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In this article, you’ll find everything you need to know about MTG Unfinity, which is the newest Magic the Gathering wacky set. We’ll talk about what this set is exactly, which products are releasing with it, and where you can play the cards you open in Unfinity boosters. You’ll also find the Maro’s teaser, which is full of interesting tidbits about the set.

Let’s get right to it.

What is MTG Unfinity?


MTG Unfinity is the fifth Un-set. These are not your usual, serious MTG sets. Instead, they are full of ridiculous cards and absurd interactions (such as stickers), which often break the limits of a regular MTG game.

For example, Assembled Ensemble, which you can see below, references artifact creatures in the cards’ art.

Assembled Ensemble

Each of the Un-Sets did something in a new way. For example, the third one, called Unstable, was the first one which was made in a way that players could actually draft it. This will also be the case with Unfinity, which will also be draftable.

Card Legality

So, what’s the biggest change that MTG Unfinity is bringing to the table? It’s surely the change to the cards’ legality. Previous Un-sets had cards in silver border, which were only legal in the most casual environments. (And even that could change depending on your playgroup.)

Acorn Stamp

All the cards in MTG Unfinity will be black-bordered, but that doesn’t mean they will be legal everywhere. The key factor for the card’s legality will be its holofoil security stamp, which you can find on the bottom of the card.

Some cards will have the stamp in the symbol shaped like an acorn. These will be treated the same as the silver-border cards would be. They won’t be legal in tournament play, but you could play them in casual environments, provided your playgroup agrees.

MTG Unfinity Card Legality Acorn Icon

Cards that won’t have the acorn symbol, will be legal in eternal formats, that’s:

  • Commander
  • Legacy
  • Vintage

In this group there are common and uncommon cards without a holofoil stamp, and rares and mythics with a regular, oval holofoil stamp.


The theme of the set is also a fun one. It mixes retro-style science fiction with space circus (plus amusement park and carnival tropes). It’ll really be something that we haven’t seen a Magic set do.

Unfinity Lands

The theme of space on the Unfinity basic lands and shock lands. Here are a couple of examples:

Maro’s Unfinity Teaser

As with almost every set, Mark Rosewater (aka. Maro) posted a teaser on his Blogatog. This are fun snippets of information that you can expect in an upcoming set. This time around, he actually did a mega-teaser with more information than usual. Let’s take a look.

Things to Expect

First up, here are things to expect in Unfinity:

  • a card that asks an outside person to rate something on a scale from 1 to 5
  • a card that can become almost two-hundred and fifty different cards for the turn
  • a card that can make multiple Storm Crow tokens
  • a card that can make one of five different artifact tokens that each don’t do anything
  • a card that enchants your graveyard
  • a card that gives you a resource to pay costs that no card has ever granted before
  • a card that makes flying Cat tokens
  • a card which requires you to use pantomime
  • a common command
  • a creature ability gets converted to a land ability
  • a cycle of “fill in the blank” cards
  • a cycle of cards that care about certain objects you can see from your seat
  • a new subgame card in a color that’s never had one
  • a planeswalker that doesn’t do what you say
  • an enchantment subtype appears on an artifact for the first time
  • an outside assistance card where the person assisting doesn’t even know
  • another spell that lets you open a booster pack
  • between cards and stickers, over twenty-five nonevergreen/nondeciduous mechanics are returning
  • multiple cards that let you win a prize
  • over ten new named abilities including best in show, gear up, and parade!

Rules Text

Maro also talked about rules text that appears on the card. Note that CARDNAME refers to the card itself.

