Commander Series: List of All 59 Commander Precons

Every year, one of the most exciting products that Wizards releases are the Commander pre-constructed decks or Commander precons. These decks are designed specifically with Commander in mind, so they always make an impact on the format and keep Commander players on their toes. Wizards have been releasing these decks almost every year for the past nine years.

As there are so many precons, I want to talk about each and every Commander deck that Wizards has released in paper. I will start with the most recent ones and make my way back in time. Let’s get started!

Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Commander

Innistrad: Midnight Hunt will have two Commander decks, and is the first Innistrad set with corresponding Commander precons.

Undead Unleashed

Undead Unleashed Innistrad Midnight Hunt Commander Decks

Fans of Zombies, rejoice! It looks like you’re getting a perfect precon for you. Wihelt is a powerful commander for a Zombie deck. The fact that it gives you access not only to black, but to blue as well, is particularly nice.

Coven Counters

Coven Counters Innistrad Midnight Hunt Commander Decks

Instead of a tribe, this deck focuses on +1/+1 counters instead. Leinore might be on a weaker side, as far as commanders go, but it’s still a really fun commander to build a deck around.

You can find all current information about Midnight Hunt Commander decks here.

Adventures in the Forgotten Realms Commander

2021’s Summer set was something new for Magic players. Not only did it crossover into a non-Magic intellectual property, but it also gave us four more Commander pre-constructed decks. These decks are fully-powered decks, more similar to the Commander 2021 product than Zendikar Commander.

Just like the previous two years’ decks, the cards and themes are mechanically tied to the set they were released with. This means that each deck had a card or two from a cycle that rolled dice. Also, most of the new support cards had something to do with dice-rolling. In addition to dice, one of the decks had a major Venture into the Dungeon theme.

The other two decks did not necessarily have a set-specific mechanic, but was flavorful relative to the Dungeons and Dragons theme of the set. One used powerful weapons to min/max your character, while the other collected as much loot as you could carry in your pockets.

The D&D theme for these decks is very clear, which can be fun if you like that. Even if you don’t care for the theme, there are plenty of powerful cards and valuable reprints from this set, ensuring that there will be something for everyone.

Aura of Courage

Forgotten Realms Commander Decklist Aura of Courage

At first blush, Aura of Courage doesn’t seem to be anything special. A few years before this deck was released, Wizards printed Adaptive Enchantment. These two decks both use Enchantments to build up one or two Creatures and pound you opponents with them. However, this commander goes about doing it slightly differently. Thanks to the fact that Galea lets you cast spells from the top of your library, you don’t have to build an Enchantress deck around her. Rather, you can focus on just pumping her up and protecting her.

Additionally, the fact that she can let you also play Equipment is important. Now you can have an Enchatress-esque equipment deck in Bant colors.

Iconic Cards:

Draconic Rage

Forgotten Realms Commander Decks Draconic Rage

This deck does exactly what Gruul wants to do: make big Creatures and attack your opponents with them. It throws in the dice-rolling mechanic and Enrage for flavor, which adds a level of novelty that other red/green commanders might lack.

The backup commanders, Klauth, Unrivaled Ancient and Wulfgar of Icewind Dale, are also compelling. Similarly to Vrondiss, they both provide a unique way to play an archetype that players already enjoy.

Iconic Cards:

Dungeons of Death

Forgotten Realms Commander Deck Decklist Dungeons of Death

This deck focusses on the new mechanic from Adventures in the Forgotten Realms. It is designed to let players explore through the new Dungeon cards, while also having room for a couple of other strategies. This is important because Dungeons have only ever had one set’s-worth of support. There are plenty of cards from the main set that can buoy up this deck, but if you can’t find as many Dungeons cards as you would like, you can upgrade either Sefris of the Hidden Ways or Nihiloor to do something else as well.

Iconic Cards:

Planar Portal

Adventures in the Forgotten Realms Commander Precons Planar Portal

This deck leans heavily into an ability that Wizards has been giving red for a while now. In the past, red had struggled in Commander due to it’s relative difficulty drawing cards. Wizards decided to start giving it more impulsive card draw, which exiles cards from your deck and lets you play them temporarily. This was incredibly helpful to the color, and has increased it’s power level in the format.

Planar Portal takes that idea and rewards you heavily for doing it as much as possible. Additionally, you can get the benefits from playing Cascade, Madness, Adventures, and any number of other mechanics from Magic’s history.

