MTG Transformer Cards List

At Hasbro Pulse Con 2022, Wizards revealed that MTG Transformer card are coming in The Brothers’ War set. In this article, you’ll be able to find all MTG Transformer cards, and find out where to get them.

What are MTG Transformer Cards?

MTG Transformer cards are special Magic the Gathering cards, that are a part of the Universes Beyond. This is a MTG sub-brand, which brings outside IPs (intellectual properties) onto Magic cards. So, this time around, the Transformers franchise is coming to the world of Magic the Gathering.

There are 15 MTG Transformer cards total. All of them all double-sided, and that makes a lot of sense for Transformers. On the front side, you’ll find their robot form, while the back side features their vehicle form. Each card is legendary, which means that it can be your Commander. Besides Commander, these cards are also legal in Vintage and Legacy.

Besides the regular versions, there are also special borderless versions of MTG Transformer cards. They have a special text box, with a pink/violet design. This style is called “Shattered Glass style”. There are 14 Transformer cards with alternate art. Every card, except Arcee, Sharpshooter got this treatment.

MTG Transformer Cards List – Regular Versions

Here are all 15 MTG Transformer cards with regular art.

MTG Transformer Cards List – Alternate Versions

Here are all 14 MTG Transformer cards with the alternate art. These art-style is called “Shattered Glass” treatment.

Where to Get MTG Transformer Cards?

MTG Transformer Cards can appear in the following products of the Brothers’ War Set:

Brothers' War Set Booster Box

MTG Transformer Cards – FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions about MTG transformer cards. As always, if you won’t find what you were looking for, leave a comment below, and we’ll get back to you.

Which MTG packs contain Transformer cards?

Brothers’ War Set boosters and Brothers’ War Collector boosters can contain Transformer cards.

Can I use a Transformer card as a Commander?

Yes, you can as they are all legendary and legal in Commander.

Are Transformer cards legal in Commander?

Yes, they are. They are also legal in Vintage and Legacy.

How many different MTG Transformer cards are there?

There are 15 different cards, and 14 of them also come in a special Shattered Glass treatment.

Why did Wizards put Transformers cards into the Brothers’ War set?

This question is best answer by Gavin Verhey, senior designer for MTG. In his interview for IGN, he stated: “The Brother’s War is an incredible set that retells one of the most classic stories of Magic. There’s a lot for established players to dig into here, but we wanted to have something that might catch the eye of someone who didn’t have the background of Brother’s War to get them excited about the set. And finally, as mentioned before, we’ve been looking for a place to put Transformers, and in a world full of giant mechs and sweet artifacts, it made sense.”


That’s all about MTG Transformer cards. Oh, as there’s also this token avialable:

Laserbeak Token Where to Get MTG Transformer Cards

You can find more about this set, and Brothers’ War spoilers here. If you’re looking forward to the future Magic sets, you can find upcoming MTG sets here.

Until next time, have fun and may you open your favorite transformer in your very next booster!

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