MTG LotR Holiday Releases: Full List & Info

We had one, yes. But what about a second MTG LotR release? That’s right, Magic the Gathering will have not just one, but two LotR: Tales of Middle-earth releases in 2023. We got the first one in June, while the second one is coming just in time for the holiday gift giving.

If you want to know what’s coming, you’re at the right place, as today we’ll discuss everything you need to know about the MTG LotR holiday release:

  • Which Tales of Middle-earth products are coming with a holiday release?
  • When is the second MTG LotR release happening?
  • Which MTG LotR products are the best gifts?
  • And more!

Let’s get right to it!

Scene Boxes

The Might of Galadriel Scene Box MTG LotR Holiday Release

First up, we have the scene boxes. There are four different ones, and each one is centered around an iconic moment from Middle-earth. You’ll be able to find:

You might ask, how exactly does a scene box highlight a moment? Well, this is best explained if we take a look at the contents of a scene box. In each one, you’ll find:

  • 6 scene cards
  • 6 art cards
  • 3 Set boosters
  • 1 display easel

The six scene cards are cards from are technically a part of Tales of Middle-earth set, but they are actual brand-new cards, that weren’t included in the main set’s release. If you align them next to one another in a 2×3 rectangle, you get a complete picture, like the one you see on the box.

The art cards depict the same scene, but they aren’t actual Magic cards, so they are without any text. This way the artwork really stands out. Since both the art cards, and the actual cards are of the same size, you can choose which ones you want to display on the included easel.

Finally, there are also the three Set boosters, which are great to open just for fun. They can contain multiple rares, and they usually have a card with an alternate art. While you know exactly which cards you’re getting as your scene and art cards, you don’t know what you’ll get in Set boosters. You could say that these boxes are semi-randomized, and they are a fine buy if you want like a specific scene.

You can find more information about LotR Scene Boxes here.

Tales of Middle-earth Special Edition Collector Boosters

Holiday LotR Collector Booster Box Special Edition

Next up, there’s the special edition of Collector boosters. Collector boosters are the priciest MTG boosters, but also the most exciting ones, as they contain multiple rares (typically at least 5). Furthermore, all the cards are either in foil, or have alternate art – sometimes even both.

However, there is one downside to this “Special Edition” version. Contrary to the regular Tales of Middle-earth Collector boosters, these don’t contain serialized Sol Rings, and you don’t have a chance for 1/1 The One Ring. The latter really should change much, as the chance of getting it was minuscule. On the other hand, not getting the serialized Sol Rings is definitely a hit.

So, what are you getting instead? Well, there will apparently be a new foil treatment. Additionally, if we speculate based on the art on the packaging, we might also see new alternate arts with that old-school feel.

We’ll have to wait a while longer to make a final judgement on how good or bad of a product these Special edition LotR Collector boosters are. Once we get more information about them, you’ll be able to find it here, so make sure to check back occasionally.

Tales of Middle-earth Jumpstart Vol. 2 Boosters

Tales of Middle-earth Jumpstart Booster Box Vol 2

If you’re unfamiliar with Jumpstart boosters, here’s the main idea behind them. Each player takes two boosters, shuffles them together. That pile is now your deck, and you’re ready to battle. Each booster also contains enough lands to make this viable.

Within each booster, there’s a theme – like Elves, Halflings and so on. This way, your deck contains cards that play well together.

This is a great way of playing some casual Magic set within the Middle-earth. You don’t have to worry about the cards being too powerful or too weak, and you don’t need any special preparation. Just shuffle two boosters together, and you’re ready to go.

With the first MTG LotR release in June 2023, we already got Jumpstart boosters. This is no Vol. 2, which is bringing additional themes to the mix. Currently, we don’t know which ones these are going to be.

Bundle: Gift Edition

Lord of the Rings MTG Gift Bundle

Last, but most definitely not least, here’s the Gift Edition Bundle. Practically every Magic set has a Bundle, and these are very popular products, as they are typically good value, and moderately priced. Gift ones even more so, as they are often nicer, and contain a Collector booster.

Here is everything that comes with the Gift Edition Bundle:

  • 1 Tales of the Middle-earth Collector booster
  • 8 Tales of the Middle-earth Set boosters
  • 4 foil alternate art cards
  • 40 basic lands (20 foil + 20 non-foil)
  • 1 spindown life counter
  • 1 foil card storage box
  • 2 reference cards

You can learn more about MTG LotR Bundles here. In that article, we also make comparisons of Regular VS Gift Bundle.

MTG LotR Holiday Release – FAQ

Before we wrap things up, here are some frequently asked questions about the Tales of Middle-earth Holiday release.

Why are there two Tales of Middle-earth releases?

While there isn’t an official statement about this, the most likely reason is due to the insane popularity of Lord of the Rings. Wizards probably want to have such an asset in stores, when holiday shopping spree comes around.

When is MTG LotR Holiday release?

Holiday release for Tales of Middle-earth is November 3, 2023. That’s when your preorders should be shipped if you order them before that date.

What’s the best gift among the MTG LotR Holiday releases?

Well, there isn’t one specific thing that would be best for everyone. Casual players might enjoy Jumpstart boosters, while more enfranchised players will prefer Collector boosters. People who just like to collect LotR themed stuff will perhaps be most happy with Scene boxes. Since there are so many things to choose from, your best bet is probably to just ask your giftee what’s their favorite product, which they don’t own yet. If you don’t want to do that, then you can’t go much wrong with the Gift Bundle.

If you have questions about these products that we didn’t answer, don’t hesitate, and leave a comment below. We’ll get back to you, as fast as we can.


That’s it for today. If you were looking for gift ideas for a Magic the Gathering player, you can also read our MTG Gift Guide, for some amazing ideas.

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Until next time, have fun, and happy holidays – although it’s a bit early for that. Well, at least a wizard, can never be too early, or too late.

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