Iconic Cards:

Commander 2021 / Strixhaven Commander

Commander 2021, like the previous year’s decks, were tied to the release of the Spring Premier set. In this case, that set was Strixhaven, School of Mages. Each of the precons was inspired by one of the two-color factions from that set. These factions were colleges on Strixhaven, and each one had its own theme:

  • Red – White students studied History and Archeology.
  • White – Black students Poetry, Prose, Leadership, and Politics.
  • Black – Green students learned about Biology, and how life and death are so intimately connected.
  • Green – Blue students calculated every kind of Math equations.
  • Blue – Red students expressed themselves with Music, Art, and Theater.

You can find Commander 2021 decklists here.

Lorehold Legacies

Lorehold Legacies Strixhaven Commander Decks Precon

This deck represents a monumental milestone in Commander for the red/white color pie. For three years previous, players have complained abundantly that Boros (now Lorehold) was the weakest color pair and needed more powerful support. After so many years, Wizards definitely delivered with this precon.

This deck aims to get oodles of value from sacrificing and reanimating artifacts. If you like artifact decks, I would definitely recommend giving this one a try since it feels very powerful and unique.

Check out the Lorehold Legacies Upgrade Guide.

Iconic Cards:

Silverquill Statement

Silverquill Statement Commander Deck

For Silverquill, politics is king. The idea behind this deck is to trick your opponents into beating each other down, so you can swoop in for the kill. Like the Lorehold Legacies deck, there are a couple of cards in this precon that represent significant steps forward for white cards.

You can find the Silverquill Statement Upgrade Guide here.

Iconic Cards:

Witherbloom Witchcraft

Witherbloom Witchcraft Strixhaven Commander Precon

True to the theme of this year’s product, the Witherbloom deck reimagines the skill suite of the black/green color combination. This deck focuses mainly on utilizing your life total as a resource. The commander, as well as several cards in the 99, reward you handsomely for spending a lot of life points and earning them all back. Plus, Gyome, Master Chef is a hilarious option for a food-themed deck.

For more info on that kind of thing, check out the Witherbloom Witchcraft Upgrade Guide.

Iconic Cards:

Quantum Quandrix

Quantum Quandrix Commander Decklist Precon

Quantum Quandrix is an interesting deck that seems to only want to do one thing: make as many tokens as possible. This deck put a Parallel Lives in the command zone and let the players run wild with it. If you love Simic, but haven’t been able to make all of the tokens that you wanted to, look no farther. Because this is the deck for you.

Here’s the Quantum Quandrix Upgrade Guide if you are interested in buying this deck and improving it a little bit.

Iconic Cards:

Prismari Performance

Prismari Performance Strixhaven List of All Commander Precons

The last deck for this year’s Commander product focuses on casting Instants and Sorceries. Not only that, but it wants to cast the biggest Instants and Sorceries that it can. I would recommend comparing this deck to the 2015 “Seize Control” deck led by Mizzix of the Izmagnus. They seem to want to do similar things.

Here’s the Prismari Performance Upgrade Guide if you are interested in reading up on it more.

Iconic Cards:

Kaldheim Commander Decks

Kaldheim brought us two new “lite” Commander decks. Both precons feature one of the themes from Kaldheim.

Phantom Premonition

Phantom Premonition Kaldheim Commander Precon Deck

This deck highlights the newest mechanic from Kaldheim, foretell. In addition to that, Ranar’s abilities work well with abilities like those on Flickerwisp. The precon leans into some of those abilities as well. These round out a few great Foretell cards, as well as leaving room for players to improve upon some of these themes.

For tips on upgrading this deck, check out this upgrade guide.

Iconic Cards:

Elven Empire

Elven Empire Kaldheim Commander Precon Deck

This deck is focused on one of the most popular tribes in Magic the Gathering – Elves. While, they are mostly green, Elves on Kaldheim are black too. This deck is certainly a fine pick-up for anyone who enjoys Elf tribal synergies.

Here is our upgrade guide for upgrading the Elven Empire commander deck.

Iconic Cards:

Commander Legends Commander Decks

Commander Legends brought us not only a spectacular combination of Commander and Draft, but also two Commander precons. These are somewhat less powerful then you regular Commander precons, but also have a lower price.

Each deck contains just three new cards, and the rest are reprints.

Reap the Tides

Commander Precons Reap the Tides Deck

Aesi is Tatyova, Benthic Druid pumped to the max. The deck wants to do what Simic usually does – ramp and get value while doing so. It’s a great starting product for a brand new Commander player, as it offers a pretty clear and safe way to improve it, while still containing some pretty strong cards.

Speaking of upgrades, you can find how to make the deck better in the Reap the Tides Upgrade Guide.

Iconic Cards

Arm for Battle

Commander Precons Deck Arm for Battle

The deck is built around equipments and auras. Whyleth is a pretty cool commander for this type of strategies, as it gives card advantage to red-white combination, which sometimes lacks it. It’s a great deck for anyone who likes to play Voltron – type strategies (making one creature really big).