  • “An opponent chooses ‘the fastest’, ‘the scariest’ or ‘the weakest.’”
  • “An opponent tells you a statement about themselves and secretly notes whether it’s true or false.”
  • “any number of printed Clown Robot tokens that aren’t touching each other, that you hid on the battlefield”
  • “As CARDNAME enters the battlefield, choose a named Magic character.”
  • “As CARDNAME enters the battlefield, choose a word with five or more letters.”
  • “As long as CARDNAME remains tapped, that effect doesn’t end.”
  • “As long as three or more hands are touching CARDNAME,”
  • “Ask a person outside the game to choose which of them is most like a rock band.”
  • “choose A through M or N through Z.”
  • “Each player in an Un-game who can hear you may bid life.”
  • “except by creatures with flavor text”
  • “first strike and a sword, vigilance and a shield, menace and mean eyes”
  • “for each item in its art that’s not touching CARDNAME, another item, or the card frame.”
  • “If the cracks in CARDNAME’s art are completely covered,”
  • “target non-Brushwagg creature”
  • “using the first letters of the names of permanents you control,”
  • “When you draw yourself, you win the game.”
  • “where X is the greatest number of stored results on it of the same value.”
  • “with #GuessThatMagicCard and no other text.”
  • “with the same artist and different names”

Reminder Text

(Reminder text is a text on Magic cards that’s in italics. Just like this one.) Reminder text is not something Mark usually teases. But Unfinity is a special set, and there’s a lot of weird reminder text. Check it out:

  • “A top is an outerwear garment worn on the upper body.”
  • “about 0.3 meters”
  • “Align the tops of both cards to check.”
  • “Anything with two or more capitalized words in its name that begin with the same letter is alliterative.”
  • “CARDNAME divides the battlefield into alpha, beta, and gamma sectors.”
  • “Creatures in a log together can’t be blocked unless they’re all blocked.”
  • “Don’t explain anything else. You choose targets.”
  • “Don’t touch other people’s phones without permission and be careful if you do.”
  • “Each time you gobble, take a bit of food or sacrifice a Food token.”
  • “It becomes 2/2, then 1/1, ½ / ½ , and so on.”
  • “It has their total power, total toughness, combined mana costs, all text boxes, names, art, and so on.”
  • “Places everyone! The first creature in line gets +0/+0.”
  • “Something is hot if it has hot things in its art, like fire or explosions.”
  • “the card, not your head”
  • “The vowels are A, E, I, O, U, and Y.”
  • “They can’t be blocked except by creatures with horsemanship.”
  • “They continue to exist after they leave the battlefield.”
  • “This creature has first strike as long as it’s blocking or being blocked by a creature that comes after it alphabetically.”
  • “This spell costs 1 less to cast for each Clown you control.”
  • “You can have two commanders if both have partner.”

Creature Types

Nowadays, there’s always a few unusual creature types in almost every MTG set. In Unfinity, as can be expected, the number gets even bigger. So, in your Unfinity boosters you could open:

  • Alien Insect
  • Alien Squirrel
  • Beeble
  • Clown Robot Mime
  • Dinosaur Employee
  • Dog Employee
  • Frog Guest
  • Human Hatificer Assassin
  • Minotaur Child Guest
  • Plant Mutant Food
  • Porcupine Performer
  • Rat Rogue
  • Zombie Coward Guest


There are also legendary creatures with interesting types in the set. So, your next commander could be of the following types:

  • Alien Ooze
  • Devil Performer
  • Elephant Mouse Performer
  • Human Clown Artificer
  • Human Gamer
  • Human Pilot Employee
  • Robot

MTG Unfinity — FAQ

In this section, we’ll answer some of the most common questions players have about the Unfinity set. If you don’t find an answer to your question here, leave a comment below, and we’ll get back to you as fast as we can.

How do you get Unfinity Shock Lands?

You can get Unfinity shock lands in Draft or Collector boosters. If you buy a whole box, you also get a Box Topper, which contains a full-art shock land. Here are the odds you have for getting one in a booster box:

Unfinity BoxBoostersShock Lands
Unfinity Draft Booster Box IconDraft Booster Box36around 2.5 (~1.5 + 1 Box Topper)
Unfinity Collector Booster Box IconCollector Booster Box12around 2 (~1 foil + 1 Box Topper)

You can find out more about Unfinity Space Shock lands here.

