Dominaria United Full-Art Basic Lands List

In this article, you’ll find all five full-art Dominaria United basic lands, in the stained-glass treatment. We’ll also talk share some interesting tidbits about them. The five lands were previewed on July 21st, 2022. Let’s take a look.

Dominaria United Stained Glass Basic Lands

All of the five lands you see below, were done by the amazing Magali Villenueve.

Dominaria United Full Art Basic Lands Plains
Dominaria United Stained Glass Basic Lands Island
Dominaria United Full Art Basic Lands Swamp
Dominaria United Basic Lands Full Art Mountain
Stained Glass Full Art Basic Dominaria United Lands Forest

Where Can You Get Dominaria United Full Art Basic Lands?

You can get them in most Dominaria United boosters, such as:

Dominaria Full-Art Basic Lands Tidbits

In this section we’ll talk about some fun facts about these amazing lands.

About the Artist

Magali Villeneuve is a beloved and well-renowned MTG artist. Of course, she’s also established illustrator outside the MTG genre. Fantasy readers might know her work on the popular series Song of Ice and Fire and Farseer.

If you want, you can follow her on Twitter, where you’ll find plenty of interesting stuff, such as this concept image compared to the final one:

Full Art Basic Lands Design Magali Villenueve

Since Magali’s first card, Order of Succession, first came out in 2013, she has illustrated over 160 cards! However, these were the first basic lands that she did. Suffices to say, she did an amazing job.

Dominaria Basics Wall Art

Magic players often like to display prints of their favorite full-art basic lands on the wall. They often look quite spectacular, and there’s no reason for these ones to be any different.

If you’d like to get a print for yourself, the best way to do so is from This way, you’ll get the prints of the highest quality, and you’ll also support the artist.

Dominaria United Basic Lands – Pins

Finally, if you’re a fan of both pins and these basics, you’ll be happy to learn about these pins:

Dominaria United Full Art Basic Lands Pins

Pinfinity made five different pins, one for each of the basics. They use the same central design as the Dominaria United basics, and they also look stunning.

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