Big Score Cards: Full List & Complete Guide

In Outlaws of Thunder Junction, you’ll find all sorts of alternate art styles and special cards. There’s one group of cards that really sticks out. Those are the Big Score Cards, which are truly quite special.

In this article, you’ll find all of these cards (currently previewed ones), as well as everything else you might want to know about. Did you know why Wizards designed these cards? It’s an interesting story, as the set already has a bonus sheet, with Breaking News cards. Read on and find out.

What are Big Score Cards?

That’s a group of 30 cards that appear in the Outlaws of Thunder Junction booster, even though they aren’t technically a part of that set. They are Standard legal, but have a different set code (BIG), and set symbol, which depicts a vault or safe.

MTG Big Score Set Symbol

The artwork features rare items, that one might find when robbing a safe in Thunder Junction.

Why Did Wizards Design Big Score Cards?

Back in May 2023 Wizards tried something new by releasing a small Standard set, called March of the Machine: Aftermath. There were only 50 cards in the set, which is significantly fewer compared to the regular set (over 250). The boosters were also smaller, with only 5 cards per booster. Even so, due to so few different cards, the contents got quite repetitive.

Guess what happened? Players hated Aftermath. You couldn’t draft with the boosters, and there were just so few cards compared to the regular releases. The Aftermath boosters were selling extremely poorly, despite containing some strong cards, such as Nissa, Resurgent Animist or Calix, Guided by Fate.

Say what you will about the Wizards, they certainly listen to players’ feedback. Especially, when players vote with their wallets. They decided to discontinue the small Standard sets indefinitely.

However, there’s one problem with this. Wizards plan their sets well in advance. They need to do so in order to get all the artwork ready, play test and so on. So, they’ve already designed a small Standard set that was to be released shortly after Outlaws of Thunder Junction. However, after the Aftermath debacle, they needed to make some changes.

That’s why they decided to instead of making a separate product, they’ll include those cards in the Thunder Junction boosters. Those cards became what we now know as Big Score cards.

All in all, that’s great for Magic players. Instead of yet another product, you get some additional value added to your booster. What’s not to like? With that said, let’s see the cards.

Big Score Cards — Full List

Currently, only two cards were previewed. You can expect more spoilers next week. We’ll update this article, as they get revealed.

Alternate Versions

Nowadays, practically all rares cards also come with alternate versions. That’s also the case here. The most basic one is probably the borderless style, which extends the artwork to the left and right edge.

Nexus of Becoming Borderless Version

However, there’s one much more exciting style, called the Vault Frame, which you can find in the next section.

Big Score Vault Frame

These cards use both an alternate frame and artwork. They really stand out, even though they are looking a bit reminiscent of the iconic Inventions from Kaladesh.

These can also come with a new type of foiling, called Raised Foil.

Odds for Opening Big Score Cards

Currently, we don’t know the exact odds for opening Big Score cards. That info is coming on Monday, March 25th, so make sure to check back then. What we do know is that not all the versions will be present in all boosters.

Play Boosters can contain only the regular versions. No borderless or Vault frames in those.

Thunder Junction Collector Booster

If alternate arts are what you’re after, you’re going to want to open Collector boosters. These might contain all versions of Big Score cards.

That’s Not All Thunder Junction Has to Offer

With that, we’re wrapping up this overview of Big Score cards. If you don’t want to miss future updates, feel free to follow us on Facebook or Instagram. There we post interesting Magic news, reminders for new articles, and also MTG memes.

But Big Score cards are just one of the many exciting things that await us in the Wild West. There will be five new Thunder Junction mechanics, which will enable some fun play patterns. Speaking of fun, which format fits that description better than Commander? If you like to play it, you’re probably going to enjoy Outlaws Commander decks. There are four of them, and each one brings a different strategy to the table.

Last but not least, you can find all the new cards in our Thunder Junction spoiler gallery. Besides the officially previewed cards, there are also some leaks in there.

As you can see, there’s a lot going on with this set. We wish you all the luck with opening your packs, may you get the card you’re looking for in your very first booster.

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