March of the Machine Commander 2023 Decks & Decklists

The big Commander release of 2023 is slowly, but surely approaching. With that in mind, we’ve gathered all current information about the March of the Machine Commander decks. Since there are five of them, they’re also known as Commander 2023 decks. Currently, we know the decks names, colors, and, most importantly – the main commanders.

We’ll talk about all that in a second, but before that, let’s first take a look at the quick overview of the decks, and what comes within each one.

March of the Machine Commander Decks – Contents

As we’ve said before, there will be five March of the Machine Commander decks:

Deck nameColors
Growing Threat MoM Commander Decks 2023 MTG IconGrowing Threat
  • White
  • Black
  • Cavalry Charge MoM Commander Decks 2023 MTG IconCavalry Charge
  • White
  • Blue
  • Black
  • Call for Backup MoM Commander Decks 2023 MTG IconCall for Backup
  • White
  • Red
  • Green
  • Divine Convocation MoM Commander Decks 2023 MTG IconDivine Convocation
  • White
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Tinker Time MoM Commander Decks 2023 MTG IconTinker Time
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Green
  • Each March of the Machine (Commander 2023) deck contains:

    • 100-card ready-to-play commander deck (including 2 foil commanders)
    • 10 Planechase cards
    • 10 double-sided tokens
    • 1 sample Collector booster sample pack (with 2 cards)
    • 1 foil-etched display commander
    • 1 life tracker
    • 1 planar die

    From 100 cards, 90 are reprints and 10 cards appear for the very first time in this product. Most of the cards are non-foil, except for main and secondary commander, which come with traditional foil treatment.

    All of this is now pretty standard stuff. However, on this time around, there’s something else included. That would be the 10 Planechase cards, and the planar die. This means that you’ll be able to play with the Planechase rules, if that’s something you enjoy.

    Of course, if you don’t like that game mode, you can pretty much ignore it. The MoM Commander decks didn’t come with a price increase, so you’re getting the Planechase cards on top of everything you’d regularly get.

    All five decks are already available for preorder on Amazon. In the next sections, we’ll take a look at each deck, and discuss what each deck is bringing to the table. While we don’t know the full decklists yet, the decks’ themes have been confirmed on the March of the Machine first look panel.

    We’ll make some further predictions based on these facts, and we might be wrong in some small detail, but the decks’ themes are 100% correct. This means that you can make a safe choice when deciding which Commander 2023 deck to buy.

    Growing Threat

    Growing Threat Commander Deck 2023

    Cats in the Multiverse can’t catch a break. First, Ajani got compleated and became Ajani, Sleeper Agent, and now it the same fate befell Brimaz, King of Oreskos. Quite soon, Phyrexians will have a Cat army of their own.

    March of the Machine set’s main story line are Phyrexians invading different planes of the Multiverse. That’s why the five main commanders are from five different planes. Brimaz for example, represents Theros, the Greek inspired MTG world.

    We’ve seen a lot of Phyrexians over the last two sets, but there weren’t any dedicated Phyrexian tribal commanders. After the March of the Machine set, it will be a while before we see Phyrexians again, so this was the perfect time to make one, and Wizards did so.

    This deck will contain a lot of Phyrexian creatures, and payoffs for them. There will also be a small incubate subtheme, which is a new mechanic. When you incubate X, you create an artifact Incubator token with X +1/+1 counters on it. You can pay two mana to make it a creature.

    It looks like Growing Threat is going to be quite a unique deck.

    Growing Threat Decklist

    Commander (1)
    Brimaz, Blight of Oreskos

    Creatures (32)
    Ancient Stone Idol
    Angel of the Ruins
    Blade Splicer
    Blight Titan
    Bloodline Pretender
    Bone Shredder
    Burnished Hart
    Cataclysmic Gearhulk
    Compleated Huntmaster
    Darksteel Splicer
    Filigree Vector
    First-Sphere Gargantua
    Keskit, the Flesh Sculptor
    Massacre Wurm
    Master Splicer
    Meteor Golem
    Moira and Teshar
    Myr Battlesphere
    Noxious Gearhulk
    Phyrexian Delver
    Phyrexian Gargantua
    Phyrexian Ghoul
    Phyrexian Rager
    Phyrexian Triniform
    Psychosis Crawler
    Scrap Trawler
    Shattered Angel
    Shimmer Myr
    Soul of New Phyrexia
    Vulpine Harvester

