among all Commander precons, this one offers one of the more powerful turns. The plan is to set things up, then unleash a fury of spells in a single turn. There are many payoffs for doing so, which makes that turn so powerful, it doesn’t even feel like it belongs in a precon.

It’s hard to remember when was the last time, when a preconstructed deck was so powerful, right out of the box. So, if you like strong decks, that play out similarly to the storm mechanic, you’re certainly going to enjoy Quick Draw.

Desert Bloom

Desert Bloom Thunder Junction Commander Decks

Various synergies with lands are always popular in Commander. Thus, it’s no big surprise that land theme is being used time and time again. However, there’s a lot of design space when it comes to lands. This can also be seen in the Desert Bloom precon, which brings some new twists to land shenanigans.

How so? By caring not just about lands in general, but specifically about lands in your graveyard. Furthermore, it rewards you for sacrificing lands and bringing them back in play. On top of that, it also cares about the lands with a Desert subtype.

So, this precon takes a known theme, and makes it feel brand new, with cool additions. Certainly a great pickup for players who enjoy this type of stuff.

Grand Larceny

Grand Larceny Thunder Junction Commander Precons

Do you like your opponents’ cards more than your own? If so, then Grand Larceny is a Commander precon best suited to your needs. The cards in this deck allow you to cast cards from your opponents’ decks.

There are various synergies and rewards for doing so, but the biggest one is certainly that the games feel fun and different. Even if you’re playing the same deck, you’re going to steal different cards, which makes the game play unique and fresh, every time you play. Especially, if you don’ always play against the same decks.

This is truly one of the more unusual decks Wizards have printed recently, but it enables some great play patterns.

Most Wanted

Most Wanted Outlaws of Thunder Junction Commander Precons

The fourth and final of the Thunder Junction Commander precons has a bit of a tribal component. However, it doesn’t care about just one creature type, but about five! That’s because it offers synergies with outlaws. That’s a creature grouping, that contains the following creature types: Assassins, Mercenaries, Pirates, Rogues, and Warlocks.

Thus, you can expect a lot of those creature types in this deck. Furthermore, the deck also offers a secondary theme, which is Treasure tokens. As many Commander players know, this artifacts can be very useful, allowing you to play your cards ahead of schedule.

The two themes combine together into a neat and interesting play style, which allows you to make a lot of decisions.

Fallout Commander Precons

If you played the iconic post-apocalyptic video RPG, you’re surely going to enjoy the four Fallout Commander decks. These were released in March 2024. You can discover more details in our Fallout Commander Precons Guide.

Scrappy Survivors

Scrappy Survivors Fallout Commander Decks

The first deck features an amazing commander, your loyal companion Dogmeat. (No, it doesn’t actually use the companion mechanic.)

With its help you’ll be able to turn Junk tokens into useful Equipment and Auras. We’ve already saw some Commander precons focusing on these two card types, but this one has its own take on it. How would it not when it’s full of cool and flavorful Fallout-themed cards.


Science! Fallout Commander Decks
  • Theme: Energy counters, artifacts
  • Colors: white, blue, red
  • Main Commander: Dr. Madison Li

Next up, there’s a deck focused on a long forgotten mechanic . energy counters. If you’ve missed this mechanic since it original appeared in Kaldesh, now’s your time to start using it in Commander.

There’s also a secondary theme to the deck, which is a much more common one – artifacts. Both two themes combine for a really fun precon, especially if you’re a Fallout fan. There are just so many iconic characters and locations included in this deck.

Hail, Caesar

Hail, Caesar Fallout Commander Precons

Speaking of iconic characters, Caesar certainly fits the bill. He would sacrifice anything and anyone as long as it helps him, and this deck reflects that.

There are plenty of sacrifice synergies within the deck, and the secondary theme of creature tokens naturally plays well with them. Even if you aren’t the biggest fan, if you enjoy the traditional aristocrat types of decks, you might like this one too.

Mutant Menace

Mutant Menace Fallout Commander Decks
  • Theme: Mill, rad counters
  • Colors: blue, black, green
  • Main Commander: The Wise Mothman

Without a doubt this last Fallout deck is the most unusual one. Milling isn’t that common of a theme for a precon, but it’s quite prevalent here. However, that’s not all. This deck also introduces rad counters.

These counters are put on players, and make them mill cards and eventually force them to take damage. They really open some fascinating play patters, so if you’re looking for a deck that’s not doing same old things, this might be just what you’re looking for.

Murders at Karlov Manor Commander Precons

We didn’t have to wait long for the first Commander precons in 2024. Early in February four decks were released with Murders at Karlov Manor. This murder mystery set happened on the always popular plane of Ravnica. Players mostly enjoyed the new take on it, and the new mechanics, which are also featured in these decks.

There are two 2-colored ones and two 3-colored Murders at Karlov Manor Commanders precons here. While they aren’t very balanced color-wise, they are still very fun to play.

Blame Game

Blame Game Murders at Karlov Manor Commander Precons

Blame Game is all about forcing opponents to attack, mostly with the use of goad mechanics. There are various rewards for doing so, but the biggest one might be that you force action to happen. Some players just tend to ignore the whole combat step, but not when you bring this deck to the table.

It’s a great choice for players who like active games, and get bored when everyone is just sitting back, trying to do their combos. Attack, cowards!

