Dominaria United Box Toppers List: 20 New Cards

What are the Dominaria United Box Toppers, and how to get them? That’s the question that we’ll answer in this article. Below, you’ll also find a list of all 20 Dominaria United Box Toppers. Let’s get right to it.

What Are Dominaria United Box Toppers?

Dominaria United Box Toppers are cards that you get as a reward for buying any (except Jumpstart) booster box of Dominaria United (get one on Amazon). They are also called Legends Retold, and come in a sealed booster pack, containing exactly one card.

Dominaria United Box Toppers Pack Explained

There are 20 different cards that you could get. Each card is a new take on a Dominaria legendary character from the past. These characters, while somewhat iconic, are nowadays pretty weak (for example RamirezDePietro). That’s why it’s pretty cool for them to get an update, more powerful cards.

The new cards are also mostly creatures, but there is one new planeswalker among them!

Dominaria United Box Toppers List

Here are all 20 Dominaria United Box Toppers:

How to Get Dominaria United Box Toppers?

You can get the Dominaria United Box Toppers by buying either:

Each of these boxes come with exactly one foil Box Topper. The one booster box that doesn’t come with a Box Topper is Dominaria United Jumpstart box. So stay away from that one, if you really want to get a Box Topper. (If you don’t know which box is best for you, we’d recommend you to read our Dominaria United Booster Guide.)

Besides that, these cards are also available in the Collector boosters. However, there they won’t have the regular foiling, but they will either be non-foil, or foil-etched.

If you’re buying a booster box from your local store, and you want to get a Topper, make sure that they didn’t run out of them, as that can sometimes happen. You can also order your box on Amazon.

Old Legends Retold

If you want to compare the new legends to their old counterparts, you can use the following table to do so.

Old CardNew Card
29Ayesha TanakaAyesha Tanaka, Armorer
30HalfdaneThe Ever-Changing 'Dane
31Marhault ElsdragonGeneral Marhault Elsdragon
32Hazezon TamarHazezon, Shaper of Sand
33Jasmine BorealJasmine Boreal of the Seven
34Jedit OjanenJedit Ojanen, Mercenary
35The Lady of the MountainThe Lady of Otaria
36Lady CaleriaOhabi Caleria
37Lady OrcaOrca, Siege Demon
38Ramirez DePietroRamirez DePietro, Pillager
39Ramses OverdarkRamses, Assassin Lord
40Rasputin DreamweaverRasputin, the Oneiromancer
41Rohgahh of Kher KeepRohgahh, Kher Keep Overlord
42StanggStangg, Echo Warrior
43Sivitri ScarzamSivitri, Dragon Master
44Tetsuo UmezawaTetsuo, Imperial Champion
45Tobias AndrionTobias, Doomed Conqueror
46Tor WaukiTor Wauki, the Younger
47Torsten Von UrsusTorsten, Founder of Benalia
48Xira ArienXira, the Golden Sting


That’s everything we know about the Dominaria United Box Toppers so far. Make sure to check back soon, when we’ll update the list with new cards, as they get previewed. If you don’t want to miss them, you can follow us on Facebook or Instagram.

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Until next time, have fun, and good luck with pulling your favorite Dominaria Box Topper!

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