    Spells (12)
    Ambition’s Cost
    Excise the Imperfect
    Go for the Throat
    Night’s Whisper
    Path of the Schemer
    Phyrexian Rebirth
    Swords to Plowshares
    Utter End
    Yawgmoth’s Vile Offering

    Artifacts (16)
    Arcane Signet
    Bitterthorn, Nissa’s Animus
    Commander’s Sphere
    Coveted Jewel
    Fractured Powerstone
    Hedron Archive
    Ichor Elixir
    Mind Stone
    Orzhov Locket
    Orzhov Signet
    Sculpting Steel
    Sol Ring
    Talisman of Hierarchy
    Wayfarer’s Bauble

    Enchantments (1)
    Phyrexian Scriptures
    Lands (38)
    Bojuka Bog
    Command Tower
    Evolving Wilds
    Exotic Orchard
    Fetid Heath
    Goldmire Bridge
    Karn’s Bastion
    Path of Ancestry
    Shineshadow Snarl
    Silverquill Campus
    Spire of Industry
    Tainted Field
    Temple of Silence
    Terramorphic Expanse
    Vault of the Archangel
    10 Plains
    13 Swamp

    Planechase (10)
    Spatial Merging
    The Aether Flues
    The Great Forest
    The Pit
    Undercity Reaches

    Some cards weren’t added to the database yet. You can find them below.

    Growing Threat New Cards

    Moira and Teshar Growing Threat New Cards

    Brimaz, Blight of Oreskos Review

    Brimaz, Blight of Oreskos March of the Machine Commander Decks

    3/4 for four mana is nothing special, but as always with commanders, we’re more interested in the text box. Brimaz is an unusual tribal commander. Typically, you’d get a buff of some sorts for Phyrexian creatures. With Brimaz, you get a delayed token, which is as big as the mana value of the Phyrexian creature (or just a random artifact creature) you cast.

    Finally, you also get to proliferate in your end step, if a Phyrexian died under your control. This is certainly a powerful effect, and plays nicely with the first ability.

    All things considered, Brimaz probably isn’t the strongest commander out there. It has to stick around for a while, in order for you to get value out of it. However, it does bring something unusual to the table – both in being a Phyrexian tribal commander, and doing it in an unusual way. As such, it’s probably going to be a fun commander to play and build decks around.

    Cavalry Charge

    Cavalry Charge Commander Deck 2023

    Next up, we have a deck that’s piloted by Sidar Jabari, a knight from Dominaria. Cavalry Charge is also a tribal deck, and it’s centered around Knights. White-blue-black is an unusual combo for Knights, but you’ll still have access to a lot of them, as there are almost 300 Knight creatures that you can play in this color identity.

    On top of that, you can probably expect new Knights coming within this precon, so if you’re a fan of Knight tribal, this is going to be a great deck for you.

    Cavalry Charge Decklist

    Commander (1)
    Sidar Jabari of Zhalfir

    Creatures (32)
    Acclaimed Contender
    Adeline, Resplendent Cathar
    Arvad the Cursed
    Aryel, Knight of Windgrace
    Corpse Knight
    Elenda and Azor
    Ethersworn Adjudicator
    Exsanguinator Cavalry
    Foulmire Knight
    Haakon, Stromgald Scourge
    Herald of Hoofbeats
    Hero of Bladehold
    Josu Vess, Lich Knight
    Knight Exemplar
    Knight of the Last Breath
    Knight of the White Orchid
    Knights of the Black Rose
    Liliana’s Standard Bearer
    Locthwain Lancer
    Midnight Reaper
    Murderous Rider
    Order of Midnight
    Silverwing Squadron
    Smitten Swordmaster
    Syr Elenora, the Discerning
    Syr Konrad, the Grim
    Valiant Knight
    Vodalian Wave-Knight
    Vona, Butcher of Magan
    Wintermoor Commander
    Worthy Knight
    Xerex Strobe-Knight

    Spells (13)
    Distant Melody
    Fell the Mighty
    Painful Truths
    Path of the Enigma
    Path to Exile
    Promise of Loyalty
    Pull from Tomorrow
    Read the Bones
    Return to Dust
    Swords to Plowshares
    Time Wipe
    Unbreakable Formation