Revenant Recon

Revenant Recon Murders at Karlov Manor Commander Precons

This deck features two themes. One is the mechanic surveil, which allows you to look at the top card(s) of your library, then either put them back or in your graveyard. That’s already pretty useful, as it sets up your next draw steps, but becomes even better when you can take advantage of cards in your graveyard.

And wouldn’t you know it? This deck does exactly that, with its other theme, which is reanimator. With Revenant Recon, you’ll be bringing big creatures back from your graveyard for cheap. This precon is amazing starting point for any black reanimator deck, as it contains some of the best reprints for that strategy.

Deadly Disguise

Deadly Disguise Karlov Manor Commander Decks

If there ever was an unexpected theme in all sense of the word, that’s certainly face-down cards in Naya color combination. You’ll be surprising your opponents with so many face-down creatures, they won’t have a slightest idea of what’s hiding beneath them.

The deck is full of mechanics such as morph, megamorph disguise, and cloak. Of course, there are also plenty of synergies with them. An amazing pickup, if you want to keep your opponents guessing.

Deep Clue Sea

Deep Clue Sea Karlov Manor Commander Decks

The fourth and final deck is called Deep Blue Sea, and is centered around one of the most popular tokens of all time – Clues. This artifacts can be sacrificed for card draw by paying two mana. But that’s just one use for them. In the precon, you’ll also discover plenty of ways to use them.

Other than that, the deck play as you would expect from one in the Bant colors. There’s plenty of card draw and value. With it, you won’t ever run out of options, which offers you many decision points.

The Lost Caverns of Ixalan Commander Precons

The last Standard set of 2023 was a return to the popular plane of Ixalan. The first time around, there was a heavy focus on four tribes: Dinosaurs, Vampires, Pirates, and Merfolk. As far as the main set goes, there was less focus on these creatures. However, the four commander decks still highlighted them.

Thus, four commander decks were released with this set. Each one with two themes, one tribal, and the second one a bit different. Nevertheless, the two themes typically complement one another. So, if you’re a fan of creatures from Ixalan, you’re going to enjoy Lost Caverns of Ixalan Commander precons.


Veloci-Ramp-Tor Lost Caverns of Ixalan Commander Precons

First up, here’s your typical big creatures deck. How would it not be, when it features Dinosaurs, one of the largest creatures in Magic. The secondary theme is ramp, which makes perfect sense. Some Dinousaurs can be quite expensive, and it’s great to play them ahead of schedule.

Blood Rites

Blood Rites Lost Caverns of Ixalan Commander Decks

If you browse through all of the precons, you’ll notice that this is actually the third deck that cares about Vampires. Thankfully, it comes with a twist. You won’t just try to spawn as many Vampires as possible, but you’ll also sacrifice them to flying Demons.

Ahoy Mateys

Ahoy Matey Lost Caverns of Ixalan Commander Decks Precon

Pirates are finally getting some support, which might finally make Dosckside Exotrtionist playable. Jokes aside, this deck’s secondary theme is reanimator. However, you won’t just want to bring back any creatures, but specifically Pirates. This is a fairly unique deck, so if that’s something you enjoy, this might be a great pick.

Explorers of the Deep

Explorers of the Deep Lost Caverns of Ixalan Commander Decks Precon

The last Ixalan Commander precon features Merfolk. They also utilize +1/+1 counters and the explore mechanic. For the most part, this deck will play out quite similar to most Simic decks. Play creatures, draw some card, put extra lands in play, get a bunch of value from most cards you play. If you like this play style and the fishy creatures, you’re going to have lots of fun with this precon.

Doctor Who Commander Precons

A popular British science fiction series, Doctor Who, is coming to Magic with four Commander decks in October 2023. The first three decks focus on Doctors from different eras, while the fourth deck showcases the many villains. Fans of the show will certainly enjoy these decks.

Blast From the Past

The first deck focuses on the early stage of the show, and contains the most Doctors. Inside you’ll find the first eight Doctors. The deck quite appropriately uses historic spells as its focus. Thus, you can expect a lot of synergies with artifacts, sagas, and everything with the legendary subtype.

Thanks to the Doctor’s companion mechanic, which is like a new version of partner, you can use two commanders at the helm of your deck.

Iconic Cards


Timey-Wimey Doctor Who Commander Precons

In this deck you’ll receive David Tennant… erm, the Tenth Doctor! That should be a big surprise, as the deck’s name comes from his iconic line. Doctors Nine and Eleven also make an appearance.

Even if you aren’t the biggest fan of the show, you might still enjoy this deck, if you like to play with unorthodox mechanic. Timey-Wimey precon does come with lots of time counters, and ways that you can interact with them. It’s likely the most unusual deck among the Doctor Who precons.

Iconic Cards

Paradox Power

Paradox Power Doctor Who Commander Precons

This deck will reward you for casting spells. Wait could it be this simple? Well, not quite. You’ll need to cast the spells from anywhere, but your hand. Now that’s somewhat harder isn’t it? Thankfully, this precon comes with a lot of support, so it shouldn’t be too hard to do that.

Its focus is on the modern era of the show with Doctors Twelve and Thirteen.

Iconic Cards

Masters of Evil

Masters of Evil Doctor Who Commander Decks
  • Theme: Giving opponenets bad choices, artifacts
  • Colors: blue, black, red
  • Main Commander: Davros, Dalek Creator

Finally, there’s a deck for the bad guys. You’ll encounter the biggest villains from all over the show’s history. There’s Davrod, Missy, the Master, you name it!

