Forgotten Realms Commander Decks & Decklists

Magic the Gathering is releasing its first Dungeons and Dragons themed set. But DND fans are not the only ones that should be excited – so should Commander players. Why? Because four Adventures in the Forgotten Realms Commander decks will also be released alongside the main set.

In this article we’ll discuss everything we know about the Forgotten Realms Commander decks so far, including possible themes, decklists and more.

Forgotten Realms Commander Decks

As we said, there will be four Adventures in the Forgotten Realms Commander decks. We already know their names: (you can click on them to check them on Amazon)

Intro or Full Versions?

The first question you might have is – are Forgotten Realms Commander decks intro Commander decks, or the full versions?

Lately WotC released intro (or lite) Commander decks with Kaldheim, Zendikar Rising and Commander Legends. These decks weren’t fully powered like some of the previous precons. Instead, you got a deck that had fewer powerful cards, but its price was also lower. If you want an example, you can find Kaldheim Commander decks here.

On the other hand, Wizards also regularly release fully powered Commander decks. The latest example would be Strixhaven Commander decks (also called Commander 2021 decks). These deck are more powerful, contain stronger reprints, and have the standard price for Commander precons.

With that said – Adventures in the Forgotten Realms Commander decks are fully powered. This is the first time that decks outside the line of Commander yearly series got this treatment. So you can expect powerful decks with plenty of new cards and with exciting reprints.

Release Date

Adventures in the Forgotten Realms Commander decks release on July 23, 2021. That’s the same date as the main set releases in paper.

Forgotten Realms Commander Decklists

All four decklists have been previewed. You can find them below each deck.

Planar Portal

Adventures in the Forgotten Realms Commander Precons Planar Portal
Prosper Tome Bound Forgotten Realms Commander Decks Decklists Precons

Prosper was the first previewed commander. It and its deck enables a ton of value plays. Plus it’s Magic’s first Thiefling!

Planar Portal Spoilers

Here are the new cards exclusive to this deck:

Planar Portal Decklist

Commander (1)
Prosper, Tome-Bound

Creatures (20)
Dark-Dweller Oracle
Dire Fleet Daredevil
Loyal Apprentice
Piper of the Swarm
Izzet Chemister
Chaos Channeler
Chittering Witch
Gonti, Lord of Luxury
Grim Hireling
Tectonic Giant
Wild-Magic Sorcerer
Death Tyrant
Fiend of the Shadows
Karazikar, the Eye Tyrant
Ogre Slumlord
Etali, Primal Storm
Marionette Master
Pontiff of Blight
Dream Pillager
Lorcan, Warlock Collector

Instants (9)
Commune with Lava
Rakdos Charm
You Find Some Prisoners
Chaos Warp
Hellish Rebuke
Hurl Through Hell
Bituminous Blast

Sorceries (12)
Light Up the Stage
Consuming Vapors
Disrupt Decorum
Ignite the Future
Throes of Chaos
Danse Macabre
Reckless Endeavor
Fevered Suspicion
Apex of Power

Artifacts (14)
Bag of Devouring
Sol Ring
Arcane Signet
Bucknard’s Everfull Purse
Ebony Fly
Fellwar Stone
Mind Stone
Rakdos Signet
Talisman of Indulgence
Chaos Wand
Commander’s Sphere
Orazca Relic
Unstable Obelisk

Enchantments (5)
Warlock Class
Dead Man’s Chest
Share the Spoils
Shiny Impetus
Theater of Horrors
Lands (39)
Bojuka Bog
Command Tower
Exotic Orchard
Foreboding Ruins
Mortuary Mire
13 Mountain
Rakdos Carnarium
Shadowblood Ridge
Smoldering Marsh
Spinerock Knoll
14 Swamp
Tainted Peak
Underdark Rift
Zhalfirin Void

Aura of Courage

Forgotten Realms Commander Decklist Aura of Courage
Galea Kindler of Hope Commander Forgotten Realms Decklists

Aura of Courage has Aura and Equipment synergies. Galea looks like a Voltron type of commander, who likes to wear multiple Auras.

For newer players – Voltron commanders are commanders that have some kind of protection, or they reward you for equipping / enchanting them. Usually a Voltron commander is the single biggest creature on the battlefield.

Aura of Courage Spoilers

More Forgotten Realms Commander spoilers are here! Here are the new card from Aura of Courage precon:

Aura of Courage Decklist

Commander (1)
Galea, Kindler of Hope

Creatures (15)
Catti-brie of Mithral Hall
Fleecemane Lion
Paradise Druid
Puresteel Paladin
Sram, Senior Edificer
Cold-Eyed Selkie
Knight of Autumn
Angel of Finality
Clay Golem
Fey Steed
Riverwise Augur
Acidic Slime
Prognostic Sphinx
Realm-Cloaked Giant
Storvald, Frost Giant Jarl

Instants (7)
Heroic Intervention
Ride the Avalanche
Valorous Stance
Bant Charm
Diviner’s Portent
Song of Inspiration

Sorceries (4)
Serum Visions
Nature’s Lore
Winds of Rath
Valiant Endeavor

Artifacts (18)
Basilisk Collar
Colossus Hammer
Explorer’s Scope
Masterwork of Ingenuity
Sol Ring
Viridian Longbow
Arcane Signet
Belt of Giant Strength
Ebony Fly
Robe of Stars
Swiftfoot Boots
Sword of Hours
Sword of the Animist
Winged Boots
Behemoth Sledge
Holy Avenger
Moonsilver Spear
Argentum Armor

