MTG Mystical Archive Cards – What Are They and Where to Get Them

Perhaps you’ve heard about the special alternate art cards coming with Strixhaven. These are Mystical Archive cards, and today we’ll tell you everything you need to know about them including:

  • What are MTG Mystical Archive cards?
  • Where to get Mystical Archive cards?
  • Are Mystical Archive cards legal in draft and Standard?
  • and plenty more.

Without further ado, let’s get right to it.

What Are Mystical Archive Cards?

Mystical Archive cards are some of the most powerful sorceries and instants from all over the Magic’s history. All of them have new alternate art, and from what we’ve seen so far – they are quite amazing.

List of All 63 Mystical Archive Cards

There will be 63 Mystical Archive cards total. You can find all of them here:

Once more cards become previewed, we’ll update this article, so make sure to check every now and then.

Japanese Variants

But wait – there’s more. All of these cards will also have special alternate art Japanese versions.(Inspired by traditional Japanese art.) You can find all of them below:

Where to Get Mystical Archive Cards?

You are guaranteed to get a Mystical Archive card in each of the three main Strixhaven boosters. So in Draft, Set and Collector Boosters.

How many? One in both Draft and Set Booster, and three in each Collector Booster.

Booster TypeNumber of Mystical Archive Cards
Strixhaven Draft Booster Box IconDraft Booster
  • 1 card per booster
  • 36 cards per box
  • Strixhaven Set Booster Box IconSet Booster
  • 1 card per booster
  • 24 cards per box
  • Strixhaven Collector Booster Box IconCollector Booster
  • 3 cards per booster
  • 36 cards per box
  • Japanese Versions in the Collector Booster

    The Japanese alternate arts can be found in Japanese Boosters. But that’s not all, you can also get at least one in each Strixhaven Collector Booster!

    Strixhaven Collector Booster Box

    Mystical Archive – Legality

    If a card is in the Mystical Archive, that doesn’t change it’s legality.

    So what does that mean? Demonic Tutor won’t become Standard or Modern legal, even though you can find it in a regular Strixhaven booster. It this way, they work the same as Masterpieces from Kaladesh, for example.

    Of course, you can play them in any format they are already legal in. So, you can happily add the new Demonic Tutor to your black Commander deck.

    Similarly, if a card is already legal in Standard, like Opt for example, you can play with the alternate art version.

    Mystical Archive Cards on Arena

    If you’re playing on Arena, you’ll can also get these cards by opening packs, or by drafting. They will be legal in Historic, with some exceptions.

    Banned in Historic

    Seven cards from Mystical Archive are considered too strong for Historic, so they will be immediately banned in the format. We already know about six of them, with one more missing. These cards are:

    What if I Open a Mystical Archive Card in a Draft?

    Good for you! You can play any Mystical Archive card you open during the Draft. Same goes for Sealed, as well.

    This will probably provide some interesting Draft experience, as each Draft Booster has a slot for a Mystical Archive cards. We shall see how the rarity will pan out, but Swords to Plowshares will probably always be a high pick.


    That’s all about Mystical Archive so far. Which ones are your favorite? Let us know in the comments below. If you want more information about the booster with the most Mystical Archive cards, check Strixhaven Collector Booster contents here.

    Make sure that you won’t miss the new cards, and give us a follow on Facebook or Instagram. There we post various Magic news, memes and Arena codes. Speaking of which, you can find all currently available Arena codes here.

    Until next time, have fun and may your Strixhaven boosters contain that one card you really want.

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      • They are available in regular foil and non-foil. Etched foils are available in Collector Boosters only, but they are different from Commander Legends etched foils.


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