As for the game play, there are two themes. One focuses on artifacts, and offers various rewards for playing them. The second one is giving your opponent choices. Of course, both choices are bad, and they can only decide for the lesser evil. All in all, this is certainly quite a flavorful deck.

Iconic Cards

Wilds of Eldraine Commander Decks

The standard set for autumn is Wilds of Eldraine, releasing in September 2023. It comes with two Commander decks, one commandeered by Magic’s take on Snow White, and the second one by a Faerie lord.

The precon box was redesigned with this set. Instead of showing the card, it now only highlights the art of the main commander. This way, Wizards can now show the packaging early without the need of hiding the card.

You can find more information about Wilds of Eldraine Commander decks here.

Virtue and Valor

Virtue and Valor Wilds of Eldraine Commander Decks
  • Theme: Auras, enchanted creatures
  • Colors: white, green
  • Main Commander: Ellivere of the Wild Court

There was an enchantment precon released just before these decks, in Commander Masters, with Enduring Enchantments deck. However, while both decks have an enchantment theme, Valor and Virtue focuses on Auras.

So, if you like augmenting your creatures, you’re surely going to enjoy this deck.

Iconic Cards

Fae Dominion

Fae Dominion Wilds of Eldraine Commander Decks
  • Theme: Faerie tribal, casting spells on opponents’ turns
  • Colors: blue, black
  • Main Commander: Tegwyll, Duke of Splendor

Faeries were somewhat common in Magic, but they never did receive the proper support. This deck changes that, as its main focus is Faerie tribal. It’s practically your traditional tribal deck, with some additional twists to better fit the tricky Faeries.

For example, there’s a small subtheme of casting spells on opponents turn. Thus, this deck can be tricky to play against, as your opponents won’t know what to expect from your open mana.

Iconic Cards

Commander Masters Precons

In August 2023, we’re getting a first Commander Masters sets. The set will feature reprints of many popular Commander cards. The set also comes with four precons, and those will contain brand-new cards too.

The decks will feature some very popular themes, such as Slivers, Eldrazi, enchantments, and planeswalkers.

Sliver Swarm

Sliver Swarm Commander Masters Precons

Slivers are perhaps the most iconic tribe in all of Magic, and they are certainly one of the most popular ones. Apart from the mana base, which is somewhat lacking, this deck gives you a good entry point for a Sliver Commander deck, as it contains all the major role players.

Iconic Cards

Planeswalker Party

Planeswalker Party Commander Masters Precons
  • Theme: planeswalkers
  • Colors: white, blue, red
  • Main Commander: Commodore Guff

If you like planeswalkers, you’re going to love this deck. It contains a ton of planeswalkers and cards that care about them. Even your commander is a planeswalker. While this card type is not as powerful in Commander as some others, this deck is here to change that.

Iconic Cards

Enduring Enchantments

Enduring Enchatments Commander Masters Decks

Occasionally, we get a Commander precon that features two themes. Enduring Enchantments precon is one of those. It uses not just random enchantments, but specifically enchantments in graveyard. This precon is a nice one for players who like unorthodox strategies.

Iconic Cards

Eldrazi Unbound

Eldrazi Unbound Commander Masters Decks

This is the very first colorless precon that Wizard has ever made. Therefore, it’s perhaps the most unique precon made until now. There is an Eldrazi theme, but the largest – pun unintended – theme are expensive colorless spells. If you like to make a lot of mana, and spend it on large creatures, this deck can do the job.

Iconic Cards

Lord of the Rings Commander Precons

In June 2023, Lord of the Rings came to Magic in June 2023 with Tales of Middle-earth set. This is without a doubt the most epic crossover MTG has ever done. In the set, we encountered many popular characters from Frodo to Gandalf, and even Sauron. The set also brought us four Commander decks, which you can find below.

Food and Fellowship

Food and Fellowship Commander Deck

This deck is full of Hobbits, or Halflings, which is the correct MTG term. There’s Frodo, Sam, Pippin, Merry, and even Bilbo. Partners with mechanic allows you to have two commanders at the same time: either Frodo and Sam, or Pippin and Merry.

You don’t have to worry about the second breakfast, since the deck is packing a ton of cards that can make Food tokens, and additional ways to use them. The deck also has a life gain and token subtheme, both of which also work well with the Food tokens.

Iconic Cards

Elven Council

Elven Council Commander Deck
  • Theme: Elf tribal, voting, expensive spells, scry subtheme
  • Colors: Blue, Green
  • Main Commander: Galadriel, Elven Queen

This deck is full of Elves and powerful Wizards. There’s Galadriel, Gandalf, Elrond, Radagast, and many others.

Elven Council is one of those Commander precons, that don’t have a very clear direction established. Instead, it offers you many subthemes, such as Elf tribal synergies, the voting mechanic, expensive spells, and scry. So, if you’re looking for a deck with clear direction, this probably isn’t it.

One thing you should know about this deck is that is certainly meant for multiplayer, even more so that a typical precon. The voting mechanic will work best is you have more than just a single opponent.

Iconic Cards

Riders of Rohan

Riders of Rohan Commander Deck

With this deck, you can take control of the powerful Rohan army. There are two major directions for Riders of Rohan. You can use Eowyn as your commander, and go for Human tribal synergies. While these aren’t anything new, this is the first Jeskai commander that cares about Humans.

