MTG Brokers: White-Blue-Green New Capenna Family

In this article you’ll find everything you need to know about the MTG Brokers, one of the five New Capenna families. We’ll answer questions such as:

  • Which colors are the Brokers?
  • What is the Brokers lore?
  • What’s the Brokers’ mechanic?
  • And more!

With that being said, let’s get right to it and explore some of the Brokers’ characteristics.

Brokers Characteristics


Brokers is also a three-color combination, just like the other Capenna families. Its colors are:

  • White
  • Blue
  • Green


Brokers’ symbol is a stylized statue of a vulture.

Brokers Logo New Capenna Families

Their motto is: “Read the fine print.”


Brokers are a family of demonic lawyers. They do lots of mundane work in the form of various legal disputes. One would think that they are probably a boring factions, however they employ very aggressive solicitors, which have a way of being everywhere. If there’s a crisis in the city of New Capenna, you can bet that they’ll show up there.

This family also believe in a secret doomsday prophecy, which states that when the halo will dry up, the New Capenna will fail. Halo is a magic-enhancing sustenance, which every crime family wants to get their hands on. We shall see if the prophecy will come true, or not.


Each New Capenna family has a signature mechanic, which is featured only on their cards. We don’t know what will be the Brokers’ mechanic yet. However, it’ll probably be something that reflects their lawyer-ness.

It might be perhaps something similar to the detain mechanic from Azorius, as these two factions somewhat resemble one another.

Alternate Name

The same three color combinations that you see on New Capenna, we’re popularized in 2008 with the set Shards of Alara. The White-Blue-Green color combination was Bant.

Since the name was around for a long time (almost 15 years now), it’ll probably still stick around, and you might hear players call Brokers simply Bant.

Iconic Brokers Cards

In this section, we’ll take a look at some of the most iconic Brokers’ cards. Although there aren’t many New Capenna spoilers out yet, there are two pretty cool cards previewed for this family. First up, here’s Brokers Ascendancy:

Brokers Ascendancy

It’s a pretty cool enchantment, which buffs not only your creatures, but planeswalkers too! Each family will get its own Ascendancy – that’s a three mana enchantment with a powerful effect. This will complete the cycle from Khans of Tarkir.

Speaking of cycles, the next card will also participate in completing one.

Spara's Headquarters New Capenna Spoilers

Spara’s Headquarters is one of the five New Capenna Triomes. Based on their ancestors from Ikoria, these lands will be spectacular. They see play in many formats from Standard to Commander, and even Modern.

Bedecked Brokers — Commander Deck

Bedecked Brokers New Capenna Commander Deck

You’ll surely be able to find more amazing cards in this color combination in the Brokers Commander precon. You can find the other New Capenna Commander decks here. This one is White, Blue, and Green and we can’t wait to find out what exactly is in this one.

Theme Booster

The Brokers New Capenna Theme Booster

Another Brokers-themed product is one of the five different Theme Boosters that you can get with New Capenna. Each Theme Booster contains 35 cards, with 1 or 2 being rares or mythics, and the rest commons and uncommons.

It’s not the best product for more experienced players, but beginners and casual players will like the fact that they know which colors they’ll get, as they’re marked on the pack. A Theme booster from Brokers will contain only cards in White, Blue and Green.

For now, that’s all about Brokers. Once there we’ll be more information posted from Wizards, we’ll add it to the article. Make sure not to miss it by following us on Facebook or Instagram. There we post reminders for new articles, MTG memes and new MTG Arena codes.

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