    Artifacts (13)
    Arcane Signet
    Commander’s Sphere
    Conjurer’s Mantle
    Fellwar Stone
    Fractured Powerstone
    Herald’s Horn
    Ichor Elixir
    Maul of the Skyclaves
    Mind Stone
    Orzhov Signet
    Sigiled Sword of Valeron
    Sol Ring
    Vanquisher’s Banner

    Enchantments (2)
    Chivalric Alliance
    Knights’ Charge
    Lands (39)
    Arcane Sanctum
    Bojuka Bog
    Choked Estuary
    Command Tower
    Evolving Wilds
    Exotic Orchard
    Myriad Landscape
    Path of Ancestry
    Port Town
    Prairie Stream
    Shineshadow Snarl
    Sunken Hollow
    Temple of Deceit
    Temple of Enlightenment
    Temple of Silence
    Temple of the False God
    Terramorphic Expanse
    Thriving Heath
    Thriving Isle
    Thriving Moor

    Planechase (10)
    Inys Haen
    Mutual Epiphany
    Orochi Colony
    The Caldaia
    Truga Jungle
    Turri Island

    Some cards weren’t added to the database yet. You can find them below.

    Cavalry Charge New Cards

    Elenda and Azor Commander 2023 March of the Machine Precons

    Sidar Jabari of Zhalfir Review

    Sidar Jahari of Zhalfir Commander 2023 Decks

    Eminence returns! This ability is insanely powerful, as you’ll always have access to it. Even if you don’t cast Sidar. Getting to loot whenever you attack with at least a single Knight is a great reward, is it consistently improves the quality of your hand. On top of that, you can also build around this ability to take even more advantage of it. (For example with cards that want to be discarded, like cards with madness.)

    On top of that, Sidar has built in evasion with flying, which will help you activate its last ability. You don’t get the Knight in your hand but directly to the battlefield.

    So, while Sidar Jabari requires that you build around it, it certainly rewards you for it. It’s potentially the most powerful commander of all five March of the Machine Commander decks.

    Call for Backup

    Call for Backup Commander Deck 2023

    We’ve talked about +1/+1 counters before, but this is the deck that will actually be heavily focused on them. We’ve seen this kind of decks before, and Wizards keep using the theme periodically. There’s a good reason for that – there are many players that like putting lots and lots of counters on their creatures. If you’re one of them, you’re probably going to like Call for Backup deck.

    It’ll be interesting to see what kind of twist this deck will bring with it. Although there were many +1/+1 counters precons in the past, each one had a bit different take to it, and no doubt this will be the case here. One thing that this deck could is to rely on the new backup mechanic, which also appear on Bright-Palm.

    Call for Backup Decklist

    Commander (1)
    Bright-Palm, Soul Awakener

    Creatures (39)
    Abzan Battle Priest
    Abzan Falconer
    Alharu, Solemn Ritualist
    Armorcraft Judge
    Champion of Lambholt
    Conclave Mentor
    Conclave Sledge-Captain
    Constable of the Realm
    Death-Greeter’s Champion
    Elite Scaleguard
    Emergent Woodwurm
    Enduring Scalelord
    Falkenrath Exterminator
    Flamerush Rider
    Forgotten Ancient
    Genesis Hydra
    Good-Fortune Unicorn
    Guardian Scalelord
    Gyre Sage
    Hamza, Guardian of Arashin
    High Sentinels of Arashin
    Incubation Druid
    Juniper Order Ranger
    Kalonian Hydra
    Krenko, Tin Street Kingpin
    Managorger Hydra
    Mikaeus, the Lunarch
    Mindless Automaton
    Mirror-Style Master
    Restoration Angel
    Rishkar, Peema Renegade
    Shalai and Hallar
    Slurrk, All-Ingesting
    Sunscorch Regent
    Wood Elves

    Spells (12)
    Dromoka’s Command
    Generous Gift
    Heaven // Earth
    Inscription of Abundance
    Inspiring Call
    Kodama’s Reach
    Path of the Pyromancer
    Return to Nature
    Semester’s End
    Swords to Plowshares

    Artifacts (6)
    Arcane Signet
    Commander’s Sphere
    Fractured Powerstone
    Ichor Elixir
    Sol Ring
    Strionic Resonator