The other direction of the deck is the monarch mechanic, which is very powerful. It also makes the games more active, as it promotes attacking. If you prefer that path, you should probably use the secondary commander, Aragorn, King of Gondor.

Iconic Cards

The Hosts of Mordor

The Hosts of Mordor Commander Deck

The fourth Lord of the Rings Commander precon features all the villains from the book, including Sauron. This deck also doesn’t have an obvious theme. For the most part it plays like a control deck, that’s looking to win with attrition. Furthermore, it also uses graveyard as a resource.

If you like casting expensive and powerful spells, while controlling the board, then you’re really going to enjoy playing with this one.

Iconic Cards

Commander 2023 / March of the Machine Precons

The big Commander release of 2023 comes with March of the Machine. Instead of just two, there will be five precons, so you’ll probably be able to find one that you like. You can find in-depth information and decklists of March of the Machine Commander decks here.

Growing Threat

Growing Threat Commander Deck 2023

Oh, no – Brimaz got compleated! He will now command your deck full of Phyrexians. This is not a typical tribal deck, but there are payoffs for playing lots of Phyrexians. Besides that theme, the deck also utilized the incubate mechanic, which can make big artifact tokens.

Iconic Cards

Cavalry Charge

Cavalry Charge Commander Deck 2023

This is a true tribal deck with a powerful commander. Knights are back on the menu, and they are coming in swinging. Sidar jabari features the broken eminence mechanic. It allows you to always get some value from it, even if it’s just chilling in your Command Zone. If you’re a fan of Knights, you’re going to love this deck, although it’s not it the most traditional Knight color combination.

Iconic Cards

Call for Backup

Call for Backup Commander Deck 2023

+1/+1 are a popular mechanic, so we often see Commander precons with this theme. It’s back again, and if you like to play with many dice, you’re going to love this deck. If not, it’s probably not the greatest fit for you. Nevertheless, there is some twist to the ordinary +1/+1 counters strategy, as the deck also uses the new backup mechanic, which does enable some interesting play patterns.

Iconic Cards

Divine Convocation

Divine Convocation Commander Deck 2023

Convoke was tied to white-green for so long, that it was weird to see it on a Jeskai commander. However, Kasla takes full advantage of that ability, as ti can help you pay for the Commander tax with it. This precon is amazing for players who like to have tons of creatures in play, and using them to the fullest.

Iconic Cards

Tinker Time

Tinker Time Commander Deck 2023

The final March of the Machine Commander precon is probably the weirdest of the bunch. Its focus is on artifact tokens of all possible things. As such, this is an interesting option for players who like to play with unusual strategies.

Iconic Cards

Phyrexia: All Will Be One Commander Precons

This is the first time Phyrexia gets Commander decks. There are two of them, and both look quite good.

Corrupting Influence

Corrupting Influence Phyrexia Commander Decks

Commander decks that rely on poison counters are frequently quite hated. If your main win condition is victory by poison, other players might quickly team up and beat you. That’s not very fun, so you should think twice before getting a poison themed precon.

Thankfully, this deck doesn’t go all-in on the poison strategy. You’ll be happy, if you get opponents to just three poison counters, and thus enabling your cards with corrupted mechanic. This might make your opponents like likely to pile up on you, and give you a bit more time to develop your game plan, which includes stealing your opponents’ cards.

Corrupting Influence is certainly a very original Commander precon, with some unique play patterns.

Iconic Cards

Rebellion Rising

Rebellion Rising Phyrexia Commander Decks

Boros commander decks are typically somewhat boring. They usually care about attacking or equipment. This one is somewhat similar, but it does come with an interesting twist. It cares about attacking tokens. While the deck feels perfectly Boros-y, that small change really makes the deck feel distinctly different from other Red-White precons.

This is a great pickup, if you like to play aggressive strategies with lots of token creatures.

Iconic Cards

Starter Commander Decks

At the end of 2022, Wizards released Starter Commander decks for the first time. These decks are aimed for beginners. They don’t contain any new cards, all 100 cards in each deck are reprints. While there aren’t any big money cards in them, the decks are still good, and each of them contains various Commander staples. On top of that, these decks are cheaper than the regular ones. All of this makes them a great purchase if you want to slowly start building your Commander collection.

You can find more information about this deck in our Starter Commander Deck Guide.

First Flight

First Flight Commander Starter Decks 2022 Guide

This deck has the most control elements of all Starter Commander decks. Besides, it also contains a ton of creatures with flying, and ways to take advantage of that. This is a great deck for beginners who want to control the game, without exposing their creatures in combat.

Grave Danger

Grave Danger Commander Starter Decks 2022 Guide

Grave Danger is your traditional Zombie tribal Commander precon. Zombies are a very popular tribe in Magic, thanks to the many fun shenanigans they enable. They usually have ways to interact with your graveyard, or simply returning from it. This is also the case with this deck, which is really fun to play, and offers a lot of meaningful in-game decisions.

Chaos Incarnate

Chaos Incarnate Commander Starter Decks 2022

This deck is the most unfocused of the bunch. It has various cards that can be quite annoying for your opponents, either by dealing them damage, or by forcing them to attack. This Commander precon is great for players, who don’t care much about playing optimally, but just want to make a bunch of fun things happen in a game.

Draconic Destruction

Draconic Dectruction COmmander Precons List

This is another tribal deck. As the name suggests, Draconic Destruction focuses on big Dragons. They are a very popular tribe in MTG, and some older Dragon-focused precons can be quite pricey because of that. This one is still new, and doesn’t contain that many expensive reprints, so its price is lower.

