Masterpieces: Kaladesh Inventions – List of All 54

Kaladesh Inventions were the first batch of the Masterpiece Series. Masterpieces are very rare cards – on average you get one per 144 booster packs. Today we’ll take a look at all 54 Kaladesh Inventions – all of which are artifacts.

Kaladesh Inventions – Kaladesh Set

30 cards out of 54 Inventions appeared in the first set, Kaladesh. They are listed below:

Kaladesh Inventions – Aether Revolt Set

24 cards out of 54 Inventions appeared in the second set, Aether Revolt. You can find them below:

Where to Get Kaladesh Inventions?

You can buy Kaladesh Inventions as singles from most major MTG shops. Besides you can also get certain ones on Amazon. For example, you can check Chromatic Lantern’s price here.

Kaladesh Booster Box

In addition, you can also try to get lucky with Booster Boxes. However that usually won’t work – as we said before, you can expect approximately one Invention per 144 boosters. That’s one per four boxes. Even if you get four boxes, that doesn’t guarantee you’ll get an Invention necessarily.

If you do decide to try your luck anyways, pick the box that contains more Inventions which you want.

Aether Revolt Booster Box


Which is your favorite Invention? Let us know in the comments below. If you want to read more about special magic cards, you might enjoy the following articles:

Until next time, have fun and invent something cool!

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