    Enchantments (4)
    Flameshadow Conjuring
    Ion Storm
    Together Forever
    Uncivil Unrest
    Lands (38)
    Bretagard Stronghold
    Canopy Vista
    Cinder Glade
    Command Tower
    Evolving Wilds
    Exotic Orchard
    Field of Ruin
    Fortified Village
    Furycalm Snarl
    Game Trail
    Gavony Township
    Jungle Shrine
    Kessig Wolf Run
    Krosan Verge
    Llanowar Reborn
    Mossfire Valley
    Mosswort Bridge
    Path of Ancestry
    Rogue’s Passage
    Sungrass Prairie
    Temple of Abandon
    Temple of Plenty
    Temple of the False God
    Temple of Triumph
    Terramorphic Expanse

    Planechase (10)
    Bloodhill Bastion
    Chaotic Aether
    Grove of the Dreampods
    Kharasha Foothills
    Megaflora Jungle
    Riptide Island
    The Golden City of Orazca
    The Great Aerie

    Some cards weren’t added to the database yet. You can find them below.

    Call for Backup New Cards

    Shalai and Hallar Call for Backup New Cards

    Bright-Palm, Soul Awakener Review

    Blight-Palm, Soul Awakener March of the Machine Commander Decks

    Birght-Palm is a +1/+1 counter commander, but it has some new twists to it. It’s perhaps not as obvious how to build a deck around it, as it works in unorthodox ways.

    First, there’s the new backup mechanic. It can give some number (in this case a single one) of +1/+1 counters and its abilities to one of your other creatures.

    Its second ability (the one that another creature can get) triggers when the creature attacks. It doubles the amount of +1/+1 counters on it, and it can’t be chump blocked.

    So, you’ll want to put a lot of counters on a single creature, in order to get the most value out of the doubling ability. Of course, you could also use Bright-Palm as a Voltron commander. This means that you’ll want to give it protection of some sorts, then buff it up and maybe win with Commander damage.

    Divine Convocation

    Divine Convocation Commander Deck 2023

    Divine Convocation deck is centered around an older mechanic, called convoke. If a spell has convoke, your creatures can help you pay for it. (Just like a mana dork would.) While the convoke ability can be found on cards of all colors, it’s heavily centered in White and Green. That’s why it was a big surprise when the theme for a Jeskai colored Commander deck was revealed to be convoke.

    The deck will certainly be a fresh take on the White-Blue-Red color combination, and we can’t wait to see its decklist. If you like amassing a big army of small creatures, and then casting big spells, this deck will be a great pick up for you.

    Divine Convocation Decklist

    Commander (1)
    Kasla, the Broken Halo

    Creatures (28)
    Angel of Finality
    Angel of Salvation
    Banisher Priest
    Chasm Skulker
    Cloud of Faeries
    Duergar Hedge-Mage
    Emeria Angel
    Flight of Equenauts
    Flockchaser Phantom
    Goblin Instigator
    Goblin Medics
    Joyful Stormsculptor
    Keeper of the Accord
    Kykar, Wind’s Fury
    Mentor of the Meek
    Mistmeadow Vanisher
    Nadir Kraken
    Nesting Dovehawk
    Saint Traft and Rem Karolus
    Seraph of the Masses
    Spirited Companion
    Suture Priest
    Tetsuko Umezawa, Fugitive
    The Locust God
    Venerated Loxodon
    Village Bell-Ringer
    Wildfire Awakener

    Planeswalkers (1)
    Elspeth, Sun’s Champion

    Spells (18)
    Artistic Refusal
    Austere Command
    Battle Screech
    Chant of Vitu-Ghazi
    Cut Short
    Devouring Light
    Ephemeral Shields
    Hour of Reckoning
    Meeting of Minds
    Migratory Route
    Path of the Ghosthunter
    Secure the Wastes
    Shatter the Source
    Stoke the Flames
    Swords to Plowshares
    Temporal Cleansing
    Wear // Tear
    Wrenn’s Resolve

    Artifacts (9)
    Arcane Signet
    Commander’s Sphere
    Cultivator’s Caravan
    Deluxe Dragster
    Fractured Powerstone
    Ichor Elixir
    Sol Ring
    Wand of the Worldsoul

    Enchantments (4)
    Conclave Tribunal
    Impact Tremors
    Improbable Alliance
    Whirlwind of Thought
    Lands (39)
    Command Tower
    Evolving Wilds
    Exotic Orchard
    Frostboil Snarl
    Furycalm Snarl
    Kher Keep
    Mystic Monastery
    Port Town
    Prairie Stream
    Rogue’s Passage
    Skycloud Expanse
    Temple of Enlightenment
    Temple of Epiphany
    Temple of Triumph
    Terramorphic Expanse

    Planechase (10)
    Enigma Ridges
    Hedron Fields of Agadeem
    Norn’s Seedcore
    Reality Shaping
    The Fertile Lands of Saulvinia
    Valor’s Reach

    Some cards weren’t added to the database yet. You can find them below.