Enchantments (17)
Abundant Growth
Gryff’s Boon
Utopia Sprawl
Wild Growth
Angelic Gift
Eel Umbra
Fertile Ground
Kenrith’s Transformation
Curse of Verbosity
Imprisoned in the Moon
Psychic Impetus
Shielding Plax
Greater Good
Netherese Puzzle-Ward
Mantle of the Ancients
Verdant Embrace
Lands (38)
Azorius Chancery
Bant Panorama
Canopy Vista
Command Tower
Evolving Wilds
Exotic Orchard
Flood Plain
Fortified Village
Halimar Depths
Lumbering Falls
Mishra’s Factory
Path of Ancestry
Port Town
Prairie Stream
Seaside Citadel
Simic Growth Chamber
Skycloud Expanse
Sungrass Prairie
Terramorphic Expanse
Thriving Grove
Thriving Heath
Thriving Isle
Vitu-Ghazi, the City-Tree

Draconic Rage

Forgotten Realms Commander Decks Draconic Rage
Vrondiss Rage of Ancients DND Commander Decks Decklists Precons

The name suggested a Dragon themed deck – maybe even a tribal one. There was a deck called Draconic Domination with The Ur-Dragon back in Commander 2017, and it was a pretty popular one.

Although we hoped that the deck might contain five colors, (as the main set contains Tiamat), the deck will only have red and green.


So if you want to build around Tiamat, you’ll have to build the deck yourself. However, the deck still enables you to build around Dragon tribal if you choose so – at least judging by Vrondiss.

Draconic Rage Spoilers

The new cards in the Draconic Rage deck are:

Draconic Rage Decklist

Commander (1)
Vrondiss, Rage of Ancients

Creatures (26)
Dragonmaster Outcast
Dragonlord’s Servant
Neverwinter Hydra
Chaos Dragon
Dragonspeaker Shaman
Taurean Mauler
Chameleon Colossus
Dragonborn Champion
Druid of Purification
Opportunistic Dragon
Skyship Stalker
Thunderbreak Regent
Vengeful Ancestor
Demanding Dragon
Scourge of Valkas
Wulfgar of Icewind Dale
Earth-Cult Elemental
Hoard-Smelter Dragon
Savage Ventmaw
Atarka, World Render
Klauth, Unrivaled Ancient
Shivan Hellkite
Skyline Despot
Terror of Mount Velus
Bogardan Hellkite

Instants (9)
Return to Nature
Beast Within
Berserker’s Frenzy
Klauth’s Will
Spit Flame
Return of the Wildspeaker
Kindred Summons
Decree of Savagery

Sorceries (8)
Rampant Growth
Chain Reaction
Shamanic Revelation
Rishkar’s Expertise
Wild Endeavor

Artifacts (9)
Sol Ring
Arcane Signet
Bag of Tricks
Gruul Signet
Sword of Hours
Commander’s Sphere
Component Pouch
Dragon’s Hoard
Heirloom Blade

Enchantments (8)
Barbarian Class
Colossal Majesty
Garruk’s Uprising
Maddening Hex
Indomitable Might
Outpost Siege
Gratuitous Violence
Warstorm Surge
Lands (39)
Cinder Glade
Command Tower
Crucible of the Spirit Dragon
Exotic Orchard
15 Forest
Game Trail
Gruul Turf
Haven of the Spirit Dragon
Mossfire Valley
Mosswort Bridge
12 Mountain
Path of Ancestry
Underdark Rift

Dungeons of Death

Forgotten Realms Commander Deck Decklist Dungeons of Death
Sefris of the Hidden Ways Forgotten Realms Commander Precons Decklists

Dungeons are a new card type, and Sefris is a commander that focuses on the Dungeons cards. This deck will certainly open a lot of possibilities for you, if you want to build around that mechanic. While there aren’t that many dungeon synergies in the main set, you do get four additional cards that care about dungeons in this deck.

Dungeons of Death Spoilers

Dungeons of Death brings you the following new cards:

Dungeons of Death Decklist

Commander (1)
Sefris of the Hidden Ways

Creatures (33)
Baleful Strix
Merfolk Looter
Phantasmal Image
Reassembling Skeleton
Ronom Unicorn
Wall of Omens
Burnished Hart
Champion of Wits
Doomed Necromancer
Hama Pashar, Ruin Seeker
Minn, Wily Illusionist
Necrotic Sliver
Obsessive Stitcher
Clay Golem
Curator of Mysteries
Hostage Taker
Midnight Pathlighter
Phantom Steed
Solemn Simulacrum
Cataclysmic Gearhulk
Karmic Guide
Murder of Crows
Radiant Solar
Sun Titan
Sunblast Angel
Eternal Dragon
Meteor Golem
Ashen Rider

Instants (7)
Swords to Plowshares
Forbidden Alchemy
Utter End
Vanish into Memory
Grave Endeavor

Sorceries (5)
Extract Brain
Unburial Rites
Arcane Endeavor
Necromantic Selection

Artifacts (12)
Immovable Rod
Sol Ring
Wayfarer’s Bauble
Arcane Signet
Bucknard’s Everfull Purse
Fellwar Stone
Lightning Greaves
Commander’s Sphere
Component Pouch
Dungeon Map
Rod of Absorption
Wand of Orcus

Enchantments (3)
Minimus Containment
Thorough Investigation
Lands (39)
Arcane Sanctum
Azorius Chancery
Choked Estuary
Command Tower
Darkwater Catacombs
Dimir Aqueduct
Esper Panorama
Evolving Wilds
Exotic Orchard
Geier Reach Sanitarium
High Market
Nimbus Maze
Orzhov Basilica
Port Town
Prairie Stream
Sunken Hollow
Terramorphic Expanse
Thriving Heath
Thriving Isle
Thriving Moor


That’s all about the Adventures in the Forgotten Realms Commander decks. What do you think about them? Let us know in the comments below.

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Until next time, have fun and may you your starting hand always contain a Sol Ring.

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