It’s a great starting point for any new Commander player who likes big creatures.

Token Triumph

Token Triumph Commander Starter Decks

Where the previous deck went big, this one goes wide instead. It can quickly make a bunch of small creature tokens, and use them to overwhelm your opponent. Of course, you can also use the tokens for other things, not just attacking, as this deck has a lot of different synergies.

The Brothers’ War Commander

Long-time fans of Magic might be familiar with the storyline from the Brothers’ War. As one of Magic’s oldest stories, references to it show up on plenty of cards. However, this set is the first time we get to see actual cards from such an iconic part of the Magic’s history.

The two decks are led by the brothers themselves: Urza and Mishra. They face off in combat, pitching their armies of machines against each other. These decks do a great job of capturing the feeling of those battles, especially when it comes to differentiating between the two armies.

Furthermore, these decks have another characteristic that sets them apart from previous commander decks. To pay homage to the classic Magic story, every card in these decks has a retro card frame. Some people are critical of this, since the decks don’t also have a modern frame variant. But those that are nostalgic for the old style are in love with how the new cards and reprints alike imitate the feeling of early Magic.

You can find more information about The Brothers’ War Commander decks here.

Urza’s Iron Alliance

Urza's Iron Alliance Brothers War Commander Deck

This deck tries to capture the feeling of Urza building a massive army of artifact creatures to defend against the onslaught of Mishra’s forces. Most of the creatures are artifact creatures, and others get more powerful the more artifacts you control. The deck has a couple powerful new cards, as well as some reasonable reprints to round everything out.

Iconic Cards

Mishra’s Burnished Banner

Mishra's Burnished Banner Brothers War Commander Deck

Main Commander: Mishra, Eminent One
Colors: Blue, Black, Red
Theme: Artifacts

In contrast to the Urza deck, Mishra cares more about non-creature artifacts. He transforms them into killing machines, and throws them away when he finishes with them. The rest of the deck is prepared to generate value from sacrificing those artifacts, especially the B-commander: Ashnod the Uncaring.

Iconic Cards

Warhammer 40k Commander

Universes Beyond introduces the first preconstructed Commander product that features all new art from a different intellectual property. The Warhammer 40k Commander decks are four of the most unique and powerful precons Wizards has ever released. They come in traditional and collector’s variants and feature dozens of characters from the tabletop war game.

You can find more information about Warhammer 40k Commander decks here.

The Ruinous Powers

The Ruinous Power Warhammer 40k Commander Decks Decklists
  • Main Commander: Abaddon the Despoiler
  • Colors: Blue, Black, Red
  • Theme: Cascade, Demon Tribal

There’s a lot going on in the Ruinous Powers deck. First and foremost, Abaddon indicates that there is a Cascade theme in the deck. This shows up on a handful of other cards, as well as some that care about the spells you cast from outside your hand. Other than that, the B-commander, Be’lakor, the Dark Master cares about Demons. There are a lot of Demons in the deck, including in red and blue. The support that this deck offers this tribe will likely make it playable beyond this precon.

Iconic Cards

Tyranid Swarm

Tyranid Swarm Warhammer 40k Commander Decks Information
  • Main Commander: The Swarmlord
  • Colors: Blue, Red, Green
  • Theme: +1/+1 and other counters

This deck is one of the most powerful, as well as most compelling counters decks that Wizards has ever released. While The Swarmlord might be less powerful than Magus Lucea Kane as a leader for the deck, both are powerful threats and worthwhile to brew around. Also, the new Ravenous mechanic rewards you for investing five or more mana into your X-costs. This gives you more bang for your buck and makes sure you never run out of firepower.

Iconic Cards

Forces of the Imperium

  • Main Commander: Inquisitor Greyfax
  • Colors: White, Blue, Black
  • Theme: Tokens

While the Forces of Imperium deck dips its toes in a couple of different strategies, the main one is definitely a “go wide” tokens strategy. In fact, a handful of cards from this deck have a new mechanic that I think is one of the best new multiplayer mechanics in a long time. That mechanic is Squad, and lets you pay two mana any number of times to make that many copies of the creature with Squad when it enters the battlefield. There is a Squad card that draws you more cards, one that is an anthem, one that destroys artifacts and enchantments, and so on.

Additionally, the B-commander for this deck might be the most powerful new commander in the whole set. Marneus Calgar synergizes with creature tokens, treasures, clues, food, and whatever other tokens you can find a way to make. Commander games often include tokens by accident, let alone when you build your deck specifically around generating them.

Iconic Cards

Necron Dynasties

  • Main Commander: Szarekh, the Silent King
  • Colors: Black
  • Theme: Self-Mill, Artifacts

Szarekh, the Silent King is one of a half dozen commanders who could lead this deck. Not only that, but Szarekh is probably the least of them. The main through lines for them all are artifacts and graveyards. While other mono black artifact decks have existed in the past, this one seems to be one of the most interesting. The new cards are exciting, and some of them are even unique in the game. For example, Biotransference turns all of your creatures in all zones into artifacts.

Iconic Cards

Dominaria United Commander

The return to Dominaria comes with two new Commander decks, each led by a planeswalker. Jared Carthalion is the face commander for Painbow, and Dihada, Binder of Wills for Legends’ Legacy. Each of these focus on a different element of the main set, which we go into below.