You can find more about this deck in the Arm for Battle Upgrade Guide.

Iconic Cards

Zendikar Rising Commander Decks

When Zendikar Rising was released in September of 2020, Wizards first decided to replace the typical planeswalker decks with a special something for Commander players. The set came out with two more Commander precons. Similar to the planeswalker decks, though, these precons were significantly less powerful than a typical Commander precon.

Also, there were only three new cards printed in each one. Other than those three cards, each card in the deck was a reprint.

Land’s Wrath

All commander precons list Land's Wrath

Zendikar is a plane famous for caring about lands entering the battlefield. As a result, this Commander deck is all about Landfall.

For more information about this deck, you can read Land’s Wrath Upgrade Guide.

Iconic Cards

Sneak Attack

All Commander Precons List Sneak Attack

Another main theme from the Zendikar Rising set was tribal Rogues. In the past, Rogues have had a few strong commanders, but Anowon, the Ruin Thief brings something new to the table.

Of course, Sneak Attack Upgrade Guide is also available for more information.

Iconic Cards

Commander 2020 / Ikoria Commander

In this year Wizards decided to tie all of the Commander decks to the standard set that they were released with. This meant that all of these decks were mechanically similar to Ikoria, Lair of Behemoths. This innovation avoids the issues that Commander players have with parasitic mechanics like Energy. There are legendary creatures that can lead decks around all of the mechanics from Ikoria, and each new ability has enough support to craft a full deck around.

This was also the first product in four years that had five different decks with equal color representation among them.

Each deck has a face commander, a secondary commander that matches the color identity of the face commander, and a partner pair whose colors add up to the face commander’s color identity.

There is also a cycle of cards that can be cast for free if you control a commander, and a cycle of auras called the Impetuses. The Impetus cycle gives the enchanted creature a power/toughness boost and goads it. They have not yet proved to be very popular, so I will not be including them in the individual deck summaries.

Ruthless Regiment

All Commander Precons List Ruthless Regiment
  • Main Commander: Jirina Kudro
  • Colors: White, Black, Red
  • Theme: Tribal Humans

Ruthless Regiment tries to make an army of little Humans and pump them up into a scary threat. There are also some aristocrats synergies, so you can sacrifice your Human army to finish your opponents off. Most notably, Verge Rangers is a new card in a series of white cards that Wizards has printed to increase the power level of white in Commander.

Iconic Cards

Arcane Maelstrom

Arcane Maelstrom

Admittedly, the Arcane Maelstrom deck does not have a lot to do with Ikoria mechanically. This deck specifically cares about casting instants. The commander, Kalamax, copies the first instant you cast each turn, which lets you maximize the value you get from each one.

Iconic Cards

Symbiotic Swarm

All Commander Precons List Symbiotic Swarm

Symbiotic Swarm is a deck that highlights a brand new thing that appeared in Ikoria, Lair of Behemoths. Kathril, Aspect Warper, the commander for the deck, cares about creatures with keyword abilities so that they can give your creatures keyword ability counters.

This deck fills its graveyard with creatures that have a lot of keywords, then casts the commander to make a formidable threat.

Iconic Cards

Timeless Wisdom

All Commander Precons List timeless Wisdom

This deck finally provided Commander players with a legendary creature who is specifically meant to lead a cycling deck. It is full of utility cards that can be cycled away if you don’t need them right away. Then, once you have cycled into all the cards you need, finishers like Brallin and Shabraz, The Locust God, and Zenith Flare end the game.

Iconic Cards

Enhanced Evolution

Ikoria Enhanced Evolution

The Enhanced Evolution deck is perhaps the most unique of the decks from this year. The deck is designed around Ikoria’s new Mutate mechanic. Besides being a rules nightmare, this mechanic provides a very interesting foundation to build a Commander deck around.

You can either make one of your non-human creatures a massive threat, gaining incremental value with each new mutation, or enhance each of your creatures with one or two mutations each.

Iconic Cards

Commander 2019

More than once in Commander’s history, players have tried to build decks around keyword mechanics that just did not have enough support. Even though this problem could not be solved all at once, in 2019 Wizards printed decks that cared about (mostly) underrepresented mechanics from Magic’s history. Specifically, there were decks that cared about:

  • Morph
  • Flashback
  • Populate
  • Madness.

The only cycle present in these decks is that each face commander got a sort of signature spell. These spells had the commander’s name in them and were specifically related to the keyword mechanic for the appropriate deck.

Faceless Menace

All Commander Precons List Faceless Menace

Before 2019, there were few if any Morph commanders. Animar, Soul of Elements was probably the most popular. With the release of Faceless Menace, however, Kadena, Slinking Sorcerer took the Morph throne.

