How to Get Crystals in Pokemon TCG Live?

So, you started playing Pokemon TCG Live, and you’ve run out of Crystals. Now you can’t buy new packs, so you’re wondering how to get Crystals in Pokemon TCG Live. There are multiple ways you can acquire them, and in this article we’ll tell you all about them.

Crystal Generation

There are three main ways of obtaining Crystals in Pokemon TCG Live, You can get them by:

  1. Completing quests.
  2. Progressing on your Battle Pass.
  3. Leveling up

Let’s take a look at each of those a bit more closely.


Each day, you get a daily quest. If you complete it, you get a reward, which might include Crystals. Daily quests used to give you 40 Crystals, but that was changed in September 2022. Nowadays, the reward is 60 Crystals per daily quest.

Note that not every daily quest necessarily includes Crystals. However, when it does contain Crystals, you’ll always get 60 of them.

Battle Pass

Battle Pass Example Pokemon TCG Live Howto Get Crystals
Image from Channel Fireball

The second way of getting Crystals is to progress further on the Battle Pass. The Battle Pass has two parts, a free part and a premium part. The free part rewards a few Crystals, but not as much as the premium part, which will get you 600 Crystals, provided that you come to the end of the Battle Pass.

However, that’s still a bit counterproductive, since you’re paying 800 Crystal for premium pass. While you do get a lot of other stuff, if you solely want to generate more Crystals, the Battle Pass isn’t the best way to do so.

Leveling Up

The third, and the final, way to get Crystals in Pokemon TCG Live is to level up. This is the most common way to do so. We’re not talking about the Battle Pass here. (It has ranks, not levels.) Instead, we mean your level, which can also be increased.

When doing so, you’ll also earn various rewards, and Crystals will be among them.

Migrating – One Time Option

You might have noticed, that we’ve talked about the three main ways of obtaining Crystals. Does this mean that there are other ways of getting Crystals? Yes, it does. However, it’s a one time thing, and it doesn’t apply to everyone, so we didn’t include it before.

This option is only available to players who played the Pokemon TCG Online (the older version of the Pokemon online game). You can decide to migrate your account from that game to Pokemon TCG Live. When you do, you’ll receive Crystals if you had unopened items (such as packs) in Pokemon TCGO, you’ll receive Crystals.

Account Migration Crystals Table

There isn’t a fixed amount of Crystals that you’d receive per single unopened item. Instead, you’ll get Crystals depending on how many unopened items you have total. You can see the distribution in the table below.

Unopened itemsCrystals
1-9 items250 Crystals
10-24 items550 Crystals
25-49 items1,125 Crystals
50-124 items2,350 Crystals
125 or more items6,200 Crystals

If you’re close to the next threshold, it might be worth it to buy the missing items in Pokemon TCGO before you migrate the account.

For example, let’s say you have 48 unopened items. This would net you 1,125 Crystals. However, you could buy two more boosters, so you’d fall into the next category. This way you’d get 2,350 Crystal total, which is a significant improvement.


Hopefully, now you know how to get Crystals in Pokemon TCG Live. If you have any questions or comments about this topic, leave a comment below. Furthermore, if you’d like more Pokemon TCG content, you can check the following articles:

Until next time, have fun, and may you earn a lot of Crystals!

4 thoughts on “How to Get Crystals in Pokemon TCG Live?”

  1. I’m not feeling the money system in PTCGL. 800 for the battle pass and 600 in return? Why not use a real menu system for the Battle Pass at least?

  2. It’s hugely difficult to get Crystals but they’re required for basically everything. This feels like a long grind and doesnt make me want to keep playing

    • absolutely, the system has no incentive in how it is built.

      I’m only playing for practice, but I can’t even get the decks setup due to lack of crystals so I am more likely not to even bother.


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