    Divine Convocation New Cards

    Saint traft and Rem Karolus Divine Convocation New Cards

    Kasla, the Broken Halo Review

    Kasla, the Broken Halo Commander 2023 Decks

    At six mana, Kasla is the most expensive of the five March of the Machine commanders. However, the convoke ability makes it look pretty cheap. Since the theme of the deck is convoke, you’re typically going to have a bunch of smaller creatures in play, which will be able to help you pay for Kasla.

    The convoke theme is supported by its last ability, which provides you with some serious card advantage. Whenever you cast a spell with convoke, you get to scry 2, and draw a card. Contrary to some other modern day abilities, this one can trigger multiple times per turn.

    As you can see, Kasla has strong abilities, and supports an rarely supported mechanic. Because it has convoke (which works with Commander tax) this will probably end up among the more powerful commanders from these five precons.

    Tinker Time

    Tinker Time Commander Deck 2023
    • Theme: Artifact tokens
    • Colors: Blue, Red, Green
    • Main Commander: Gimbal, Gremlin Prodigy

    Last but not least, here’s a deck commandeered by… a Kaladesh Gremlin? That’s quite an unusual creature type. This deck doesn’t have tribal synergies, though. Fans of Gremlin tribal will have to wait a bit longer to have something instead of Morophon, the Boundless as their commander.

    Anyway, the deck focuses on artifact tokens of all things. That’s interesting, for a couple of reasons. First, we just recently had two artifact themed decks with Brothers’ War Commander decks. Second, lore-wise Gremlins hate artifacts, as can be seen from Ruinous Gremlins. But, perhaps, this is a hint of what we can expect from this deck.

    However, Temur artifact tokens is certainly an unexpected deck, and fans of unusual strategies will likely enjoy it.

    Tinker Time Decklist

    Commander (1)
    Gimbal, Gremlin Prodigy

    Creatures (22)
    Gilded Goose
    Academy Manufactor
    Feldon of the Third Path
    Hedron Detonator
    Master of Etherium
    Pain Distributor
    Tireless Provisioner
    Tireless Tracker
    Cutthroat Negotiator
    Everquill Phoenix
    Pia and Kiran Nalaar
    Rashmi and Ragavan
    Sandsteppe War Riders
    Schema Thief
    Vedalken Humiliator
    Whirler Rogue
    Sharding Sphinx
    Shimmer Dragon
    Thopter Assembly
    Hellkite Igniter
    Junk Winder
    Workshop Elders

    Planeswalkers (1)
    Saheeli, Sublime Artificer

    Spells (19)
    Reality Shift
    Rise and Shine
    Chaos Warp
    Crack Open
    Root Out
    Stroke of Genius
    Vampires’ Vengeance
    Fiery Confluence
    Path of the Animist
    Echo Storm
    Perplexing Test
    Reverse Engineer
    Spell Swindle
    Struggle // Survive
    Masterful Replication
    Saheeli’s Artistry
    Brass’s Bounty
    Dance with Calamity

    Artifacts (13)
    Bloodforged Battle-Axe
    Sol Ring
    Arcane Signet
    Combine Chrysalis
    Fractured Powerstone
    Gruul Signet
    Izzet Signet
    Simic Signet
    Inspiring Statuary
    Replicating Ring
    Skyclave Relic
    Ichor Elixir
    Spine of Ish Sah

    Enchantments (6)
    Curse of Opulence
    Ghirapur Aether Grid
    Imprisoned in the Moon
    Weirding Wood
    Thopter Spy Network
    Aid from the Cowl
    Lands (38)
    Cinder Glade
    Command Tower
    Evolving Wilds
    Exotic Orchard
    Frontier Bivouac
    Frostboil Snarl
    Game Trail
    Myriad Landscape
    Path of Ancestry
    Simic Growth Chamber
    Temple of Abandon
    Temple of Epiphany
    Temple of Mystery
    Terramorphic Expanse
    Vineglimmer Snarl

    Planechase (10)
    Glimmervoid Basin
    Isle of Vesuva
    Selesnya Loft Gardens
    Stronghold Furnace
    New Argive
    Planewide Disaster
    Ten Wizards Mountain
    The Western Cloud
    The Wilds

    Some cards weren’t added to the database yet. You can find them below.

