Minecraft Gift Guide 2022 — Best Gifts for a Minecraft Fan

Are you looking for a gift for someone who plays Minecraft? That’s great, as we have many great gift ideas for Minecraft fans. In this Minecraft gift guide, we’ll focus on best Minecraft gifts for kids, but you’ll also find some stuff for adult Minecraft gamers. This gift guide got an update for the 2022 Holiday season, so you can rest assured that all the gifts we recommend here are up-to-date.

We’ve picked some awesome gifts from Lego bricks, to Minecraft books, and these will surely make whoever gets them very happy. If you’re in a hurry, here’s a quick recap of our three favorite gifts for Minecraft fans.

Minecraft Lego Gift IconLego Minecraft Crafting Box 3.0For Minecraft Lego fans
Minecraft Books Gift IconMinecraft Official Guide BooksPromotes reading
Minecraft Board Game Gift IconBuilders and BiomesMinecraft board game

On the other hand, if you do have the time, let’s take a closer look at some of the best Minecraft gifts.

Minecraft Legos

Kids often enjoy Lego bricks, which can bring them plenty of hours of fun. So, Minecraft-themed Legos are a perfect gift for any kid who enjoys both Minecraft and Legos. With this gift, kids will be able to play their favorite game without being in front of the computer screen.

Anyway, here are a couple of great Lego boxes to pick up.

Lego Minecraft: Crafting Box 3.0 (Medium Size)

Minecraft Gift Guide Lego Crafting Box

This Crafting Box is a great gift for Minecraft fans. It contains five Lego mini-figures of the popular Minecraft characters:

  • Steve
  • Alex
  • Creeper
  • Zombie
  • and, of course, Pig

Usually, kids could just build one thing from their Lego box. Well, that’s not the case here. Once they complete one build, they can take it apart and built a completely different one.

There are three different builds, which makes this product more interesting for a longer time. It contains 564 Lego bricks total.

Lego Minecraft: The Ocean Monument (Big Size)

Minecraft Gift Guide Lego Ocean Monument

If you’re looking for a something bigger, there’s The Ocean Monument, a famous structure that can be found in the underwater Minecraft world.

This box contains a whooping 1122 Lego bricks, which provides a bigger and more fun building challenge. The Temple has a very detailed interior with a secret entrance. The roof can be removed, so kids can easily play with the mini-figures inside.

Of course, these are far from being the only Lego Minecraft sets. You can find a wide variety of them on Amazon.

Minecraft Gifts – Plush Toys

Are you buying a gift for a younger Minecraft fan? Or maybe for someone who really likes plush toys? In that case, you can buy them a Minecraft plush toy, and there’s plenty to choose from.

Plush Minecraft Cat

Minecraft Gift Cat

For starters, here’s a cat from Minecraft! As everything in Minecraft, it has the signature straight edges. But don’t worry — it’s still soft and nice to touch, and it can be used as a neck pillow. And it also does what cats do best — look incredibly cute!

Steve Plushie

Steve Plushie Best Minecraft Gifts Gift Guide for Minecraft Fans

Steve is probably the most known character from Minecraft, as he’s the default look of the player. Some kids will probably enjoy his plushie version. If you don’t particularly like this one, don’t worry – there are plenty of other options to choose from.

Other Minecraft Plush Toys

Of course, you can also find other characters, and animals from Minecraft as plush toys. Here are just some of the popular ones:

If you’re not sure which one to get, just ask your giftee which Minecraft character, monster, or animal is their favorite. Naturally, they’ll be happy to tell you.

Minecraft Books as a Gift – Make Reading Fun!

Minecraft is an educational game, as it improves creativity, problem-solving, and other useful skills. However, you can take this to the next level with books about Minecraft.

Even the kids that don’t like to read in general, will want to read about their favorite game. So Minecraft books aren’t just a fun gift, it’s an educational one as well, as it also promotes reading.

Minecraft Official Guide (Boxed Set of 8 Books)

Minecraft Gift Guide Official Books Set of 8

One option you have is the official Minecraft Guide. It’s not a single book, but a boxed set of 8 smaller books (which makes them more inviting to read), each one focusing on a different aspect of the game:

  • Survival
  • Creative
  • Redstone
  • The Nether and the End
  • Enchantments and Potions
  • Player VS Player Minigames
  • Farming
  • Ocean Survival

This way, players can simply start with the topic they are most curious about. There are a lot of things going on in Minecraft. Even some more experienced players, don’t know everything about it. These books highlight some of it, and they are an amazing gift for a Minecraft player.

Even parents might want to shift through the books, in order to find more about the game their kids enjoy so much.

Minecraft Woodsword Chronicles Set (Books 1-4)

Minecraft Woodsword Chronicles

Woodsword Chronicles is another option you have. This isn’t a guide, but more of a fantasy story for kids. Five Minecraft players get transported into the game, and they face all sorts of different adventures.

