When Does Core Set 2021 Release on Arena?

Do you want to know when Core Set 2021 (M21) releases on Arena? Exact time of Core 2021 release and additional information can be found here.

The maintenance will start on June 25th, at 7.30 AM PT (16:30 CET). It is expected to take around two hours and half – or a bit more, if something goes awry.

UPDATE: If you’re looking for the information about the newest release, you can check when does Forgotten Realms release on Arena.

Core Set 2021 Release Time on MTG Arena

If we take into account that information, here’s the countdown to Core Set 2021 release:

You can also check the approximate time of M21 release, depending on your time zone in the table bellow.

RegionCore 2021 Release Time
USA, Canada (Pacific)10:00 PT (June, 25th)
USA, Canada (Mountain)11:00 MT (June, 25th)
USA, Canada (Central)12:00 CT (June, 25th)
USA, Canada (Eastern)13:00 ET (June, 25th)
USA, Canada (Atlantic)14:00 AT (June, 25th)
Brazil14:00 BRT (June, 25th)
United Kingdom18:00 BST (June, 25th)
Central Europe19:00 CEST (June, 25th)
Australia2:30 ACST (June, 26th)

Check the Maintenance Progress

You can also check official Arena’s Twitter account. It’ll tweet once the maintence starts, and once it is finished.

During the downtime you can also take a look at MTG Arena Status Page. Game, Matches and Logins systems all have to be operational before you can run Arena without problems.

More Magic, More Core

That’s all about Core 2021 release time. Here’s a couple of suggestions you might like.

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Until next time, have fun and may you open all the cards you want in your M21 packs.

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