MTG Arena Codes: Complete List – Updated September 2023

The easiest way to get free booster packs, cards, experience points, and cosmetics on Arena is with MTG Arena codes.

It can be hard to find all available free MTG Arena codes in one place. That’s why we compiled them all in this article. You’ll find all currently active codes below. Be sure to check back regularly for new MTG Arena promo codes!

NEWEST MTGA CODE: Are you looking for 3 free Wilds of Eldraine Packs? It’s likely that there won’t be a code, but you’ll get your packs directly into your in-game inbox. Find when that will happen by checking the exact time of Wilds of Eldraine Arena release.

MTG Arena Pack Codes

First up, we’re starting with MTG Arena codes for free packs. Each set, since the open Beta, came with a special promo code, which usually grants you three packs of the respective set. You can find all of them in a table below. Hopefully, you’ll get some useful cards in these.

PlayEldraine3 Throne of Eldraine Packs09-26-2019
PlayTheros3 Theros Beyond Death Packs01-16-2020
PlayIkoria3 Ikoria Lair of Behemoths Packs04-16, 2020
PLAYM213 Core Set 2021 Packs06-25-2020
PlayZendikar3 Zendikar Rising Packs09-17-2020
TRYKALADESH1 Kaladesh Remastered Pack11-12-2020
PlayKaldheim3 Kaladeheim Packs01-28-2021
PlayStrixhaven3 Strixhaven Packs04-15-2021
PLAYDND3 Forgotten Realms Packs07-08-2021
PLAYMID3 Midnight Hunt Packs09-16-2021
PLAYVOW3 Crimson Vow Packs11-11-2021
PLAYNEO3 Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty Packs02-10-2022
PLAYNEOALCHEMY3 Neon Dynasty Alchemy Packs03-17-2022
PLAYSNC3 New Capenna Packs04-28-2022
PlayAlchemyNewCapenna3 New Capenna Alchemy Packs06-02-2022
PLAYDMU3 Dominaria United Packs09-01-2022
PlayDMUAlchemy3 Dominaria United Alchemy Packs10-06-2022
PLAYBRO3 Brothers' War Packs11-15-2022
unknown*3 Wilds of Eldraine Packs09-05-2023

*Once Wilds of Eldraine releases on Arena, if there’s a code, you’ll be able to find it here. (Find the exact time of Wilds of Eldraine release here.) If there won’t be a code, then just check your inbox inside the Arena client.

Experience Codes

As you might know, you get experience points from quests and from your weekly wins. (Experience points progress your mastery level.) You can also get them by using the MTGA code below. Currently, there’s one XP-only code available.

LevelUp2,000 XP09-26-2019
mellon1,000 XP06-29-2023
threads1,000 XP07-13-2023

Pimp Your Deck with Free Cosmetics

In this section, you’ll find codes for various cosmetics – from card styles to sleeves.

Card Styles

There are no foil cards on MTG Arena, however you can still bling your decks with cosmetics or skins for cards. These are cards with an extended or alternate art (or sometimes both).

MTG Arena Codes New Cosmetics Example
ParallaxPotionRevitalize card + card style03-29-2019
SuperScryOpt card + card style03-29-2019
FoilFungusDeathbloom Thallid card + card style03-29-2019
ShinyGoblinPirateFanatical Firebrand card + card style03-29-2019
SparkleDruidDruid of the Cowl card + card style03-29-2019
OVERTHEMOONArlinn, Voice of the Pack card style05-23-2019
INNERDEMONOb Nixilis, the Hate-Twisted card style05-31-2019
SHIELDSUPTeyo, the Shieldmage card style06-07-2019
WRITTENINSTONENahiri, Storm of Stone card style06-14-2019
ENLIGHTENMENarset, Parter of Veils card style06-21-2019
FNMATHOME2 random cosmetics04-24-2020

Card Sleeves

You can also unlock sleeves for each of the New Capenna families, using the codes below. Sadly, the Strixhaven sleeves are no longer available.

FunIsntFreeCabaretti SleeveUnknown
CrimeIsAnArtFormMaestros SleeveUnknown
InformationIsPowerObscura SleeveUnknown
ReadTheFinePrintBrokers SleeveUnknown
AlwaysFinishTheJobRiveteers SleeveUnknown

Multi Codes

Sometimes we get codes that reward various free items. While this doesn’t happen very often, it’s that more important to redeem these codes before they expire. Currently, there’s one such code available. Use it quickly, because it will expire on December 20, 2022.

RepairAndRecharge1,000 Gold
3,000 XP

MTG Arena Codes from Paper Products

Some MTG products also come with a code which you can redeem on Arena. However, be careful as not all products contain MTG Arena redeem codes. The following types of products usually include a code:

  • Planeswalker Decks
  • Prerelease Packs
  • Starter Kits
  • Secret Lair

Let’s take a look at each type of product to see exactly which ones contain a code. Keep in mind that these codes are unique. Therefore, you can only redeem them once, and we cannot provide them here. We’ll take a look at all the products, but first we wanted to talk about another way to get those codes – without buying the paper product, that you might not need.