Painbow Dominaria United Commander Decks Decklists
  • Main Commander: Jared Carthalion
  • Colors: White, Blue, Black, Red, Green
  • Theme: Domain and All Five Colors

It feels odd for the theme of the deck to be the color identity of the commander. After all, most color combinations have dramatically variable themes spread throughout their commanders. However, Jared Carthalion and the B-commander Jenson Carthalion, Druid Exile both do a great job of rewarding you for playing as many colors as possible.

This brings an interesting twist to a color combination that so often devolves into ‘good stuff’ strategies with the best cards from every color. Now there is an incentive to play fewer staples and more obscure cards as long as they have WUBRG in their casting cost.

Iconic Cards

Legends’ Legacy

Legends' Legacy Dominaria United Commander Decks Decklists

One of the best parts about this deck is how thoroughly Wizards committed to the theme. Every creature and most of the other non-creature permanents are all legendary. Sometimes the pre-built Commander decks can feel like they don’t follow the supposed main theme. This is not one of those decks, though. When they say Legends matter, they mean it.

Dihada also gives you a variable array of rewards for playing your legendary spells. Since Wizards is printing so many new legendary creatures, you are guaranteed to be able to find a legendary-focused theme that inspires you.

Iconic Cards

Battle for Baldur’s Gate Commander

Battle for Baldur’s Gate or Commander Legends 2 was the second D&D themed Magic set. It brought us four two-colored decks with various themes. You can learn more about Baldur’s Gate Commander decks here.

Battle for Baldur’s Gate was not a Standard-legal premier set and therefore doesn’t have any Set Booster exclusive cards. That being said, the whole set is focused around the Commander format. There is no shortage of cards for you to put into your Commander decks from Battle for Baldur’s Gate.

Party Time

Party Time Baldur's Gate Commander Decks
  • Main Commander: Nalia de’Arnise
  • Colors: White, Black
  • Theme: Party

Wizards introduced a mechanic in Zendikar Rising called Party. It fit the theme of that set reasonably well, but most people expected it to reappear in the Dungeons and Dragons set coming out the next year. Theoretically, D&D would be an even better setting for a mechanic that incentivizes you to control a Wizard, Rogue, Cleric, and Warrior.

However, when Adventures in the Forgotten Realms came out, Party was nowhere to be seen. In the second D&D themed set, Wizards made up for that by printing a ton of new Party cards. This deck is focused on that very theme.

Iconic Cards

Mind Flayarrrs

Mind Flayarrrs Baldur's Gate Commander Decks
  • Main Commander: Captain N’gathrod
  • Colors: Blue, Black
  • Theme: Horror Tribal, Mill

In the last couple of years, the Horrors tribe has gotten a lot of love. This deck is a great follow up to Ikoria and Umbris, Fear Manifest, potentially making Horrors a legitimately powerful tribe. This deck leans into a prevalent aspect of the Horror tribe: Mill. Not only that, there is a small subtheme of stealing your opponents’ creatures. Overall, if a player is a fan of these strategies, they will likely love this deck. If they don’t though, they might hate it.

Iconic Cards

Draconic Dissent

Draconic Dissent Baldur's Gate Commander Decks
  • Main Commander: Firkraag, Cunning Instigator
  • Colors: Blue, Red
  • Theme: Tribal Dragons, Goad

Draconic Dissent is Wizards’ third tribal Dragons deck. This one is a slightly different flavor as the other ones, leaning harder into the Goad mechanic. Truth be told, this deck feels more like a Goad deck than a tribal deck. In addition to these fan favorite themes, though, it’s nice to finally get a Dragons deck associated with a Dungeons and Dragons set.

Iconic Cards

Exit From Exile

Exit from Exile Baldur's Gate Commander Decks
  • Main Commander: Faldorn, Dread Wolf Herald
  • Colors: Red, Green
  • Theme: Casting Spells From Exile

This deck combines a cacophony of unrelated mechanics together in a very synergistic way. You wouldn’t think it, but Faldorn does a great job of making it all work despite the seeming lack of cohesion.

Iconic Cards

Commander 2022 / New Capenna Commander

Streets of New Capenna brought with it yet another round of set-specific Commander decks. Technically, they are not associated with this year’s Commander product (despite being released at the appropriate time), but they are still full-powered decks. Each deck’s color identity is one of the three-color arc combinations.

One notable cycle that came with this set is five new Confluences, each in the appropriate combination. Each Confluence has three modes, and you can choose up to three. You are allowed to choose any mode more than once.

Like all sets lately, this set also comes with a set of cards that are exclusive to Set Boosters. You can’t get them in Draft Boosters or Commander decks.

Obscura Operation

Obscura Operation New Capenna Commander Decks 2022 Precons

This deck is strange because it’s an Esper deck that cares about attacking. It’s filled to the brim with cheap evasive creatures to help ensure you connect with your opponents. The card advantage makes sure the deck plays out pretty smoothly, even without any upgrades. The backup commander is also pretty intriguing. It leans into voting mechanics that get the table talking with each other. Overall, this deck is a lot of fun.

Iconic Cards

Maestros Massacre

Maestros Massacre New Capenna Commander Decks 2022 Precons

This deck seems to be pretty decent in paper. However, in practice, it plays out pretty poorly. The fact that you have to sacrifice a creature to trigger Casualty is a legitimate cost. Especially in a deck with very few token generators. That being said, the deck has the skeleton of a great spellslinger deck.

