Kaldheim Viking Showcase Cards – List of All 34

Looking for Kaldheim Showcase cards? If so you’ve come to the right place. You’ll find all 34 Showcase Viking cards here. (Once they are all previewed).

We’ll talk about everything you need to know about them including:

  • How many Kaldheim Viking Showcase cards are there?
  • Where to get MTG Viking cards?
  • And more!

How Many Viking Showcase Cards Are There?

There are 34 different Showcase Viking cards total:

  • 8 mythic rares
  • 14 rares
  • 12 uncommons

All of them have a special frame – made specifically for this set, and they feature amazing alternate artworks.

Kaldheim Viking Showcase – List of All Cards

All special styles have been previewed, and you can find all 34 Viking Showcase cards here:

Furthermore, we have modal double-faced cards. If you didn’t play with those yet, they are pretty straightforward. You decide which side you’ll play from your hand. They are quite versatile.

What’s especially cool about those is that they have art on both sides, so there’s more amazing Viking Showcase styles for us to admire.

Where to Get MTG Viking Showcase Cards?

You can find Viking Showcase cards in most Kaldheim boosters:

If you’re a bit confused with so many different products, you can find what those different boosters offer in our MTG Booster Pack Guide.

Kaldheim Collector Booster

You have the best odds of pulling a Showcase card from a Collector Booster. Each one contains at least two Viking Showcase uncommons (one foil and one non-foil).

In addition, you also have a chance of getting up to two Showcase rares or mythic rares (one foil and one non-foil).

Kaldheim Collector Booster Is it Worth Buying

All in all, this booster contains plenty of foil, borderless and alternate art cards. Four card in each pack are guaranteed rares or mythic rares. You can find more about Kaldheim Collector Booster Contents here.

Viking Showcase Cards Trivia

Finally, here’s some trivia that we’ve got from the Collecting Kaldheim article on WotC page.

Legendary Creatures

All Viking Showcase style feature legendary creatures from Kaldheim. In goes the other way around too – each legendary creature from Kaldheim got a Showcase art version. As there are 34 legendary creatures in Kaldheim, there are 34 Showcase cards.

That’s surely good news for all Commander players out there.

Making of Viking Showcase Cards

Folks at Wizards of the Coast talked about how they went about making these cool-looking cards. First, James Arnold, senior graphic Designer for Magic the Gathering, spoke about his inspiration:

“I went to the National Nordic Museum and spent time looking at incredibly ancient Viking artifacts for inspiration. I remember running my hand along the side of a centuries-old Viking ship and feeling the wood grain worn smooth by lifetimes of adventure; that was the feeling I was looking to capture with this frame.

With the rough, powerful feel of the frames, it only made sense that the artwork would follow suit. Tom Jenkot secured the talents of some truly incredible artists to breathe life (and unlife) into these illustrations.”

 James Arnold, senior graphic designer for MTG

Furthermore, Tom Jenkot, principal art director for Magic the Gathering, explained how the first art pieces for Viking Showcase cards got made:

“We worked on the frames first. They came together perfectly thanks to James Arnold. We had some placeholder art in the frame that we thought fit perfectly. Luckily, I convinced that artist, GodMachine, to do a couple pieces for us!

GodMachine couldn’t do all the illustrations, so I had to find some others who could do this normally black and white style with some color. We found some of the best out there to lend a hand, and they showed up in a big way. Of note, I was happy to have Ian Miller lend a hand. Ian’s been doing Magic art forever. He’s also been doing Death Metal style before Death Metal was a thing!”

Tom Jenkot, principal art director for MTG

So a lot of thought went into making those amazing cards – and it definitely shows.


That’s all about Kaldheim Viking Showcase styles. Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

If you’re looking for more Kaldheim cards, you can find them on the Kaldheim spoilers page.

In case you’re considering building a new Commander deck around one of the new legendary creatures from Kaldheim, you might want to get a new deck box. We gathered best deck boxes for Commander here, and maybe you’ll find one you’ll like.

Until next time, have fun, and may you open the Showcase card you want in your very first Kaldheim pack.

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