MTG Card Size: What Are The MTG Card Dimensions?

Do you want to print your own proxies, but you’re not sure which size to make them? Do you want to count Magic cards just by weighting them? You can do all of this (and more) with the useful information about MTG card size and other properties, which we gathered here.

MTG Card Size

The size of each Magic the Gathering (MTG) card is 63 × 88 mm (2.49 × 3.48 in).


MTG Sleeve Size

The card of these dimensions fits into a Standard Size card sleeves. This is the most popular size available for card game sleeves, which are available in tons of styles and colors. Thus, there are plenty of options to choose from.

However, you should keep in mind, that not all sleeves are equally well-made. That’s why you should keep an eye out for good quality sleeves, that will withstand plenty of shuffling and handling.

We’ve compiled a list of the best MTG card sleeves here, so take a look, if you’re interested. If you’re in a hurry, and just want to get to the best option, you can buy Dragon Shield sleeves on Amazon.

MTG Sleeve Size Dragon Shield

They are the golden standard of the MTG sleeves, but there are some other options as well, and we talk about those in the aforementioned article.

MTG Card Artwork Size

Through its history, Magic had three different card frames. That’s why the size of the artwork on the MTG cards actually varies depending on the card age.

  • Original border (1993-2003): 48.5 × 39 mm (1.9 × 1.53 in)
  • Modern border (2003-2014): 52.5 × 38.5 mm (2.06 × 1.52 in)
  • Postmodern border (2014-): 53 × 39 mm (2.09 × 1.54 in)

Here you can see how the cards changed in practice, with some help by Giant Spider. The difference between the original border and the modern border is clearly visible, while the changes between the second two are barely noticeable.

MTG Card Weight

To get the weight of a Magic card, we weighed 1000 cards. We did so for plenty of cards from different sets. The average weight of one thousand cards came to 1775 grams or 3.9 pounds. Therefore, a single MTG cards weights 1.775 grams or 0.062 ounce.

How to Count MTG Cards by Weight?

You can easily count your cards just by putting them on a weight scale, and take a look at tables below for easier conversions.

MTG Card Weight in Pounds

1 lb256 cards
5 lb1,287 cards
3.91 lb1,000 cards
19.57 lb5,000 cards

MTG Card Weight in Kilograms

1 kg563 cards
5 kg2,817 cards
1.775 kg1,000 cards
8.875 kg5,000 cards

Not that these are just approximations, and shouldn’t be used when you need the exact card count. However, if you want good estimation for a bulk card lot, these numbers will work just fine.

More Info

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  1. This is not true the boarder makes the cards slightly bigger than that you are only counting the inside of the card. The cards are about 1/4 in bigger


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