MTG Marvel Set: News, Spoilers & More

In 2025, Magic the Gathering will make probably its biggest collaboration, since Lord of the Rings in 2023. The iconic heroes like Ironman, Hulk, and Thor will get their own Magic cards. In this article you’ll find everything we currently know about MTG Marvel set.

The Announcement

This collaboration was first announced on October 23, 2023. You can find the articles about it both on, as well as on The following video was released alongside it:

MTG Marvel Set – Current Information

Apart from the fact that this collaboration is coming up, not much info was shared. However, here’s what we know for certain.

While the exact release date for this set isn’t known, the set will release sometime in 2025, so two years from now. Thus, this first look came quite early, but that’s probably because there are two big companies involved. It just wouldn’t do if some information got leaked early.

Another thing we know is that this is going to be a big release, so similar products as with Lord of the Rings set. This means you can expect Play boosters, Collector boosters, Bundles, and Commander decks. Of course, there’s probably going to be some additional things, such as Secret Lairs, and so on.

It’s interesting that Marvel (Disney) decided to go with this, given that they have a whole bunch of their own card games from Lorcana to Marvel Snap. However, they apparently decided to play nice.

“Trading cards have always been a part of Marvel’s DNA, so this collaboration takes that experience to a whole new level. With the depth that our storytelling and characters bring to the table, we can’t wait for fans to see how the Marvel Universe translates seamlessly into gameplay within these Magic: The Gathering products and sets for years to come.”

Dan Buckley, President of Marvel Comics and Franchise

MTG Marvel Spoilers

Currently, no spoilers for this set are available. We can probably expect them in 2025, but perhaps some will also be sprinkled in during 2024.


So, what are you expectations for this set? Do you love it? Hate it? Let us know in the comments below.

If you want to learn more about the future of Magic, you can find the upcoming MTG Sets here. There you’ll find information about sets all the way into 2026.

Until next time, have fun, and may this set be everything you hoped for.

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