Core 2021 Collector Booster Contents

Wondering what’s in the Core 2021 Collector Booster? Some very cool looking Magic cards, that’s for sure!

Today we’re doing a breakdown of M21 Collector Booster contents, to see exactly what you can open in them.

Core 2021 Collector Booster Contents

Each Collector Booster contains 15 cards + 1 token:

  • 1 foil showcase card / borderless card of any rarity
  • 1 foil showcase / borderless common or uncommon
  • 1 non-foil showcase / borderless rare or mythic
  • 2 non-foil showcase / borderless commons or uncommons
  • 2 foil regular / borderless rares or mythic
  • 1 non-foil extended art rare or mythic
  • 1 foil showcase basic land
  • 2 foil uncommons
  • 4 foil commmons or lands
  • 1 foil token

That’s quite a lot to take in. Basically what you’re getting is:

  • 4-5 rares or mythics
  • 10-11 commons or uncommons
  • 1 foil token

All of these cards are either in foil or have a special art.

Where to Buy Core 2021 Collector Boosters?

Core Set 2021 Collector Booster contents
Click on the booster to check its price.

Core Set 2021 Collector boosters might be available at your LGS and you can also order them on Amazon. If you’re buying multiples of them, you can also get a whole box with 12 packs, which is a better deal, then buying twelve boosters separately.

Anyways, what does all that Showcase, Extended, Borderless means exactly? We’ll examine each category to see what they are and how they look.

Showcase Cards

There are six planeswalkers in Core Set 2021. Each of them (expect Ugin) has 3 cards that reference them: rare, uncommon and common.

Each planeswalker and the three reference cards have a special showcase treatment made specifically for that planeswalker. In addition there’s also a special basic land, from that planeswalker’s home plane.

Let’s take a look at them!

Basri Ket Showcase

Teferi, Master of Time Showcase

Teferi is the main planeswalker of Core Set 2021. As such, he got not one, but four different showcase cards. However, the differences between artworks are really minor, so you’ll need a good eye to catch them.

Liliana, Waker of the Dead Showcase

Chandra, Hearth of Fire Showcase

Chandra Showcase style uses the same design as Signature Spellbook: Chandra.

Garruk Showcase

Borderless Cards

Borderless cards are cards with alternate art and without borders to obstruct it. There are 12 different borderless cards in Core 2021 Collector Boosters:

  • all 6 planeswalkers
  • 1 uncommon card
  • 3 rares
  • 2 mythic rares

Core 2021 Borderless Planeswalkers

Basri Ket Borderless

Basri Ket Borderless

Teferi, Master of Time Borderless

Teferi, Master of Time Borderless Core 2021 Collector Booster

Liliana, Waker of the Dead Borderless

Liliana Waker of the Dead Borderless Core 2021 Collector Booster

Chandra, Hearth of Fire Borderless

Chandra Heart of Fire Borderless

Garruk Borderless

Ugin, the Spirit Dragon Borderless

Ugin the Spirit Dragon Borderless Collector booster Contents Core 2021

Other Borderless Cards

There are six other borderless cards with alternate art, you can see them bellow:

Extended Art Cards

Extended art goes all the way from the left side of the card to the right. The art is the same as on the regular versions, however it is slightly bigger.

Here’s an example of how Baneslayer Angel looks with this treatment.

As you can see, the extended art loses flavor text, so the card appears more clear.

Each rare or mythic rare, that doesn’t have Showcase or Borderless art, will have the extended art. That means you can get almost anything on the extended art slot.

Extended art is exclusive to Collector Boosters, as opposed to Showcase or Borderless art, which can also appear in the regular booster packs.

Is Core 2021 Collector Booster Worth Buying?

Well, the answer is – it depends. It’s a bit of a non-answer, but it’s true.

If you really like premium Magic cards, with cool alternate art or just want a sweet addition to your collection, then the product is definitely worth it. You can just buy a single Collector Booster for a possibility of something cool like Grim Tutor or Ugin, the Spirit Dragon.

However if you just want Magic cards to play with and don’t care much about the fancy art or foils, then regular boosters are better. That’s also true if you just want to draft Core 2021.

Also, if Collector Boosters are too pricey for your taste, but you like the alternate art, you can just get some regular M21 boosters. Maybe you get lucky and open one with Borderless or Showcase art, as it’s possible to get those in regular boosters as well.

Collector Booster Box Core 2021

However, if you do decide that you want to get multiple Collector Boosters, you might want to get a whole box, which contains 12 boosters, for a lower price then you’d pay separately. You can check its price on Amazon.


Anyways, that all about Core 2021 Collector Booster. If you have any more questions, or want to tell us your favorite art style, you can do so in the comments bellow.

You can find more information about Core Set 2021 here. It certainly looks like one of more exciting core sets in the recent years. If you’re looking for more Collector products, you can find a list of all MTG Collector Booster Boxes here.

That’s all for today. Until next time, have a blast and may you open just the card you want in your Collector Booster.

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