When Does Ikoria Release on Arena?

Do you need to know when Ikoria releases on Arena? Exact time of Ikoria release and additional information can be found here.

Maintenance will start on April 16th, 8 AM PT (17:00 CET) and is expected to last two hours. Keep in mind that it could finish later, though, as the update is quite big. You can find more about the update bellow.

UPDATE: If you’re looking for the information about the newest release, you can check when does Core Set 2021 release on Arena.

Ikoria Release Time on MTG Arena

With that information, here’s the countdown to Ikoria release.

You can also check for the expected Ikoria release time (depending on your time zone) in the table bellow.

CountryIkoria Release Time
USA, Canada (Pacific)10:00 PT (April, 16th)
USA, Canada (Mountain)11:00 MT (April, 16th)
USA, Canada (Central)12:00 CT (April, 16th)
USA, Canada (Eastern)13:00 ET (April, 16th)
USA, Canada (Atlantic)14:00 AT (April, 16th)
Brazil14:00 BRT (April, 16th)
United Kingdom18:00 BST (April, 16th)
Central Europe19:00 CEST (April, 16th)
Australia2:30 ACST (April, 17th)

Check the Maintenance Progress

There might be some problems with the update, so if Arena doesn’t start as expected, make sure to check official Twitter account for more info.

Another thing you can do, is to check MTG Arena status page. If the first three buttons aren’t green, then you’ll have trouble playing Arena.

What’s Coming to Arena with Ikoria?

Ikoria Liar of Behemoths update brings a lot of new stuff to Arena. Here’s the recap of everything that’s coming your way.

Human Drafts

You’ll be able to draft against other human players instead of bots. This will be possible in the Best of Three mode (Traditional Draft) and in Best of One mode (Premier Draft). However, you’ll still be able to play against bots in the Quick Draft.

To celebrate this, you’ll get a free human draft entry if you login to Arena in the first two weeks of Ikoria release (that’s until end of April).

If you want to get the most out of your draft, make sure to read our Ikoria Draft Guide.

Preorder and Quests Ending

You can preorder Ikoria packs and special pet, until the maintenance starts. So that’s two hours before release. That’s also the last time when you can finish your quests, since they then restart and you get new ones (including weekly quests).

New Code

There will be a new code available for three Ikoria Lair of Behemoths Packs. You can find Ikoria code here along with all previous ones.

You can read the whole announcement here.

More Magic, More Fun!

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Until next time, may you open all the cards you wish in your first Ikoria Packs!

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