Kaldheim Set and Theme Booster Exclusive Cards

Wizards of the Coast announced that some Kaldheim cards will only appear in Kaldheim Set Boosters and Theme Boosters. There are 20 of them and you can find the full list below.

Some are weak, but some can be somewhat powerful, especially in a more casual environment. Most of them support the following tribes:

  • Angel
  • Dwarf
  • Elf
  • Giant

List of All Exclusive Cards (Kaldheim Set & Theme Booster)

Here are all 20 cards, that are exclusive to Kaldheim Set and Theme Boosters.

Note: Canopy Tactician, Elderfang Ritualist, Elven Ambush, and Surtland Elementalist will also be available in the Kaldheim Commander decks.

Additional Information

Where to Get These Exclusives?

You can open these Kaldheim exclusives in:

Kaldheim Set Boosters

Set Boosters are a fairly recent product, meant for players who just like to open packs, and don’t draft with them. They contain more interesting cards than your regular Draft packs, and have a higher chance of multiple rares.

You can learn more about Set Boosters here. If you’re still confused (there’s just sooo many boosters), our MTG booster guide can help you.

Where Are They Legal?

As stated by Blake Rasmussen, Senior Communications Manager at Wizards, these cards will be legal in any format in which Kaldheim is legal.

Are Kaldheim Theme / Set Exclusive Cards Coming to Arena?

Usually, the theme booster exclusive cards do come to Arena. It hasn’t been stated how exactly we’ll get them these time around. Sometimes we get them for free, and sometimes they were a part of the Mastery Pass. Hopefully, we’ll get them for free.

More Kaldheim?

Do you like any of the new cards? What do you think about them being exclusive to Set and Theme boosters only? Let us know in the comments below.

If you want to find out more about Kaldheim, check out our Kaldheim Spoilers article. Besides spoilers, you’ll also find information like release date, set’s flavor and more.

For more cards with special art, check Kaldheim Collector Booster contents here.

Until next time, have fun, may you open the exclusive card you want in your first booster.

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