Double Masters 2022 Collector Booster Contents

What’s inside the Double Masters 2022 Collector Booster? A bunch of cool cards! There are foils, cards with alternate art and special frames. In this article, we’ll take a look at the Double Masters 2022 Collector Booster contents to see what you could get. At the end of the article, we’ll also discuss if DM 2022 Collector Boosters are worth it.

Anyway, let’s get to it!

Double Masters 2022 Collector Booster Contents

Each Double Masters Collector booster contains 15 cards + 1 token:

  • 4 rares or mythics
  • 2-6 uncommons
  • 5-9 commons

However, as we’ve come to expect from Collector Boosters, these are your regular cards. All of them are either foil, or have special art treatment. So you’re bound to get some pretty exciting cards here.

Here’s a more in-depth breakdown of all slots:

  • 1 foil borderless rare or mythic (3% chance of being upgraded to textured foil mythic)
  • 1 borderless rare or mythic
  • 1 foil-etched rare or mythic
  • 1 foil rare or mythic
  • 2 foil borderless commons or uncommons
  • 2 borderless commons or uncommons
  • 2 foil uncommons
  • 5 foil commons
  • 1 foil double-sided token

Where to Get Double Masters Collector Booster?

You might be able to get get DM 2022 Collector Boosters at your local game store. Sometimes even at the big retail stores like Walmart. Besides that, you can always order them on Amazon. Just keep in mind that, there might be some delays in the first couple of weeks after the set is released on July 8, 2022.

Double Masters 2022 Collector Booster Contents

With that said, let’s take a look at the different styles that we’re getting here.

Double Masters 2022 Collector Booster – List of Styles

Collector boosters from Double Masters 2022 have three different art treatments, besides the regular one:

  • foil-etched
  • borderless
  • textured-foils

Foil-Etched Cards

Foil-etched cards use the same art as the regular cards in the set. The difference is that they use a special foil technique, which makes for a matte frame with a special varnish. Besides that, the text box is also more colored than the regular ones. Let’s take a look at an example:

As you can see the foil-etched card (on the right) loses the reminder text, which makes the text box cleaner.

Borderless Cards

All borderless cards in Double Masters 2022 have alternate art, which extends right to the cards edge. This means that they don’t have a black border (except on the bottom), hence the name. Here’s the Dockside Extortionist, which you saw above, in its borderless form:

Dockside Extortionist Double Masters 2022 Borderless

In total, there are 80 borderless cards in Double Masters 2022. Here’s their rarity breakdown:

  • 20 mythics
  • 30 rares
  • 21 uncommons
  • 9 commons

Among the mythics, you might even find a planeswalker. These have a bit different borderless treatment, as the art goes all the way down to the bottom edge as well. You can see this on Wrenn and Six:

Finally, we’ve reach the most exclusive art treatment in the set, get ready for…

Textured Foils

Five mythics got an additional treatment. Besides the borderless variant, these can come as textured foils. The artwork is the same as on the borderless card, but the surface of the card looks, well… textured.

Here’s an example of such foil, but you should really saw it live, to get the full effect.

Kozilek Butcher of Truth Textured Foil

This styles will only be available in the Collector boosters. (That’s different from other styles, which are also available in the Draft boosters, albeit with a lower frequency.) This means that these cards will be the rares, and probably expensive on the secondary market as a result of it. It’d surely be cool to open one of these.

This brings us to the big question:

Is Double Masters 2022 Collector Booster Worth Buying?

Well, that depends. Double Masters Collector Boosters might be worth it for some players, while not necessarily for someone else. Here are some factors that can help you decide if you should get a DM 2022 Collector booster or not.

Double Masters 2022 Collector Booster isn’t worth it, if you:

  • Don’t like alternate art cards and foils.
  • Want to draft the set. (In that case, you’ll want to get a Draft Booster Box.)
  • Just want to get the most cards per dollar spent. (Once again, Draft boosters are the way to go.)
  • Aren’t sure if you can afford it currently.

Double Masters 2022 Collector Booster is worth it, if you:

  • Like to collect and play with alternate art cards.
  • Really like the cards in Double Masters 2022.
  • Want to try your luck and open a textured foil card.
  • Enjoy opening boosters with lots of exciting and valuable cards.
  • Don’t mind the higher price.
Double Masters 2022 Collector Booster Box Contents

Are you planning to purchase multiple DM 2022 Collector Boosters? In that case, you should know that it’s usually better value to get a whole booster box instead of four separate boosters. Sometimes you might even get an extra booster for the same price.

Double Masters 2022 Collector Booster Contents – FAQ

Before we wrap up, here are some of the most commonly asked questions that players have about the Double Masters 2022 Collector Booster. Some of them are a recap of some things we said earlier, and some are touching on topics that we didn’t discuss yet. If you won’t find what you’re looking for, you should leave a comment below, and we’ll get back to you soon.

How many rares are in a Double Masters 2022 Collector booster?

Each Double Masters 2022 Collector booster contains exactly 4 rares or mythic rares.

What are the odds for the textured foil in a Double Masters 2022 Collector booster?

The odds for getting a textured foil in a Collector booster are 1 in 25 or 4%. In a Double Masters 2022 Collector Booster, you’re odds for a single textured foil are 14,2%, and 0,9% for getting two.

How many boosters are in the Double Masters 2022 Collector booster box?


Is Double Masters 2022 Collector booster box a good investment / speculation?

There are many better ways of investing then buying Magic sealed product. Nevertheless, the MTG sealed product usually goes up, if it contains good, valuable cards and if it isn’t printed to the ground. Double Masters 2022 looks like it checks both boxes, so if you’re buying some sealed Magic product for speculation, this might be a solid choice.


That’s all about Double Masters 2022 Collector booster contents. If you want to explore more about what the other DM 2022 boosters have to offer check our Double Masters 2022 Booster Guide. There you’ll find all the info you might need.

Until next time, have fun playing Magic, and may you open that one card you really want in your next booster.

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