MTG Obscura: White-Blue-Black Capenna Family

In this article you’ll find just about everything about MTG Obscura, one of the five families of New Capenna. We’ll talk about:

  • Which colors are the Obscura?
  • What is the Obscura lore?
  • What’s the Obscura’s mechanic?
  • And more!

Let’s dive right in!

Obscura Characteristics


Obscura is a three-color combination, just like the other Capenna families. Its colors are:

  • White
  • Blue
  • Black


Obscura’s symbol is an extended palm, with a lock in the middle. A small stylized blade is pointing at it.

Obscura Family Logo New Capenna Spoilers

Their motto is: “Information is power.”


Obscura is a family of talented wizards and mystics. To the outside world, they present a facade of a normal, law-abiding family. However, they do so for the sole purpose of having an easier time running their schemes in the background.

Illusion, distractions and hidden mechanics are just some of their powers which they use to manipulate the outcome of any situation into their benefit. Members of the Obscura family will happily blackmail and deceive others to get what they want.

As such, they are most certainly a force to be reckoned with.


Each family has a signature mechanic. Currently, we don’t know what will be the Obscura mechanic. If we had to guess, it’ll probably be something that represents their sneakiness. Perhaps something that rewards you if your creatures aren’t blocked. Something like this would also play nicely in Standard with the Ninjutsu mechanic from the previous set.

Another option would be a mechanic that manipulates the top of your library, like Scry or Surveil. This fits nicely with the lore of Obscura being able to manipulate the outcome of any scenario into their favor.

Alternate Name

This is a clarification for newer players. You might hear someone call Obsurca by antoher name, Esper. Way back in 2008, there was a set, called Shards of Alara, which also had the same three-color combinations as New Capenna. The White-Blue-Black combo was Esper.

This name was around for a long time, and it’ll probably still be used for this color combo, even post New Capenna.

Iconic Obscura Cards

Here we’ll post some of the most iconic cards for the Obscura family. Right now, we only have one card in this section, but you can expect more, once we progress further in the New Capenna spoiler season. There will surely be a family leader and an Ascendancy card, but for now, here’s this:

Raffine's Tower New Capenna Spoilers

Raffine’s Tower is one of the New Capenna Triomes, which completed the cycle of Ikoria tri-lands. These cards are staples in multiple formats, such as Commander and Modern.

Obscura Operation — Commander Deck

Obscura Operation New Capenna Commander Deck

You’ll can expect more iconic cards in the Commander precon. Naturally, each Capenna family gets one of the five New Capenna Commander decks. This one is White, Blue and Black, and it’ll be exciting to see which new cards and reprints will be in this one.

Theme Booster

The Obscura New Capenna Theme Booster

Obscura fans might also like Theme boosters. It has to be said that these aren’t for everyone. Primarily, these are at its best if you’re a casual players and/or beginners, who just wants to get a lot of cards in their colors, even if they are mostly commons and uncommons. Out of 35 cards you get in one of these, just one or two are rares.

Nevertheless, they’ll be in the colors that are marked on the pack. So, the Obscura theme booster will contain only cards in White, Blue, or Black.


That’s all about Obscura – for now. Once the New Capenna release get closer, we’ll add more information to the article. If you don’t want to miss it, follow us on Facebook or Instagram. This way you’ll get a reminder whenever we post a cool new article, or a new MTG Arena code for free boosters, cosmetics, etc.

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