Buying Arena Codes

You can do so by buying MTGA Arena codes. If you’re looking for a certain, this might be the only wait of acquiring it, unless it’s currently available in the Store. This is also a nice way to get some packs with a discount (if you aren’t playing paper prereleases.)

Of course, you don’t want to buy the code from anyone, so you won’t get scammed. Someone could send you a code, and you wouldn’t know if it’s been used or not, until you tried it out. That’s why we’d recommend buying codes from trusted sources.

Our favorite ones are and Gray Viking Games. They offer a wide selection of Arena codes, including Secret Lair, which can be (as we said before) pretty hard to get otherwise.

Where to Buy MTG Arena Codes Free

You can acquire Secret Lair codes, as well as codes from FNM@Home, Planeswalker Decks, Prerelease Packs, etc. So if you’re looking for some specific sleeves, go check them out.

Planeswalker Decks

These are great for new players just learning the game. Cards are simple, yet interesting enough.

Each Planeswalker Deck contains:

  • 60-card deck (including a planeswalker)
  • 2 booster packs
  • paper deckbox
  • code for MTG Arena (for an exact same deck)
Core Set 2021 Products Planeswalker Decks

Not all Planeswalker Decks come with a code. Older decks (before Guilds of Ravnica), don’t contain them. All decks that come with an Arena code are listed here:

Ral, Caller of Storms - Planeswalker DeckExact copy of the deck
Vraska, Regal Gorgon - Planeswalker DeckExact copy of the deck
Dovin Architect of Law - Planeswalker DeckExact copy of the deck
Domri, City Smasher - Planeswalker DeckExact copy of the deck
Gideon, the Oathsworn - Planeswalker DeckExact copy of the deck
Jace, Arcane Strategist - Planeswalker DeckExact copy of the deck
M20 Planeswalker DecksExact copy of the deck
Throne of Eldraine DecksExact copy of the deck
Theros Beyond Death DecksExact copy of the deck
M21 Planeswalker DecksExact copy of the deck

They are beginner-friendly. While they are weaker in power level, they are balanced to play against each other. That’s why you might want to get a whole bundle of five – and use them for a game night with your friends.

You can find more about these in our Planeswalker Deck Guide for Core 2021.

MTG Arena Prerelease Codes

Prerelease is a tabletop MTG tournament, where you get the first chance to play with cards in paper. Why should an Arena player care about those? Well, they’re the most fun MTG events, for sure. Besides that, you’ll also get a unique MTGA code!

So what does this code give you? Well, it depends on which set it’s from.

Guilds of Ravnica code gave you a free Sealed event, while Ravnica Allegiance provided a Draft Token. Newer prerelease kits give you 6 packs of the respective set.

Wilds of Eldraine Prerelease Pack MTG Arena Code

A code from a certain prerelease can only be used once. That means if you’ve been to two Wilds of Eldraine prereleases, you can only use one of the MTG Arena promo codes.

If you decide to play at the prerelease, contact your local game store. The dates below should give you some info on when to expect the upcoming tournaments – but the exact date may vary from store to store.

Wilds of Eldraine
1-3 September, 2023
The Lost Caverns of Ixalan
Q4 2023 (TBD)

Prerelease Kits from War of the Spark onward contain a code for 6 Packs from the respective set. Your Wilds of Eldraine prerelease kit will also hold one.

If you don’t like to play in real-life events but would still like to get a code and some paper cards, you can buy a Prerelease Kit online. Just be careful – don’t get a Kit before Guilds of Ravnica, as there is no code in older ones.

Starter Kits

Planeswalker Decks aren’t the only beginner-friendly products that come with the Arena code. The same is true for the following Starter Kits.

With these Starter Kits, it’s usually the best option to go for the new one, since the codes from the older ones might’ve expired already. The latest Arena Starter Kit has two decks, and a code that’s redeemable twice. As such, it’s a great buy if you want to share it with a friend.

Secret Lair Arena Codes

You might encountered opponents with cool-looking sleeves, that weren’t available in Arena Store. In that case, they might’ve bought the Secret Lair. That’s a special Magic the Gathering product, which is distributed in so-called Drops.

Each drop features strong cards from Magic’s past with alternate (usually pretty crazy) art style, focused on a specific theme. Most of them also contain a code, which you can redeem for Arena sleeves – with the same art as the specific card from the Drop.

For example, here’s a sleeve you could get from the Secret Lair: Year of the Rat.

