Modern Horizons 3 Spoilers

Are you ready for another Modern shakeup? Dread it, run from it, Modern Horizons 3 arrives all the same. It’s bringing powerful cards to the format, both brand-new ones, as well as iconic reprints. In this article, you’ll be able to find all currently revealed Modern Horizons 3 spoilers.

Additionally, there’s also information about alternate art cards, and all the products from this set.


On April 19th, 2024 four cards were leaked. While these are unconfirmed, they sure do look very real.

Tamiyo Modern Horizons 3 Spoilers
Sorin Modern Horizons 3 Spoilers
Ral Modern Horizons 3 Spoilers
Grist Leaks Modern Horizons 3 Spoilers

Modern Horizons 3 Spoilers: New Cards

Next up, here are the original Modern Horizons 3 cards. These weren’t printed in any other product so far. Naturally, they will all be legal in Modern, when the set releases.

Currently, five cards in this category were previewed.

As you can see double-faced creatures-planeswalkers are returning for the first time since Magic Origins. We shall wait a little longer to figure out just how many of them there will be, but we do know that Tamiyo is also getting such a card.


You’ve probably encountered these cards before. There’s some help for red aggressive decks, as well as for Elf tribal. Finally, the Onslaught / Kahns fetch lands were also reprinted. That’s always a welcome addition, as you’ll have a chance to open them, or buy them for a lower price on the secondary market.

Wooded Foothills MH3 Reprints

Alternate-Art Modern Horizons 3 Cards

The cards from Modern Horizons 3 will also appear in various alternate art styles. Below you’ll find a quick overview of them all.

Borderless & Framebreak

First up, we have two styles that are somewhat similar. Both treatments use alternate art, as you can see from the images above frame break also depicts art in the text box.

Profile Cards

Laelia, the Blade Reforged Profile Modern Horizons 3 Spoilers

Another subsection of borderless, are borderless profile cards. This effect is used only on legendary creatures. You might remember and was the profile cards from Commander Masters.


Emrakul, the World Anew Serialized

Serialized cards are always among the most sought-after cards in every major set. Thanks to their rarity, their prices is typically quite high. The serialized new Emrakul will probably be one of the best cards one could open in this set.

Retro Frame

Flooded Strand (Retro Frame)

The old school frame also returns. Currently, we don’t know on how many cards, but we do know that all fetch lands will also appear in this style.

Special Guests

Solitude Special Guests Modern Horizons 3

Last but most certainly not least are the Special Guests cards. These aren’t just alternate versions, but won’t even appear on the regular slots. Thus, you can only get Solitude as one of your Special Guests cards.

Modern Horizons 3 Products

Here’s the list of all products you can get from this set.

Play Boosters

Modern Horizons 3 Play Booster Box

Play boosters are the cheaper of the two, and great both for playing MH3 draft, or simply for opening some cool cards.

Collector Boosters

Modern Horizons 3 Guide Collector Booster Box

Collector boosters are pricier, but always contain multiple rares. All the cards are foil or use alternate art. Sometimes even both.

Modern Horizons 3 Bundle

Modern Horizons 3 Bundle Guide

If you don’t want to spend too much on a booster box, but still want to get your hands on the Sealed product, Bundle is a nice option of doing so. It contains various cool stuff, but namely 9 Play boosters.

Gift Bundle, on the other hand also comes with a Collector booster.

Commander Decks

Modern Horizons 3 All Four Commander Decks

This time around, we’re also getting Commander decks with Modern Horizons set. That’s wasn’t the case with previous two sets. You can read our article about Modern Horizons 3 Commander decks and discover more about them.


That’s all about Modern Horizons 3 spoilers. What do you think about the set? Which cards are your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

If you want to learn more about the future of Magic, you can find the upcoming MTG sets here. There’s info about the sets releasing this year, but the information doesn’t stop there. Some tidbits are revealed about sets as far as 2026.

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