Iconic Cards

Riveteers Rampage

Riveteers Rampage New Capenna Commander Decks 2022 Precons

This deck is focused around the new set mechanic, Blitz. Blitz lets you cast a spell from your hand, give it haste, sacrifice it at the end of the turn, and then draw a card. It wants to cheat out a bunch of high mana value creatures and generate card advantage along the way.

The Beamtown Bullies, the backup commander for the deck, is one of the most exciting cards in the whole set. It fits elegantly in the 99 of a Henzie deck, but could also be a fantastic commander in its own right.

Iconic Cards

Cabaretti Cacophony

Cabaretti Cacophony New Capenna Commander Decks 2022 Precons

This deck is pretty similar to a deck from a few years ago called. The idea is to go as wide as you can making tokens, then incentivize your opponents to fight each other along the way. Plus, there are plenty of Cats and Dogs for players who are fans of those tribes.

Iconic Cards

Bedecked Brokers

Bedecked Brokers New Capenna Commander Decks 2022 Precons

Bedecked Brokers is a unique take on a Voltron deck in Bant colors. Basically, rather than trying to stack as many +1/+1 counters on a creature as possible, Perrie rewards you for playing as many different kinds of counters as you can. That being said, you probably won’t be mad about having a large stack of +1/+1 counters either.

Iconic Cards

Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty Commander

Our first return to Kamigawa came with two really exciting new decks. It also came with a new suite of set booster exclusive Kamigawa Commander cards. Even though it’s awkward that you can only get them in Neon Dynasty Set boosters, it’s great that they have found a home for these cards that might have otherwise gone unprinted.

Anyway, here are the two decks:

Buckle Up

Buckle Up Kamigawa Commander Deck

Buckle Up is our first Vehicles matter Commander deck. Ever since their introduction to the game in Kaladesh, players have tried to find a good Commander for Vehicles. Perhaps one of the cards in this deck will finally prove to be the best option.

In addition to a bunch of great new Vehicle cards, this deck also has a few much-requested powerful white cards. Despite being the worst financial value of any precon to date, this deck is still an exciting pickup for any Commander player,

Iconic Cards

Upgrades Unleashed

Upgrades Unleashed Kamigawa Commander Deck

This deck focuses on the new set mechanic for Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty – Modified. Modified cares about if a Creature is equipped, enchanted, or has a counter on it. Since these are three very different strategies, this deck seems a little unfocused at first glance.

However, somehow the commander is able to tie everything together really cleanly. In addition to the new cards, this deck also includes a solid bunch of Commander-staple reprints.

Iconic Cards:

Commander Decks 2020-2021

As I mentioned at the beginning of the article, this article was split into three parts for easier reading. The second part focuses on Commander precons between 2020 and 2021. In that article you’ll find more in-depth information about the following decks:

Vampiric BloodlineStrefan, Maurer ProgenitorBRCrimson Vow
Spirit SquadronMillicent, Restless RevenantWUCrimson Vow
Undead UnleashedWilhelt, the RotcleaverUBMidnight Hunt
Coven CountersLeinore, Autumn SovereignWGMidnight Hunt
Aura of CourageGalea, Kindler of HopeWUGForgotten Realms
Draconic RageVrondiss, Rage of AncientsRGForgotten Realms
Dungeons of DeathSefris of the Hidden WaysWUBForgotten Realms
Planara PortalProsper, Tome-BoundBRForgotten Realms
Lorehold LegaciesOsgir, the ReconstructorWRStrixhaven
Silverquill StatementBreena, the DemagogueWBStrixhaven
Witherbloom WitchcraftWillowdusk, Essence SeerBGStrixhaven
Quantum QuandrixAdrix and Nev, TwincastersUGStrixhaven
Prismari PerformanceZaffai, Thunder ConductorURStrixhaven
Phantom PremonitionRanar, the Ever-WatchfulWUKaldheim
Elven EmpireLathril, Blade of the ElvesBGKaldheim
Reap the TidesAesi, Tyrant of Gyre StraitUGCommander Legends
Arm for BattleWyleth, Soul of SteelWRCommander Legends
Land's WrathObuun, Mul Daya AncestorWRGZendikar Rising
Sneak AttackAnowon, the Ruin ThiefUBZendikar Rising
Ruthless RegimentJirina KudroWBRIkoria
Arcane MaelstromKalamax, the StormsireURGIkoria
Symbiotic SwarmKathril, Aspect WarperWBGIkoria
Timeless WisdomGavi, Nest WardenWURIkoria
Enhanced EvolutionOtrimi, the Ever-PlayfulUBGIkoria

Commander Decks 2011-2019

The third, and final part of the list focuses on the early decks. In it you’ll find Commander precons from 2011 to 2019. A quick recap can be found in the following table.