The goal of this deck is simple: play as many free morphs as you can. Each one will let you draw cards. You can keep your opponents guessing about what the hidden abilities of the upside-down cards are. Then, when they least expect it, you flip the perfect spell to beat them.

Iconic Cards

Mystic Intellect

All Commander Precons List Mystic Intellect

Flashback was probably the keyword mechanic that had the most support before getting its own deck in this year. Despite that, there had never been a commander that specifically cared about casting spells from the graveyard the way Sevinne does.

Because this deck was not built around an obscure mechanic like the other ones were, it might have been less interesting to players. What it lacked in flashiness, though, it made up for by containing Dockside Extortionist.

Iconic Cards

Primal Genesis

All Commander Precons List Primal Genesis

Primal Genesis was an incredibly aggressive precon. The deck made a bunch of tokens in the early-game, and populated them in the mid- to late-game. Often times these tokens were 4/4 Rhinos or some other similar threat that quickly took over games.

Iconic Cards

Merciless Rage

All Commander Precons List Merciless Rage

Anje Falkenrath, the face commander for this deck, was probably the most competitive individual commander to come out of this set (if not K’rrik, Son of Yawgmoth, who also showed up in this deck). The interesting thing about her, though, is that the optimized version of her deck was not too different from the precon version. You basically add more Madness cards and an infinite combo and ‘voila’ you have yourself a cEDH deck.

Merciless Rage wants to discard a ton of cards and get value from them. Whether you cast them for their Madness cost, reanimate them later on, or just draw you a card with Anje’s ability – this deck takes advantage of discarding cards better than maybe any other deck until this point.

Iconic Cards

Commander 2018

Next up we have Commander 2018. Players were largely disappointed with the overall value of these Commander precons. Many said that the reprints were underwhelming and the decks were not worth the extra $5 USD Wizards was charging for them. Despite these negative opinions, many cards from COmmander 2018 went on to become widely used and beloved.

Three of the four decks from this year had a theme related to a permanent type. These were artifacts, lands, and enchantments. The fourth deck was a little different from the others. It cared about the top card of your library.

Each deck had a face commander (each one was a planeswalker again), two back-up commanders, and a third legendary creature that was not enough colors to lead the precon deck on its own.

There was also a cycle of signature spells for each face commander that had an effect related to the relevant permanent type (or top card of your library).

Finally, there was a cycle of cards that were related to the Storm mechanic. Each spell copied itself as many times as you had cast your commander in that game.

Exquisite Invention

All Commander Precons List Exquisite Invention

At first glance, this deck does not seem very original. It is an Izzet deck that cares about artifacts. Not long before this deck was released, Dominaria was in Standard. In that set was a legendary creature named Jhoira, Weatherlight Captain who was also an Izzet commander who cared about artifacts, and a good one at that.

Upon further inspection, this Saheeli has her own twist on Izzet artifacts that is indeed unique. The goal for Exquisite Invention is to cast a bunch of cheap artifacts, then use them or Saheeli’s ability to ramp into a big artifact threat.

Iconic Cards

Nature’s Vengeance

All Commander Precons List Nature's Vengeance

One of the many complaints that players raised this year, another common one was that the “lands matter” deck did not have very many land synergies. This deck was probably the least related to the permanent type that it was supposed to care about. Hardly any of the creatures, especially the back-up commanders, had landfall effects or otherwise cared about lands.

That being said, after playing with the deck, there were many ways to interact with lands or landfall abilities that you might not expect at first glance. Most notably, Lord Windgrace‘s first two abilities are closely tied to lands and make the deck feel a lot more like a lands matter deck.

Iconic Cards

Adaptive Enchantment

All Commander Precons List Adaptive Enchantment

In contrast, the enchantment deck (if not the artifact deck) was probably the most closely tied to its stated permanent type. The deck felt like a cohesive enchantress deck right out of the box. However, it also left plenty of room to upgrade into something more if you wanted to.

It was a toss up whether Estrid or Tuvasa were better commanders for this deck. Both have their advantages, and both have lead powerful enchatress decks since their release in this product.

Iconic Cards

Subjective Reality

All Commander Precons List Subjective Reality

Finally for this year, we have the black sheep. Subjective Reality is the only deck from this generation that did not care about a permanent type. Rather, it tried to manipulate the top card in your deck so you could always draw the right card.

Appropriately, this deck also runs almost all cards that were previously printed with Miracle. This is a keyword ability that allows you to cast the spell for cheaper if it is the first card you draw in a turn. Fortunately, this deck’s primary function is to help you choose exactly which card is the best to draw first on any given turn.

