Double Masters Spoilers, News and More

Masters Sets are returning this August with the release of Double Masters! So today we’ll take a look at all Double Masters spoilers and all currently available info including release date, booster pack contents and more!

UPDATE: If you’re looking for information about the newest Double Masters set, you should check out our Double Masters 2022 Booster Guide.

What Are Double Masters?

Masters Sets

First, we need to talk about Masters Sets. Those are special MTG editions that don’t contain only reprints. Usually they contain much more powerful cards, than your regular Standard sets. Ultimate Masters (released December 2018) was meant to be the last of the Masters Set.

However, the Ultimate Masters was a massive success, which is one of the main reasons for Double Masters release. Mike Turian, principal product designer for MTG, confirmed that on the Weekly MTG stream.

Double Masters

Why the name Double Masters? Well, because each booster contains two rares and two foils. Because foils can also be rares, you can get up to 4 rares or mythic rares in a single Double Masters booster.

Double Masters release on August 7, 2020.

There are 332 different cards in this set. That’s more than other such sets, which usually have around 250 cards. The reason for this is the increased number of rares. Because you get two rares per pack, Wizards wanted some additional variety.

You can find the changes in the table bellow.

Regular SetsDouble Masters
Mythic Rares1540
Uncommons & Commons186171

Double Masters Spoilers

Here are just some of the spoilers from Double Masters.

Box Toppers

Each booster box of Double Masters comes with the Box Topper Pack, which includes two Box Topper cards. These are some of the most sought after cards with an alternate border-less art.

There are 40 different Box Toppers. You can find all about VIP Booster Contents and Box Toppers here.

Where to Buy Double Masters?

Double Masters will be available everywhere, where you can already buy Magic cards. You can already preorder Double Masters on Amazon.

Let’s see in which products you can get Double Masters cards.

Booster Pack

Double Masters Booster Pack

Single booster packs include at least 2 rares or mythic rares, since they have foils there’s an possibility of getting even three or four in a single pack.

Draft Pack

Double Masters Draft Pack
  • Packs: 3
  • Cards: 45
  • Rares or mythics: at least 6
  • Foils: 6
  • Price: check on Amazon

Draft packs are basically a bundle of three boosters – that’s as many as one player would need to join a draft. If you want to buy multiple packs of Double Masters, but don’t want to go all the way up to the booster box, draft packs are the right way to go.

The reason for this is that draft pack cost less than three separate booster packs, even though the contents are exactly the same, so take advantage of that.

Booster Box

Double Masters Booster Box
  • Packs: 24
  • Cards: 360
  • Rares or mythics: at least 48
  • Foils: 48
  • Box Toppers: 2
  • Price: check on Amazon

Price-wise the booster box can be similar to 8 draft packs. However, you get a pack of Box Toppers on top of that, which contains two of the valuable Box Toppers cards. So if you want those, buying a Double Masters booster box might be a good idea.

VIP Edition

Double Masters VIP Edition

VIP Edition is something similar to the Collector’s Booster. If you’re a fan of foil cards, you’re gonna love this product.

VIP Edition contains 35 cards:

  • 2 foil showcase rares or mythics
  • 2 foil rares or mythic
  • 8 foil uncommons
  • 9 foil uncommons
  • 2 foil full art basic lands
  • 10 non-foil full art basic lands
  • 2 foil double-sided tokens

You can find more about VIP Edition Booster here.

Price: check on Amazon

Full Art Basic Lands

Wondering how those basic lands will look like? Well five of them are from John Avon (from Unhinged), however they have the new frame. Aren’t they gorgeous?

Drafting Double Masters

You’ll draft Double Masters mostly the same than a regular set – with one twist. Every time you open a new pack, you’ll pick not one – but two cards from that pack. You know, double and all that stuff.

This way you won’t have to pass one of the rares you’ll open if you don’t want to.

Wizards incorporated this into the drafting experience. There will be some nice two card combos, which you’ll be able to get with your first picks.

Drafting Online

Double Masters will not be available on MTG Arena. However, they’ll come to Magic Online, where you can draft them for a lower price than in paper. You can start drafting on MTGO on August, 6th – so one day earlier than in paper.

You can check the full announcement about Double Masters here.

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