MTGA Arena Secret Lair Codes Where to Get Rat

Secret Lairs are only available on Wizards’ Store for 24 hours after release, so you can easily miss them. Nevertheless, there is a way to get the sleeve for Arena.

MTG Arena Codes for Decks

Sometimes you might even get a full deck for free with a MTGA code. Currently, there are no such codes available.

MTGA Codes – FAQ

In this section, we’ll answer some of the most commonly asked questions about MTG Arena codes. Some questions were already answered above, and here’s just a quick recap. If there’s a question that you’d like us to answer, leave a comment below.

How to Redeem MTG Arena Codes on PC?

Redeeming MTG Arena codes is easy. Follow these steps to redeem codes:

MTG Arena Codes guide redeem
  1. On the home screen, click Store on the top bar.
  2. In the top right corner, you’ll see Redeem Code window.
  3. Write the MTGA promo code there. You should correctly use uppercase and lowercase. If a code doesn’t work, try using all uppercase letters. If you get a Redeem Code Failure message, this either means that you misspelled the code or that the code has expired.
  4. Press Enter.
  5. Enjoy your free stuff. 🙂

How to Redeem MTG Arena Codes on Mobile?

On the mobile version on MTG Arena, the process is a bit different. You won’t be able to enter the code directly in the app, instead you’ll need to go to the website. Then follow these steps:

How to Redeem MTG Arena Codes on Mobile
  1. Sign in to your account. (Use your MTGA login information.)
  2. On the right side, you’ll see Redeem Code window.
  3. Write the MTGA promo code there. Once again, pay attention to uppercase and lowercase.
  4. Press Redeem.
  5. If you’ve entered a code successfully, you’ll see a confirmation message.
  6. Go to the MTG Arena app and click on the Store tab. There you’ll receive your free Packs, cosmetics, etc.

Other Questions

Where can I get free MTGA codes?

All the free Arena codes that currently work are presented in this article. We keep our eyes peeled, and if a new code becomes available, we get it published as soon as possible.

Why doesn’t my Arena code work?

There could be multiple reasons. One possibility is that you made a mistake while typing, or that you didn’t use uppercase / lowercase correctly. Another option is that the code has expired. Here, at CardGameBase we regularly check if the codes are still working, and remove the ones that aren’t.
However, if you bought a product and your code doesn’t work, your best option is to contact Wizards Customer Support, and let them sort everything out.

Where can I buy codes for MTG Arena?

You can get them from various online websites. However, you should probably choose a reputable one, such as, so that you don’t get scammed.

Is there a Twitch Prime promotion for MTG Arena codes?

Currently, there isn’t one. The last one was in December 2019, when you could sign up for Amazon Prime (or use your existing account) to get a 60-card Liliana’s Legion deck.

Are there codes for MTG Arena?

Yes there are. You can find all of them in this article.

Do MTG boosters come with Arena codes?

No, they don’t.

More Helpful Tips

We hope that you got something nice and new for your Arena collection. To be sure that you never miss new MTG Arena codes, give us a follow on our Instagram or Facebook.

Are you trying to get better in Magic? Check our guide on how to build better decks! Or maybe you just want to explore new Commander cards? Find Lord of the Rings Commander decks here.

If you just stumbled upon this page and you never played MTG Arena before, you can download it here. On the other hand, if you are looking to get into tabletop Magic, check out our guide for newer players, so you won’t buy something you don’t need.

Until next time, enjoy your time playing, and may you always get the 750 gold quest in Arena. 🙂

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  1. Whoever made this site and page. Thank you so much. I know this takes time and effort and all your hard work is so very much appreciated. Everything worked for me besides RestorativeBurst and ExperimentalOverload. However, LevelUp worked. Maybe you can only use 1 of the 3 nevertheless I’ve got over 30 packs to open now along with sleeves and card styles. From the bottom of my heart ❤Thank you!!

    • Thanks for your kind comment, it means a lot. 🙂
      Looks like you’ve just missed out on these two, as they work a couple of days ago. Hope you got something good in your packs.

  2. You have all been some amazing, I’m coming to the party late and the vast majority of the codes are working. Thank you all so much

  3. Which sets are ones that can come with a 6-Booster Pack code from the pre-release packs?

    I see that Throne of Eldraine seems to be rarer. Is that the first? And just everything after that came with one for the pre-releases?

    • The first one was in Guilds of Ravnica – It provided a token for Sealed event. Next one was Ravnica Allegiance, which granted a Draft token. Every prerelease afterwards (including Throne of Eldraine) granted a 6 Arena Packs of the respective set.

  4. This are working too:

    ObscuraConnive – Obscura family sleeve
    RiveteerBlitz – Riveteers family sleeve
    MaestroCasualty – Maestros family sleeve
    BrokerShield – Brokers family sleeve
    CabarettiAlliance – New Capenna Cabaretti sleeve


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