The last great thing I want to say about this deck is that all three of the legendary creatures that were not the face commander were groundbreaking cards. Yennett was the first commander who wanted you to restrict the converted mana cost of everything in your deck. Varina was the first tribal Zombie commander in Esper colors. Yuriko was the first Ninja commander. Each one made a splash in the Commander format.

Iconic Cards

Commander 2017

2017 was a year that Wizards of the Coast tried a few new things with the Commander precons. First, instead of the typical 5 decks with equally dispersed colors, there were only four decks, and the colors were not equally balanced. Second, the theme for this year was tribal.

They decided to give a boost to a few tribes with plenty of support, and one that had hardly any. Commander decks had had tribal subthemes in the past, but this year they were going all out with it. The four tribes they decided to go with were Vampires, Dragons, Wizards, and Cats.

Each of the face commanders for this set had an ability called Eminence. This was an ability that could trigger if the creature was in the command zone or on the battlefield. A similar ability had been seen on a commander in a previous year. It was infamous among many play groups. Almost all of the commanders from this year’s group of decks managed to become well loved by players in spite of their initial wariness about Eminence.

This set features a cycle of cards with kindred in their name. Each one asks you to name a creature type and gives you a benefit for having those creatures.

Another cycle I want to mention briefly is a cycle of curses featuring the same character in their art. They are:

Lastly, each deck came with a new land that synergizes with tribal themes. It’s called Path of Ancestry.

Draconic Domination

List of All Commander Precons 2017 Draconic Domination Dragon Tribal
  • Main Commander: The Ur-Dragon
  • Colors: White, Blue, Black, Red, Green
  • Theme: Tribal Dragons

This deck is pretty straightforward. Using The Ur-Dragon‘s ability as well as some other cost-reducing effects from the deck, you cast as many dragons as you can as fast as possible. It is a surprisingly effective strategy, as anyone who has ever faced off against Draconic Domination would no doubt admit.

Iconic Cards

Feline Ferocity

List of All Commander Precons 2017 Feline Ferocity Cat Tribal

This deck was the surprise of the set. Cats had just barely become a reasonable tribe in Amonkhet block, and many people were afraid that there would not be enough support to build a full Commander deck out of.

These fears turned out to be in vain, though, as Feline Ferocity packed a punch. Since the release of this deck, dozens of viable cats have been printed, making this deck one of the most beloved from this year.

Iconic Cards

Vampiric Bloodlust

List of All Commander Precons 2017 Vampiric Bloodlust Vampire Tribal
  • Main Commander: Edgar Markov
  • Colors: Red, White, Black
  • Theme: Tribal Vampires

Just before this set was printed, Ixalan block was being played in Standard. That set featured white vampires pretty heavily. There were a few Ixalan legends that could be your commanders, but it wasn’t until this Commander deck came out that people could really run their vampire tribal decks. And Edgar Markov has been the best Vampire commander ever since.

His eminence ability is able to make a ton of vampire tokens very quickly. These overwhelm his opponents unless they are able to do deal with the board every single turn.

Iconic Cards

Arcane Wizardry

List of All Commander Precons 2017 Arcane Wizardry Wizards Tribal

Arcane Wizardry is a creature-based control deck that tries to get extra value from Inalla’s eminence ability. Most of the Wizards in this deck have enter-the-battlefield triggers, so when they enter, Inalla can copy them and double up their triggers.

Iconic Cards

Commander 2016

If you only read about a single year of Commander decks, this is definitely that year. 2016’s Commander precons changed the format in a way that no other year had until that point or would in coming years so far. Not only did it introduce the first ever four-color commanders, it also was the first time we ever saw the Partner mechanic. Both things would shape the face of the Commander format for years to come.

Each deck came with 3 partner commanders. Of the fifteen commanders, ten of them were enemy colored (two per color combination) and five were ally colored (one per color combination).

In addition to that, there was a cycle of instants or sorceries that were ally colored that came with basic land cycling for 2 colorless mana. These were necessary at the time to make the 4-color mana bases work. In addition to those cards, each deck had a brand new land called Ash Barrens, which helped fix your colors in a bind.

The last new thing from this year was the Undaunted mechanic. This mechanic let you cast the spell for 1 less generic mana for each opponent you had. There were a few interesting cards with this mechanic in the set.

Entropic Uprising

List of All Commander Precons Entropic Uprising 2016

This deck is supposed to be a chaos deck. Cascade, the commander’s flagship mechanic, gives you the next card in your deck that costs less than the card you just cast, so the random nature of it is pretty chaotic.

Iconic Cards

Open Hostility

List of All Commander Precons Open Hostility 2016

Open Hostility comes out swinging with cheap creatures that can grow to enormous sizes. Then, Saskia lets you double up on the amount of damage you’re doing by focusing your efforts on one player.

