MTG Arena Starter Kit 2021 – Contents & Review

In this article, we’ll talk about everything you need to know about the MTG Arena Starter Kit 2021. We’ll examine its contents, and discuss if the latest MTGA Starter Kit is worth it for you. This way, you’ll have an easier time deciding if you want to purchase it or not.

The Starter Kit releases on August 6th, 2021. With that said, let’s start with taking a look at what you’ll get in the box.

MTG Arena Starter Kit 2021 Contents

MTG Arena Starter Kit 2021

Each MTG Arena Starter Kit 2021 contains:

  • 2 pre-constructed Magic decks (with 60 cards each)
  • 1 Play Guide (with quick rules explanations)
  • 2 cardboard deck boxes
  • 1 MTG Arena code card (unlocks both decks for two different accounts on MTG Arena)

Let’s examine these a bit closer.

MTG Arena Starter Kit 2021 Decks

There are two 60-card decks in the box. They are Standard legal, and ready to play – right out of the box. Since this product is aimed towards beginners, these aren’t too complicated, but still have lots of stuff that makes Magic interesting.

For example, each decks contain three rares. (As far as we currently know – there might be more, once the full decklists will get previewed.) All of them are quite exciting to play with.

Naturally, they will be well-balanced against each other, as Wizards pay special attention to this whenever they release a pair of decks together. As we’ve mentioned before, the MTG Arena Starter Kit 2021 decklists weren’t released yet. However, we can already make some predictions, based on the rares, which we know are in the decks.


The first deck contains both black and green cards. Green usually has powerful creatures, while black has strong removal spells. This deck will probably be better for a player who likes straightforward tactics.


Dragonsguard Elite MTGA Starter Kit 2021 Promo


The other starter deck contains blue and red cards. Blue cards are often tricky, providing you with card draw and tempo plays. Red is known for good aggressive creatures and spells that deal damage. This is a better option for players who like to make fancy plays.


Note – the decks will be somewhat different between the ones from Amazon and ones from your local game store or Walmart. The rares above will be in the Starter Kits from Amazon.

Deck Boxes

You’ll also get two cardboard boxes, where you can store your decks. However, there are some problems with these.

First up, they aren’t of the highest quality. If you’re planning on carrying them around in a backpack, they can get beat up pretty quickly.

Second, if you decide to sleeve your cards, there usually isn’t enough room to comfortably hold the sleeved deck. If you’re wondering why you should sleeve your cards, it’s because it protects your cards from wear and tear and makes shuffling easier. You can find some examples of the best MTG sleeves here.

You can solve this problem by also getting a deck box, preferably one from Ultimate Guard. Their products are always of a high quality, and can last for a very long time, possibly even a lifetime. The Sidewinder deck box you see below can fit one of your sleeved decks.

Ultimate Guard Sidewinder Deck Box

If you want, you can also check our other suggestions for the best MTG deck box.

Arena Code

Lastly, we should also talk about the Arena code. There’s a single code in the product, but it’s redeemable twice for both decks.

So both you and your friend can get both of the deck on MTG Arena. Commons and uncommons that you already own four copies of, count towards your Vault progress.

Don’t forget to also check the list of all currently available free MTG Arena codes.

MTG Arena Starter Kit 2021 Review: Is it Worth Buying?

While it depends on various things, a short answer would be: Yes, if you’re a beginner. Why? Let’s see.

First up, it’s a great entry point for a new player. You get two decks, which is enough to start your first game of Magic right away.

Finally, its price is quite low, especially compared to other MTG products. Since it’s a product meant for two players, you can even buy it together with a friend, and split the price. You both end up with one of the decks, plus unlock both on MTG Arena.

If you aren’t a beginner, then it’s probably not the optimal purchase for you. You might be better off by buying something like a Commander precon, which will contain stronger cards on average. However, if you want some cards included in the deck, then it suddenly becomes a much better deal, thanks to its low price. (Check it on Amazon.)


That’s all about the MTG Arena Starter Kit 2021. If you have any further questions about it, feel free to leave a comment below. We’ll get back to you as fast as we can.

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