MTGAHelper Review

There are multiple different third party trackers for MTG Arena. Today we’ll take a look at MTGAHelper and all its features. This way you’ll find out if this tracker has what you need and if you should use it.

What is MTGAHelper?

MTGAHelper is a tracker that works in a combination with its website. It helps you track various statistics and data from MTG Arena by reading your game logs. It has many different features and we’ll go over most of them in this article.

To use it, you’ll have to install the tracker and create an account on the website.

Tracker has all the data that can affect your in-game decision making. More general stats are available on the website, when you log in. Let’s take a look at which features MTGAHelper offers.


MTGAHelper Tracker

Here you can see how the Tracker looks in-game. It’s actually a separate window, that always hovers in front. You can move it around, but for us it was the least distracting when we had it on the right most side.

However you can put it wherever you like and resize it in any way you see fit. You can also make it more or less transparent by using the slider at the bottom.

MTGAHelper Review

Great thing about the Tracker is that doesn’t use much of your computer resources, which lets everything run pretty smooth.

Next Draw – Odds

If we take a closer look, you can see one of the best features that MTGAHelper offers. You can see the odds of drawing your next card.

MTGAHelper Review in Game.jpg

Tracker also takes into account cards that you put on the bottom of your library. Those cards have a 0% chance to be your next draw (Unless you went through your whole deck, of course.)

This can really help you better understand probabilities and you can make more informed decisions at all points of the game. At the top right corner, you can see what is a chance that your next draw is a land card. This can help you decide if you’ll keep or mulligan a hand.

Knowing which cards are left in your deck is also incredibly important. It allows you to have a plan, which is our number one rule to get better at Magic. This comes especially handy, when your playing a new deck or a Limited deck, which you aren’t very familiar with.

In addition it’s also useful when you’re playing a long game, so you don’t have to check your graveyard and exile to see how many of the key cards still remain in your deck. In general it just saves you a lot of time, so you can think about your next move.

Draft Helper

During the draft, the interface of the tracker changes, as you can see below.

Draft Helper MTGAHelper Review

You’ll be able to see all the cards in the current pack plus all the grades from different content creators. (You can select which ones in the settings). Even though, it doesn’t take into account your previous picks, it can help you to quickly see which cards in the pack are considered the best.

Besides, there’s also a number which tells you which cards you have to most of. The card that gains you the most Gems – or the one with the highest Vault contribution, has to pouch icon next to it.

It’s a great tool for anyone who’s just starting out with draft.

Other Uses

Besides that, the other use of the tracker is, well, to track your stats. Your collection, win rate and similar stuff is tracked in real time on the website. Speaking of the website, let’s find out which stats can you find there.

MTGAHelper Website

Win Rate & Deck Stats

deck stats mtgahelper

Replay Logs

Another great tool for improving your game are replay logs. You can see how the game progressed from the first turn to the last. This way you’ll able to find out if you made a crucial mistake in your early turns, even if you didn’t realize it at the time.

Play by Play Arena Tracker

Collection Stats

You can also track your collection and see how close you are to completing each set.

MTGAHelper Review Feature Collection Completion

Daily Progression

You can also track your history. It can be interesting to see how your Gold, Rank and Vault progresses from day to day.

MTGAHelper Review History Tracker


You also have three so-called advisors tools:

  • Decks to Play
  • Cards to Craft
  • Booster to Open

All of these are pretty much self-explanatory. The tracker tells you which cards you should craft first – depending on your current collection and decks that you want to play.

Similarly it can suggest you which decks from the meta you’re closest to completing and which boosters you need to open to do so.

Other Uses

MTGAHelper website also has a ton of other features and you can really find some interesting stats there. The major stuff is is all pretty easy to find – that includes Mastery Pass Calculator and Drafts VS Booster (is it better to buy boosters or play draft).

However, there are also some very detailed stats about decks available, which isn’t that obvious at first. You you have a dig around a bit to find them and use them properly. However, once you learn the ins and outs of the website, you can find out how:

  • a deck preforms on the draw or on the play
  • how your win rate changes once your opponent mulligans
  • what happens when you play against mono red

All in all, there is a bunch of stuff that can be derived from your game logs.

Download MTGAHelper

You can download MTGAHelper by following the link below. In addition there’s also a link to the website, where you’ll have access to all of your data, once you get MTGAHelper up and running.

If you’re having any problems, MTGAHelper team is very responsive on their Discord.

For example, I had some issues with the sing-up form, so I contacted them on Discord. They got back to me in a few seconds and whole problem was sorted out in a couple of minutes. Great customer service!

Final Thoughts

In conclusion MTGAHelper has some great uses. Some stuff, like tracking cards in your deck can really be useful for competitive advantage. On the other hand, you have Collection Tracker, which is just a fun tool to have.

So MTGAHelper is great for both competitive players and fans of different stats. And the final great thing – it’s free. Just download it, register and you’re ready to go.

Anyways, that’s it for our MTGAHelper review. If you’re also using it, feel free to leave your feedback in the comments below.

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Until next time, have fun and may MTGAHelper help you reach your goals.

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