Iconic Cards

Stalwart Unity

List of All Commander Precons Stalwart Unity

This was the first pre-constructed Commander deck to officially employ group hug as its game plan. It uses many cards from previous years’ decks, including Tempt with Discovery, cards with Join Forces, Edric, Spymaster of Trest, Zedruu the Greathearted, Selvala, Explorer Returned, and many more cards to make allies with your opponents until you can hopefully be the last one standing.

Iconic Cards

Breed Lethality

List of All Commander Precons Breed Lethality 2016 Atraxa

Atraxa, Praetors’ Voice was the most hyped commander I have ever seen in all my years playing Commander. Being so many colors and having Proliferate on her card made her the best commander for dozens of strategies. This deck, however, focused mostly on +1/+1 counters.

Iconic Cards

Invent Superiority

List of All Commander Precons Invent Superiority Breya

Invent Superiority is the deck that most accurately captures the flavor of the color combinations. This deck has all colors except green, and green is the color that most hates artifacts. As a result, this deck is the artifact deck.

Iconic Cards

Commander 2015

The decks from this year all featured an innovative new mechanic. Each face commander is equipped with an ability that gives the player experience counters. Then, those same commanders can utilize those experience counters in a unique way.

Experience counters were not the only new mechanic for this set though. Each deck had two creatures that were part of a cycle. Each of those creatures had a mechanic called Myriad. Those creatures were:

There were a few other cycles in these decks as well. One of these was the confluence cycle. Each confluence had three different modes that you could choose from. Of those three modes, you could choose one three times or up to three one time.

There is one individual card that I want to mention in this introductory section. Each deck contained a copy of Thought Vessel, which went on to become a Commander staple. Since there was one in every deck I thought I would mention it here rather than in each deck summary.

Call the Spirits

All Commander Precons Call the Spirits

This deck combined two themes in a clever way. Daxos, a character who at the time was trapped in the underworld of Theros, lets you make spirits based on the number of experience counters you have, but you get experience counters by playing enchantments. This means that the deck wants to play as many enchantments as possible.

There were not very many enchantress decks in Orzhov colors before this, so this deck opened up some cool possibilities when it was printed.

Iconic Cards

Seize Control

All Commander Precons Seize Control

The commander for this deck, Mizzix of the Izmagnus, makes your instants and sorceries cheaper based on the number of experience counters you have. You can get experience counters by casting instants and sorceries, but they have to have a higher converted mana cost than the number of experience counters you have.

As you might have guessed, this highly synergistic commander wants to cast as many instants and sorceries as it can. The bigger the better.

Iconic Cards

Plunder the Graves

All Commander Precons 2015 Plunder the Graves

Maren was the most popular commander to come from Commander 2015 by a long shot. Her ability gives you experience counters whenever one of your creatures dies. At the end of your turn, if there is a creature in your graveyard with converted mana cost equal to or less than the number of experience counters you have, you can bring it back to the battlefield. Otherwise it goes back to your hand.

This deck tries to fill up its own graveyard, get advantage from sacrificing creatures, and reanimate some nasty threats.

Iconic Cards

Wade Into Battle

All Commander Precons Wade Into Battle

This deck was probably the least popular of the decks from this year, but it was packed with good stuff. Wade Into Battle was not officially a giant tribal deck, but it sure had a lot of giants in it. From Sun Titan and Inferno Titan to Sunrise Sovereign and Borderland Behemoth, this deck has almost all the giants you could ever dream of.

Technically, Kalemne cares about any creature with converted mana cost 5 or greater. Whenever you cast such a creature you get an experience counter. Each experience counter you collect would then give Kalemne +1/+1. Between the giant threats (pun intended) and Kalemne having double strike and vigilance, this deck could get out of control quickly.

Iconic Cards

Swell the Host

All Commander Precons 2015 Swell the Host

Although this deck is not exactly a tribal elves deck, Ezuri, Claw of Progress works in a similar way.

Step one: play a lot of little creatures. Ezuri’s ability give you an experience counter whenever you play a creature with power 2 or less. Step two: Make those small creatures gigantic.

Ezuri’s second ability gives one creature +1/+1 counters equal to the number of experience counters you have, making massive threats in the blink of an eye.

Iconic Cards

Commander 2014

The 2014 Commander precons mark the third year that Wizards of the Coast released pre-constructed decks for Commander. Having exhausted all possible three-color combinations in the previous two products, Wizards decided to get creative with this year’s decks. Each deck was only a single color and each commander was a planeswalker with the text “[cardname] can be your commander”.

Not only was it exciting to be able to play with planeswalkers as commanders, but most of the planeswalkers were also famous characters from Magic’s past. I’ll go into each one more in depth.