The first four books in the series are a great gift for young Minecraft players.

Nintendo Switch as a Minecraft Gift

Minecraft can be played on various devices, from computers to mobile phones. Furthermore, it can also be played on Nintendo Switch. This also opens some possibilities for a Minecraft gift idea.

Minecraft Game for Nintendo Switch

Minecraft Gift Game Nintendo Switch

If your giftee has a Nintendo Switch, but doesn’t have the Minecraft game, this seems like a great gift for them. They’ll now be able to play Minecraft on Switch! The game is pretty much the same as the one they can play on computer, but it’s much more portable, which is certainly a plus.

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch

Now, this is probably the priciest gift on this list, but every kid would be really happy with a Nintendo Switch, especially if they get a Minecraft game alongside it. There are countless other games they can play on Switch, and as such it is truly an amazing gift.

If you don’t mind spending a bit more, Switch will certainly be the gift of the year.

Minecraft Clothes – Useful Minecraft Gift

Do you want to give a Minecraft themed gift, but one that will actually be useful? In that case, you’ll want to pick some Minecraft themed clothing. This way, the gift can be both useful, while still thematically tied to your kid’s favorite game.

Minecraft Shirt

Minecraft Gift Ideas Shirt 2021 2022

Here’s just one of the many Minecraft shirts that you can find on Amazon. This one features 12 characters from Minecraft, with cute artwork. It’s indeed a cool and useful Minecraft gift. There are many cool designs and most of them are quite fairly priced, which is another benefit.

Minecraft Creeper Hoodie

Creeper Hoodie

As you can see, this hoodie comes with a special mask, so looks just like a Creeper (a type of silent monster from Minecraft). It’s an awesome gift for a kid who plays Minecraft, as it’s both useful, and the kids won’t mind getting clothes as a gift, since these are so amazing.

Minecraft Board Games

Do your kids just want to play games on computer or phone? You can “trick” them into spending some quality time with the whole family by playing Minecraft themed board games. Both of our recommendations here have the Minecraft theme, but you don’t need to know anything about Minecraft in order to play these. That’s why they are essentially a great gift for the entire family.

Minecraft UNO Card Game

Minecraft Uno Card Game

UNO card game is a very popular card game. This variation features almost the same game play, but all cards have art from the Minecraft game. There’s a special Creeper card, that makes you draw 3 additional cards when you draw it.

This can be a cool gift, even if the giftee already owns UNO cards.

Minecraft Builders & Biomes

Builders and Biomes Board Game

The Builders & Biomes game borrows various stuff from Minecraft lore. However, you don’t need to know anything about Minecraft to play the game. Nevertheless, if you know at least some basics, it will definitely enrich the game experience.

You’re trying to collect various resources, defeat the monsters and build fantastic structures. The game is for 2-4 players and takes around 30-60 minutes. In general, players should be 10 years or older, but some advanced younger kids might be able to play it too.

The game pieces are quality made, and the included instructions make the gameplay pretty clear. All in all, this is a great gift for Minecraft players.

Various Minecraft Items

For the final section of our Minecraft Gift Guide, we picked various items from Minecraft that you can get as a gift. Some more practical and some just for fun.

Minecraft Sword

Minecraft Sword

This Minecraft sword looks just like a diamond sword from the game. Just like in real life, diamonds are quite rare in the game as well, which makes for a spectacular sword. Anyway, this one is great — both for playing and for costume parties.

However, it’s not one of the most practical gifts, so if you’re looking for something more useful, you’ll probably prefer this next idea.

Minecraft LED Creeper Light

Getting a nightstand light is a pretty boring gift for a kid. But what if it’s Minecraft themed? In that case, they might like it very much. Here’s one example, a light with previously mentioned Creeper design. It glows green!

There are also plenty of other types of Minecraft lamps available on Amazon. You can follow these links to:

All of these are both cool-looking and practical gifts, which many young Minecraft fans will enjoy. You really can’t go wrong no matter which ones you pick.

Minecraft Wallet

Wallet Minecraft Gift Guide Christmas 2022

Another useful Minecraft gift is a wallet. It always comes in handy, and there’s the upside that Minecraft fans will enjoy how it looks. This is a great budget Minecraft gift, and is great if you’re looking for something smaller, or something that you’ll combine with other gifts.


That concludes our Minecraft Gift Guide. If you have any question, feel free to ask in the comments below, we’d be happy to help.

Finally, don’t forget that the best gift you can give is some quality time spent with your loved ones. Take some time to play Minecraft with them, it’s a pretty cool game. Even if you don’t like computer games in general, you might like this one. The kids will surely be very happy that you’re taking interest in their favorite game.

Hopefully, this article has helped you pick the perfect Minecraft gift. If you’re looking for more gift guides, you might want to check some of our other ones:

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