LotR Box Toppers: Realms & Relics (Guide + Full List)

Box Toppers are very popular among MTG players. How would they not be, as they are essentially free cards that you get on top of your booster box. The good news is that these are also coming with Tales of Middle-earth. So, today we’re going to take a look at all LotR Box Toppers (which are also called Realms and Relics cards), and answer every question you might have about them such as:

  • What are LotR Box Toppers?
  • How many Realms & Relics cards are there?
  • How can you get Lord of the Rings Box Toppers?
  • And more!

We have quite a lot to talk about, so let’s get right to it.

What are LotR Box Toppers?

Lord of the Rings Box Toppers are reprints of popular artifacts and lands from all over Magic’s history. These are also called Realms & Relics cards, which refers to the fact that only two card types are included here. (realms = lands, relics = artifacts)

However, all cards are centered in the Lord of the Rings world. This means that they feature items and locations from all over the Middle-earth. They also have new names, with the old names written below. (For flavor reasons only, these don’t affect the game play.)

There are 30 different Realms & Relics cards. Let’s take a look:

LotR Box Toppers List

All cards have been previewed! They are all displayed below:

Here’s a list with the collector numbers, new and old names:

NumberNew NameReprint of
348The Party TreeThe Great Henge
349Elessar, the ElfstoneCloudstone Curio
350Bridge of Khazad-dûmEnsnaring Bridge
351Argonath, Pillars of the KingsThe Ozolith
352Three Rings for the Elven KingsRings of Brighthearth
354Herugrim, Sword of RohanSword of Hearth and Home
355Ring of BarahirSword of the Animist
356Shards of NarsilThorn of Amethyst
357Balin's TombAncient Tomb
358Barrow-DownsBojuka Bog
359Isengard, Saruman's FortressBoseiju, Who Shelters All
360Minas MorgulCabal Coffers
361Meduseld, Golden Hall of EdorasCastle Ardenvale
362Paths of the DeadCavern of Souls
363WeathertopDeserted Temple
364Glittering Caves of AglarondGemstone Caverns
365Green Dragon InnHomeward Path
366Bag EndHorizon Canopy
367White Tower of EcthelionKarakas
368Osgiliath, Fallen CapitalKor Haven
369Dol AmrothMinamo, School at Water's Edge
370Redhorn PassMouth of Ronom
371Bucklebury FerryOboro, Palace in the Clouds
372Inn of the Prancing PonyPillar of the Paruns
373Henneth AnnûnReflecting Pool
374Helm's DeepShinka, the Bloodsoaked Keep
375The Dead MarshesUrborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth
376Valley of GorgorothWasteland
377Fangorn ForestYavimaya, Cradle of Growth

How to Get LotR Box Toppers?

So, where can you get the Lord of the Rings Box Toppers? By buying any Tales of the Middle-earth booster box, right? Well, not quite there are four different booster boxes that you can get, but the Jumpstart box doesn’t come with a Topper.

Boosters Boxes

MTG Lord of the Rings Set Booster Box

The other three boxes, all come with a Box Topper. This means that you can get them in:

When you open one of the three sealed boxes, you’ll find a special booster inside. It will contain 1 of the 30 possible Box Toppers. Each one will have the regular foil treatment. So, no matter which of the three booster boxes you pick, you are getting a foil Realms & Legends card.

If you’re wondering which of the three boxes would be the best for you, then you should check our Lord of the Rings Product Guide. If you don’t have the time, here’s a quick recap.

If you like to draft with your friends, then you should obviously go with the Draft booster box. On the other hand, if you don’t want to draft, but just want to open some cards, then a Set boosters box is better. The final option, the Collector box, is the priciest, but does contain the most exciting cards. Every card you get is either in foil, or has an alternate art treatment. There are also multiple rares per booster, and you have a chance to get more than one Realms & Relics card inside your box.

Collector Boosters

LotR Tales of Middle-earth Collector Booster

That’s possible because Lord of the Rings Collector boosters also have a chance of containing Realms & Relics. The twist here is that they aren’t guaranteed, but they can come in a variety of treatments.

You can get non-foil versions of them, which is cool, as some players prefer to play without foil cards. Then you also have the regular foil, which is the same as the regular Box Toppers. The last treatment is surge foil.


That’s everything that we know about the LotR Box Toppers so far. Once more information becomes available, we’ll update the article, so make sure to check back soon. In the meantime, you can check some of the following articles, which are also talking about Tales of the Middle-earth set:

Until next time, have fun and may you open your favorite LotR Box Topper! (Feel free to let us know which one you want in the comments.)

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