Each deck also featured a card with a new mechanic: Lieutenant. Any card with this mechanic got some sort of additional bonus if it shared the battlefield with your commander.

There is also a cycle of cards with the word “offering” in their title. Each card in this cycle lets the caster choose an opponent to share in an effect with two separate times. You will see what I mean when you find these cards in the ‘Iconic Cards’ section of each deck.

Forged in Stone

Commander Precons Forged in Stone Nahiri

Known before this set as “The Lithomancer”, Commander 2014 was the first time that Nahiri got a card. She was among the most exciting new legends to be printed in this set.

Aside from the hype around Nahiri, this deck did not perform too well straight out of the box. It struggled with many of the weaknesses that still plague white to this day. The equipment that it ran as it’s primary win condition were expensive and fairly low-impact by themselves. That being said, this deck has the ability to get very scary if not dealt with.

Iconic Cards

Peer Through Time

Commander Precons Peer Through Time Teferi

The overall theme for this deck is difficult to pin down. When you think of mono-blue decks in Commander, sea monsters are not the first things to come to mind. Furthermore, when you think of Teferi, you might think of counterspells and control magic. Although this deck runs a relatively low number of both of these things, they are not the theme of the deck.

It seems what this deck wants to do the most is ramp into one of its twelve 6+ mana creatures to beat down your opponents with.

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Sworn to Darkness

Commander Precons Sworn to Darkness

This deck tells the origin story of the famous Magic villian, Ob Nixilis. Before the Chain Veil turned him into a demon himself, he summoned armies of them to fight his foes. Sworn to Darkness wanted to make an army of infernals to unleash upon its foes.

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Built from Scratch

Commander Precons Daretti Built from Scratch

Daretti is the only commander from this year’s precons who didn’t have much as far as previous back story. Despite this, he has become a popular character and the most common mono-red artifacts commander. This deck tries to ramp into big artifacts and get advantage from sacrificing them.

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Guided by Nature

Commander Precons 2014 Guided by Nature Freyalise Llanowar Fury

Guided by Nature was probably the most cohesive tribal Commander deck that Wizards had printed until this point. The deck had 37 creatures, most of which were elves. Freyalise wants to fill the battlefield with as many elves as she can then use the tons of mana they can generate to cast a big overrun spell.

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Commander 2013

The decks from Commander 2013 were led by shard-colored Commanders. In addition to the face Commanders, each deck had two other legendary creatures that could double as a Commander for the deck. Each of the face Commanders cared somehow about the command zone. None of the decks are too focused, leaving a lot of room for improvement.

Notable cycles from this year include 5 new curses and 5 new cards called the “Tempt Cycle”. The curses did not end up being too interesting, but most of the tempt cards will be mentioned in the breakdown of the individual decks below.

Evasive Maneuvers

List of All Commander Precons Evasive Maneuvers

Derevi, Empyrial Tactician has become one of the infamous Commanders from this set. Her ability that cares about the command zone is an activated ability that puts her straight into the battlefield. This can be done at instant speed and dodges command tax. Because of this, she almost always heads a stax deck that no one likes playing against.

This precon, however, is not such a deck. It is filled with flying creatures and light control. It tries to win with a small army of creatures that cannot be blocked.

Iconic Cards

Eternal Bargain

Eternal Bargain Oloro Ageless Ascetic

Oloro is another infamous commander from 2013 Commander precons. He was the grandfather of the C17 tribal Commanders with the Eminence mechanic. Oloro’s ability gain’s his controller two life every turn on their upkeep as long as Oloro is in the command zone or battlefield. Because of this, he almost always leads a life gain deck.

This precon was no exception, except that it also had an artifact subtheme.

Iconic Cards

Mind Seize

Mind Seize Jeleva

The Mind Seize precon is full of high costed instant and sorcery spells, since the Commander can cast them for free. Jeleva’s ability that cares about the command zone counts the amount of mana that was spent to cast it. This is an interesting ability, since that number goes up each time the Commander is cast. A similar ability shows up in the next deck.

The most popular Commander from this deck was actually one of the secondary commanders, Nekusar, the Mindrazer. Outside of Commander, True-Name Nemesis also made waves, becoming a staple in the Legacy format.

Iconic Cards

Power Hungry

Power Hungry Prossh COmmander Precon

This deck’s Commander has probably become the most popular (or unpopular, depending on what side of the table you are from him) of all of the decks in this year’s precons. Prossh, Skyraider of Kher has been beloved by casual and competative players alike.

Similar to Jeleva, when Prossh’s controler casts it that player gets a benefit that increases each time they do. They make Kobold tokens equal to the amount of mana spent to cast it. This deck wants to make a bunch of tokens, sacrifice them for value, and reanimate some creatures.

