MTG Cabaretti: White-Red-Green New Capenna Family

Today we’ll talk about everything you need to know about MTG Cabaretti, one of the five New Capenna families. We’ll answer questions, such as:

  • Which colors are the Cabaretti?
  • What is the Cabaretti lore?
  • What’s the Cabaretti’s mechanic?
  • And more!

Cabaretti Characteristics

Let’s start by exploring some Cabaretti characteristics.


Cabaretti is a three-color combination, just like the other Capenna families. Its colors are:

  • White
  • Red
  • Green


Cabaretti’s symbol is a face or perhaps a mask in a circle with some stylized ornaments.

Cabaretti Logo

Their motto is: “Fun isn’t free.”


Cabaretti are a fun-loving cult of druids. At first sight, they are much different from the other big Capenna families, and definitely one that you wouldn’t mind visiting if you found yourself in Capenna. They even organize parties and feasts in their dance halls. How cool is that?

Turns out, it is pretty cool, unless you run out of money — and Cabaretti parties aren’t free. Once your purse is empty, you’ll quickly find out that it’s quite hard to leave.

Furthermore, with access to big crowds, these druids use their magic to sway the opinions of the masses, which certainly comes in handy. So even though the Cabaretti family looks inviting at first sight, they certainly aren’t innocent.


Each New Capenna family has a signature mechanic, and so does the Cabaretti family. It’s called alliance, and it can appear on creatures. Here’s one example of it:

Essentially, alliance rewards you whenever creatures enter the battlefield under your control. It works perfectly with the party family flavor – the more guests you’ll have the better your party will be. Anyway, if you want to explore more about this mechanic, you can learn everything about alliance rules here.

Alternate Name

One thing to note, if you’re a newer player. Cabaretti color combination might also be called Naya. That’s based on the same color combination that first appeared back in 2008, in the set Shards of Alara.

Since that name was around for longer, it’s probably here to stay, even post New Capenna.

Iconic Cabaretti Cards

In this section, we’ll talk about the most iconic cards from the Cabaretti faction among the many New Capenna spoilers.

Cabaretti Triome

Jetmir's Garden New Capenna Triomes

We’re starting with a good one! Jetmir’s Garden is one of the New Capenna Triomes, which finished the incomplete cycle from Ikoria. These lands are simply amazing! They see play in lots of formats, from Standard to Commander, and even Modern.

Cabaretti Chram

173 SNC Cabaretti Charm

Each family got their signature charm with three modes. This one has plenty of useful options, as it can:

  • work as a removal spell
  • provide a pump spell for whole board
  • make a couple of Citizen, which work nicely with the alliance mechanic

While this Charm is insanely powerful, its versatility sure is nice.

Cabaretti Family Leader

The leader of Cabaretti is Jetmir, a Cat Demon.

Jetmir, Nexus of Revels MTG Cabaretti Family Leader

This one is probably at its best in a format like Commander, as you can get lots of creatures on the board. In other formats, it’ll probably be lacking, as it’s pretty much a win-more card. (Win-more cards are cards that are best when you’re already winning.)

Cabaretti Products

Cabaretti Cacophony — Commander Deck

You can find more iconic Cabaretti cards in the Cabaretti Cacophony, the Commander precon for this White-Red-Green family.

Cabaretti Cacophony New Capenna Commander Decks 2022 Precons

The main commander is Kitt Kanto, Mayhem Diva. It comes with a token, and it allows you to goad the opponent’s creatures. You can find more about it and other five New Capenna Commander decks here.

Theme Booster

The Cabaretti New Capenna Theme Booster

Now, this product isn’t for everyone. If you’re a more experienced player, you already know that. Theme boosters are at their best if you’re a beginner or a casual player, and you just want to get lots of cards in your favorite colors. Each Theme booster contains 35 cards, most of them are commons or uncommons, with 1-2 rares or mythics.

However, you know that you’ll get cards in the three colors marked in the front. So, the Cabaretti Theme booster will contain only cards in White, Green, or Red.


That’s all about Cabaretti — for now. Once there’s more information available, we’ll add it to the article. Make sure not to miss it by following us on Facebook or Instagram. There you’ll find reminders for new articles, MTG memes and new codes for MTG Arena.

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