    Tinker Time New Cards

    Rashmi and Ragavan Tinker Time New Cards

    Gimbal, Gremlin Prodigy Review

    Gimbal, Gremlin Prodigy March of the Machine Commander 2023 Decks

    For five mana, you get a 4/4. A bit unexciting stats for a Temur commander, but as we’ve said, we’re more interested in the text box.

    First, your artifact creatures have trample, if you have Gimbal in play. That’s a fine ability, as it can help you push damage through, although it’s not something to write home about.

    The second ability triggers at the begging of your end step, and gives you a 0/0 Gremlin token with X +1/+1 counters, where X is the number of your artifact tokens with different names. This is an unusual ability, albeit not the strongest one.

    So, Gimbal is one of those commanders that aren’t the strongest, but give you a very interesting deck building challenge. If you’re looking for something that will wreck your opponents, this probably isn’t it. However, if you want to try a very unique strategy and build an interesting deck, this is certainly a viable option.

    Commander 2023 Deck – FAQ

    Before we wrap up, here are some commonly asked questions that players have about March of the Machine Commander decks.

    How many Commander decks will be released with March of the Machine?

    There will be five different decks.

    Are the March of the Machine Commander decks fully powered or lite precons?

    These will be regular Commander decks. This means they are fully powered and contain multiple new cards. The lite precons nowadays are only used for Starter Commander decks.

    Do March of the Machine Commander decks come with a booster?

    Yes, each deck contains a 2-card Sample Collector booster pack.

    What’s inside the March of the Machine Sample Collector booster?

    There are two cards in each one of them. Based on the past releases, one card is a rare or mythic rare with special art treatment (foil, borderless, or extended-art card). The second card also has a special art, but it can be of any rarity.

    Which colors are in the Commander 2023 decks?

    This time around, the five colors aren’t represented evenly. There’s one two color deck (WB), and four three color decks (Esper-WUB, Naya-WRG, Jeskai-WUR, Temur-URG).

    Are the Commander 2023 precons balanced against one another?

    While it’s a bit early to say for sure, you can expect them to be. Wizards try to balance the precons that are released together. Even when they don’t succeed completely, that’s often mitigated by the variety that comes from a 100-card singleton format.

    When will March of the Machine Commander decks be previewed?

    Full March of the Machine Commander decklists will be previewed at the end of March 2023. (Exact date TBD)

    What are the Planechase cards?

    Planechase or Plane cards are oversized Magic cards, that can (with the addition of the Planar die) allow you to play a special variant of Magic called Planchase. It’s a great way to add a bit more chaos or just an additional dimension to your multiplayer games.

    Are the March of the Machine Commander decks only meant for playing Planchase?

    No. While each March of the Machine Commander precon comes with 10 Planechase cards, the decks aren’t centered around them. If Planchase isn’t your cup of tea, you can simply set the Planechase cards aside, ignore them, and use the deck like you would any other Commander precon.

    Commander 2023 Decks – Conclusion

    Anyway, that’s all for today. Once more information becomes available, we’ll update this article, so make sure to check back soon. In the meantime, here are some articles that might interest you:

    Until next time, have fun, and may your favorite theory about Commander 2023 deck come true.

    2 thoughts on “March of the Machine Commander 2023 Decks & Decklists”

    1. Speculation on the Divine Convocation Deck:
      It seems like there is a hedron behind the Angel… In the left corner. So I think Zendikar it is. In addition, Zendikar Angels have usually more than 2 wings like Linvala. The deck is called Divine Convocation, I hope we get a strong Angel subtheme in the deck. Maybe the face card or the alternative commander is a Jeskai Angel tribal commander.

      Speculation on Cavalry Charge:
      The color combination is a little odd. My first thought was Eldraine, too. But I am not sure he doesn’t look like an Eldraine Knight to me. He could be from Zhalfir (Dominaria). This would explain the blue a little. Zhalfir has the Order of Askari.


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