Iconic Cards

Nature of the Beast

Nature of the Beast MTG Commander Precons 2013

This deck is a Naya beasts deck. Unfortunately, it was not equipped with very many pay offs for playing beasts. This, however, did not harm the deck’s flavor. Nature of the Beast could unleash a feral herd upon its foes.

The commander for this deck, Marath, Will of the Wild, has an ability that gives it more power the more mana you spend to cast it. This amount grows with each new cast of Marath from the command zone. You can then use that power to your advantage with Marath’s second ability.

Iconic Cards

Commander – First Commander Precons

This set of precons was Wizards’ first attempt at a Commander product. Each deck was wedge colored, had two new Commanders in the appropriate wedges, one reprinted Commander in those colors, and a new Commander that is only two colors.

One of the first mechanics that were designed for Commander debuted in this product. It was Join Forces, and showed up on one card in every deck. These decks also feature a cycle of auras known as the “Vows”. Each one is named “Vow of ___” and grants the enchanted creature a power/toughness boost along with the text, “can’t attack you or a planeswalker you control.” Both of these cycles were creative ways for Wizards to encourage the political aspects of Commander.

Heavenly Inferno

All Commander Precons List Heavenly Inferno
  • Main Commander: Kaalia of the Vast
  • Colors: White, Black, Red
  • Theme: Angels, Demons, and Dragons

Like the other decks released in this product, the Heavenly Inferno deck had a couple of great ideas that were spread a little too thin. There were a handful of powerful Angels, Demons and Dragons in the deck (including a few new ones), but they came next to cards that definitely did not fit. Needless to say, there was plenty of room to upgrade this deck.

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Mirror Mastery

All Commander Precons List Mirror Mastery

This deck mostly had two goals:

  1. Ramp up to a lot of mana so you can…
  2. cast really big creatures or spells, and copy them with Riku.

This commander requires a lot of mana to work properly, so the deck is equipped to generate a lot of mana. However, just like Heavenly Inferno, Mirror Mastery was not very focused and left a lot of room for the buyer to upgrade it.

Iconic Cards


All Commander Precons List Counterpunch

Counterpunch, led by Ghave, Guru of Spores, wants to do precisely what it’s name implies. The deck tries to kick out a bunch of little creatures and load them up with +1/+1 counters. Once it has, it will either overrun you with the army of tokens it has made, get value from removing the counters and sacrificing the creatures, or a combination of the two.

Iconic Cards

Political Puppets

All Commander Precons List Political Puppets

The Political Puppets deck feels like Wizards’ attempt to be hip with the kids. Don’t get me wrong, the design of Zedruu and the idea of giving your things away for value and politics is cool. Unfortunately, the deck just does not really have a great win condition. Optimized versions of this deck that give away harmful permanents and hunker down in a pillowfort can be very powerful.

Iconic Cards

Devour for Power

All Commander Precons List Devour for Power
  • Main Commander: The Mimeoplasm
  • Colors: Black, Green, Blue
  • Theme: Graveyard

The Devour for Power precon combines creatures that have interesting abilities with creatures that have a lot of power and toughness. This way, when you fill your graveyard, The Mimeoplasm has plenty of targets to choose from.

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If you made it this far, I congratulate you. It just goes to show how many quality products Wizards has made to support the greatest format, Commander. I am sure that they will continue to release amazing products in the future.

Let me know down below which Commander deck was your favorite. Which cards inspired you to build new decks or do you try to put in all of your decks? What kinds of decks do you want to see in the future?

Let me know in the comments below. Also, you can follow me on Instagram or Twitter.

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  1. Just discovered this super helpful list, thanks a lot for putting it together! Will help me deciding on my first Commander Deck <3

    • If you are thinking of buying a precon buy the cheap ones first . The cards in them are staples and you get bang for your buck. 20-30 dollars for 50-60 dollars worth of cards . Then when you step forward and build your own deck you will have the staples already

  2. Looking to collect as many of these as I can, sleeve them up, throw them in a box, and roll a dice. Great for parties. Thanks for the list and the helpful insight.

  3. How does everyone feel about allowing players to swap out the main commander, for another commander that fits the identity from the deck?
    Had a playgroup flip their tops when I swapped Jeleva for Nekusar in the Mind Seize deck.
    Personally, I feel that if the decks are designed to utilize multiple commanders, then its fair game.

  4. Finally, a list of all the precon commander decks. And recent ones too. Love this.
    Hard to pinpoint my favorite, I like too many, but I tend to like ones that have a mechanic that the commander caters to.
    Aka, morph, cycling, flashback, venture into the dungeon, madness, etc

    • Eldraine didn’t have Commander precons. There were Brawl deck, bot those have 60 cards, so you won’t find them here.


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