Faceless MenaceKadena, Slinking SorcererUBGCommander 2019
Mystic IntellectSevinne, the ChronoclasmWURCommander 2019
Primal GenesisGhired, Conclave ExileWRGCommander 2019
Merciless RageAnje FalkenrathBRCommander 2019
Exquisite InventionSaheeli, the GiftedURCommander 2018
Nature's VengeanceLord WindgraceBRGCommander 2018
Adaptive EnchantmentEstrid, the MaskedWUGCommander 2018
Subjective RealityAminatou, the FateshifterWUBCommander 2018
Draconic DominationThe Ur-DragonWUBRGCommander 2017
Feline FerocityArahbo, Roar of the WorldWGCommander 2017
Vampiric BloodlustEdgar MarkovWBRCommander 2017
Arcane WizardryInalla, Archmage RitualistUBRCommander 2017
Entropic UprisingYidris, Maelstrom WielderUBRGCommander 2016
Open HostilitySaskia the UnyieldingWBRGCommander 2016
Stalwart UnityKynaios and Tiro of MeletisWURGCommander 2016
Breed LethalityAtraxa, Praetors' VoiceWUBGCommander 2016
Invent SuperiorityBreya, Etherium ShaperWUBRCommander 2016
Call the SpiritsDaxos the ReturnedWBCommander 2015
Seize ControlMizzix of the IzmagnusURCommander 2015
Plunder the GravesMeren of Clan Nel TothBGCommander 2015
Wade Into BattleKalemne, Disciple of IroasWRCommander 2015
Swell the HostEzuri, Claw of ProgressUBCommander 2015
Forged in StoneNahiri, the LithomancerWCommander 2014
Peer Through TimeTeferi, Temporal ArchmageUCommander 2014
Sworn to DarknessOb Nixilis of the Black OathBCommander 2014
Built from ScratchDaretti, Scrap SavantRCommander 2014
Guided by NatureFreyalise, Llanowar's FuryGCommander 2014
Evasive ManeuversDerevi, Empyrial TacticianWUGCommander 2013
Eternal BargainOloro, Ageless AsceticWUBCommander 2013
Mind SeizeJeleva, Nephalia's ScourgeUBRCommander 2013
Power HungryProssh, Skyraider of KherBRGCommander 2013
Nature of the BeastMarath, Will of the WildWRGCommander 2013
Heavenly InfernoKaalia of the VastWBRCommander
Mirror MasteryRiku of Two ReflectionsURGCommander
CounterpunchGhave, Guru of SporesWBGCommander
Political PuppetsZedruu the GreatheartedWURCommander
Devour for PowerThe MimeoplasmUBGCommander


If you made it this far, I congratulate you. It just goes to show how many quality products Wizards has made to support the greatest format, Commander. I am sure that they will continue to release amazing products in the future.

Let me know down below which Commander deck was your favorite. Which cards inspired you to build new decks, or do you try to put in all of your decks? What kinds of decks do you want to see in the future?

Let me know in the comments below. Also, you can follow me on Instagram or Twitter.

Finally, here are some more Commander articles that might interest you:

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    • If you are thinking of buying a precon buy the cheap ones first . The cards in them are staples and you get bang for your buck. 20-30 dollars for 50-60 dollars worth of cards . Then when you step forward and build your own deck you will have the staples already

  1. Looking to collect as many of these as I can, sleeve them up, throw them in a box, and roll a dice. Great for parties. Thanks for the list and the helpful insight.

  2. How does everyone feel about allowing players to swap out the main commander, for another commander that fits the identity from the deck?
    Had a playgroup flip their tops when I swapped Jeleva for Nekusar in the Mind Seize deck.
    Personally, I feel that if the decks are designed to utilize multiple commanders, then its fair game.

  3. Finally, a list of all the precon commander decks. And recent ones too. Love this.
    Hard to pinpoint my favorite, I like too many, but I tend to like ones that have a mechanic that the commander caters to.
    Aka, morph, cycling, flashback, venture into the dungeon, madness, etc

    • For players who want to get one of the newer decks, which are usually cheaper, the reverse chronological order works better. However, I understand why you’d want it the other way.

  4. I really hope you keep updating this list! I’ve had 3 different uses for it just this week. I am particularly relieved to finally have a place that simply *lists* which commander cards are set-booster exclusives. Not knowing how to get that information has been extremely frustrating. Thank you for all the synopses of what the decks want to do. I have so many of these decks and it’s really helpful to know how they want to play and which themes are there to upgrade. Hope you get lots of money for this list with affiliate links or something, you deserve kickbacks for all this valuable info 🙏🏾

  5. Truly an amazing list. Referred back to it several times while getting back into the game and making a new deck in the past month or so! Many thanks.

  6. My favorite was the Mindseize deck.
    I fully customized it back when those decks were current and I was unstoppable. And yes, I also use Nekusar.

  7. Your list is missing the Secret Lair Heads I Win, Tails You Lose Commander Deck. Great resource though. Thank you for this list.

    • It wasn’t included as it was kind of its own separate thing, as a Secret Lair. But, perhaps, we should still include it, as you’re now the second person that pointed it out.

  8. This list lacks of the one with “Bruna, Light of Alabaster”, of course it also lacks of more recent one, but this one is old so there is no reason for now been here.

  9. In fact, there are more recent ones, I made a mistake.

    But there are a bit more than 98 precon decks, most of them are on Archidekt, but Bruna is also missing from there.

  10. These lists have helped me greatly! However, I bought the Faldorn precon and noticed there is a VERY IMPORTANT card that was not in the “notable cards” section by the name of “Jeska’s Will”. Honestly a bit surprised it wasn’t there before

    • Happy to hear that the list was useful to you. You are totally correct about Jeska’s Will, so we’ve added it to the iconic cards section. Thanks for pointing it out.

  11. Great work! Thanks for the time and effort! Do you think that Wizards will ever revisit a mono-color cycle? What about experience counters?

    • Mono-colored commander decks are quite popular and not too hard to design, so it’s very likely that they’re coming back. Experience counters might also come back, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.


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