When does Unfinity release?

When Unfinity was announced the release date was supposed to be April 1, 2022. While that would be very appropriate for an Un-set, it wasn’t meant to be. On Januray 20, Wizards announced that due to supply chain complications, the release will be delayed until the second half of 2022.

We had to wait until the middle June, to finally get more information about when’s the set coming out. Then Wizards finally confirmed, that the Unifity releases on October 7th, 2022.

Is Unfinity fun to draft?

It’s a bit early to talk about this accurately, but we can make some guesses. Unstable was certainly a very fun set to draft, and we fully expect Unfinity to follow in the same footsteps.

However, fun really is subjective, and something that’s fun for one player, might not be as fun for others. If you enjoy weird interactions, fun mechanics like giving high-fives to other players, and the social aspect of Magic, you’re going to love drafting Unfinity.

On the other hand, if you want MTG to be just MTG as it always is, and want to optimize your decisions in order to improve your win rate, then Unfinity probably isn’t the best set for you.

Are Unfinity cards legal in Standard?

No, they aren’t — apart from basic lands.

Swamp MTG Space Lands

Will Unifity cards come to Arena?

So far, we don’t know much about this. The acorn cards probably won’t be on Arena, as the program wasn’t made for recognizing what’s in the artwork of a card, and similar shenanigans.

However, the cards that work in black-border might appear on Arena at some point. Additionally, basic lands from some previous Un-sets are also available on MTGA, so we can expect an Unfinity basic land bundle in the Shop.

Which type of boosters will Unfinity have?

Well, this is just what we’ll talk about in the next section, so let’s jump right in!

MTG Unfinity Product List

Here’s a list of all MTG products releasing with the Unfinity set.

Unfinity Draft Booster Box

MTG Unfinity Draft Booster Box

As we mentioned before, Unfinity was made with draft in mind. If you want to organize a draft for you and your friends, then the Unfinity Draft Booster Box is the way to go. It has 36 booster total, which is enough for an 8-player draft, with 12 boosters leftover for prizes. Of course, you could also do three 4-player drafts. There’s almost an unfinity of possibilities.

On top of that, you’re also getting a Box Topper — a foil borderless shock land!

Draft Pack

MTG Unifnity Draft Pack

Of course, if you don’t want to get a whole booster box, you can get something smaller, like a Draft pack, which contains 3 Draft boosters. If you and a friend both get two of these, you can play a game of Unfinity Sealed. (Sealed is when you open 6 packs, and make a 40-card deck from the cards you get. You also add basic lands.)

Furthermore, if you want to play a draft with a smaller playgroup, each of the players just needs one draft pack, and you’re ready to go.

Unifnity Collector Booster Box

MTG Unfinity Collector Booster Box

If you’re a fan of foils and alternate art cards, then you’ll want to get your hands on an Unfinity Collector Booster Box. Each one of them contains 12 Collector Boosters, plus a special promo card — a Box Topper.

The price is quite high, but you do get a ton of exciting cards.

Single Collector Booster

MTG Unfinity Collector Booster Contents

Don’t want to spend too much, but still want to get some fun and exciting cards? In that case, you can get a single Collector Booster. It contains 3-5 so-called Galaxy foils (the info on what exactly are these, isn’t available yet), plus 10-12 regular foils. That’s 15 foil cards total.


That’s all about MTG Unfinity so far. What do you think about the set? Love it, hate it — let us know in the comments below. Furthermore, you can find all Unfinity basic lands here.

If you’re unsure about whether to buy or not to buy Unfinity product, you can read our article, appropriately Should You Buy MTG Unfinity?

Furthermore, if you’re looking for more MTG news, check out the upcoming MTG sets here. Until next time, have an amazing time, and may all of your craziest card ideas appear in the Unfinity set.

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