Murders at Karlov Manor Draft Tier List

Welcome to our Murders at Karlov Manor Draft Tier List. This article is meant as a companion to our Karlov Manor Draft Guide, in which you can find information about archetypes, mechanics, and all that big picture stuff. But here, you can already find find grades for of each card you can open in Karlov Manor draft. This way, you should win more games.

UPDATE (February 16, 2024): After 30+ drafts played, this article got a major update. Almost a third of the grades received slight corrections. Nothing to major, but the tier list should now be fairly accurate. While, there might be additional updates, those very be very minor.

Murders at Karlov Manor Draft Tier List – Legend

Before we get to the tier list, let’s first check what each grade means:

  • A: The bombs, cards that can win games practically on their own.
  • B: Powerful cards, which encourage you to play their colors.
  • C: Okay cards, you’ll typically play them when you’re in their colors.
  • D: Mediocre cards, which you’d rather avoid playing.
  • F: Unplayable cards.

All grades (except F), can use a “+” or a “-” symbol. Naturally, C+ is a better grade than C, which is better than C-.

Murders at Karlov Manor Draft Tier List

The new cards might not be showing, as the database we’re using wasn’t updated yet. In the meantime, you can find the cards here.

Absolving LammasuC+
Assemble the PlayersD-
Aurelia's VindicatorA+
Auspicious ArrivalC+
Call a Surprise WitnessC+
Case File AuditorC+
Case of the Gateway ExpressB
Case of the Pilfered ProofD+
Case of the Uneaten FeastD
Defenestrated PhantomC-
Delney, Streetwise LookoutC+
Doorkeeper ThrullC
Due DiligenceC-
Essence of AntiquityC+
Forum FamiliarC-
Griffnaut TrackerC-
Haazda VigilanteC-
Inside SourceB-
Karlov WatchdogC+
Krovod HaunchC+
Make Your MoveC
Makeshift BindingB
Marketwatch PhantomC+
Museum NightwatchC
Neighborhood GuardianB
No WitnessesB+
Not on My WatchC+
Novice InspectorB
On the JobC+
Perimeter EnforcerB
Sanctuary WallD
Seasoned ConsultantC
Tenth District HeroA-
Unyielding GatekeeperB+
Wojek InvestigatorA-
Anzrag's RampageF
Bolrac-Clan BasherC+
Case of the Burning MasksB-
Case of the Crimson PulseB-
Caught Red-HandedC-
The Chase Is OnC
Concealed WeaponC-
Connecting the DotsB-
Convenient TargetC
Cornered CrookC+
Crime NovelistC
Demand AnswersC-
Expedited InheritanceF
Expose the CulpritF
Felonious RageC
Frantic ScapegoatC+
Fugitive CodebreakerB+
Gearbane OrangutanC
Goblin MaskmakerC-
Harried DronesmithC+
Incinerator of the GuiltyA
Innocent BystanderC
Krenko, Baron of Tin StreetA-
Krenko's BuzzcrusherB
Lamplight PhoenixA-
Offender at LargeC+
Person of InterestB
Pyrotechnic PerformerB+
Reckless DetectiveB
Red HerringC
Rubblebelt BraggartC-
Suspicious DetonationC-
Torch the WitnessB+
Vengeful TrackerC+
The ListGrade
Baleful Mastery*B
Bishop of the BloodstainedD+
Burden of GuiltC
Cavalier of Thorns*B+
Combine ChrysalisB
Consign // OblivionC+
Death Cloud*D
Duskmantle, House of ShadowD+
Enlisted WurmB+
Evolutionary Leap**B+
Ghost QuarterF
Gnaw to the BoneD
Goblin WarchiefD-
Hard EvidenceC+
High AlertD-
Ixidor, Reality SculptorC+
Jace, Wielder of MysteriesB+
Krosan TuskerC+
Kuldotha RebirthC
Laid to RestD+
Leonin Relic-WarderC+
Mass HysteriaF
Maverick ThopteristB+
Mentor of the MeekB+
Metalspinner's PuzzleknotC
Mistveil PlainsF
Molten PsycheF
Monologue TaxF
Mystery KeyC-
Nyx WeaverC+
Possibility Storm**F
Putrid WarriorC-
Quintorius, Field HistorianC
Ranger-Captain of EosB-
Shard of Broken GlassC-
Smuggler's Copter**A
Spell SnareF
Stromkirk CaptainB-
Syr Konrad, the GrimA-
Treacherous TerrainC
Worldspine WurmD-

*Only appears in paper. // **Only appears on Arena.

Agency OutfitterC-
Behind the MaskD
Benthic CriminologistsD+
Bubble SmugglerC+
Burden of ProofC+
Case of the Filched FalconC+
Case of the Ransacked LabF
Cold Case CrackerB-
Conspiracy UnravelerC
Coveted FalconC
Crimestopper SpriteC+
Cryptic CoatA
Curious InquiryD
Dramatic AccusationC
Eliminate the ImpossibleC+
Exit SpecialistB
Fae FlightC-
Forensic GadgeteerB-
Forensic ResearcherC-
Furtive CourierC+
Hotshot InvestigatorsC
Intrude on the MindB+
Jaded AnalystC
Living ConundrumD
Lost in the MazeB
Mistway SpyC
Out ColdC+
Proft's Eidetic MemoryB
Projektor InspectorB-
Reasonable DoubtC+
Reenact the CrimeD-
Steamcore ScholarB+
Sudden SetbackC
Surveillance MonitorB
Unauthorized ExitC+
Aftermath AnalystC
Airtight AlibiC-
Analyze the PollenB-
Archdruid's CharmC+
Audience with TrostaniD
Axebane FeroxB+
Bite Down on CrimeB-
Case of the Locked HothouseB
Case of the Trampled GardenB-
Chalk OutlineC-
Culvert AmbusherB-
Fanatical StrengthC+
Flourishing Bloom-KinB
Get a Leg UpC+
Glint WeaverB-
Greenbelt RadicalB
Hard-Hitting QuestionB
Hedge WhispererB-
Hide in Plain SightA-
A Killer Among UsB+
Loxodon EavesdropperB-
Nervous GardenerB-
Pick Your PoisonD
Pompous GadaboutC
The Pride of Hull CladeC
Rubblebelt MaverickC+
Sample CollectorB-
Sharp-Eyed RookieB+
Slime Against HumanityD
They Went This WayC-
Topiary PantherC+
Tunnel TipsterB-
Undergrowth ReconD
Vengeful CreeperC+
Vitu-Ghazi InspectorC
Branch of Vitu-GhaziC+
Commercial DistrictC+
Elegant ParlorC+
Escape TunnelC+
Hedge MazeC+
Lush PorticoC+
Meticulous ArchiveC+
Public ThoroughfareC-
Raucous TheaterC+
Scene of the CrimeC
Shadowy BackstreetC+
Thundering FallsC+
Undercity SewersC+
Underground MortuaryC+
Case of the Shattered PactD
Gravestone StriderC-
Lumbering LaundryC-
Magnetic SnufflerD
Magnifying GlassD
Sanitation AutomatonC
Thinking CapC-
Special GuestsGrade
Ghostly PrisonC
Show and TellD-
Tragic SlipB+
Crashing FootfallsA-
Tireless TrackerB+
Drown in the LochC
Field of the DeadF

Agency CoronerD+
Alley AssailantC+
Barbed ServitorC
Basilica StalkerC
Case of the Gorgon's KissC-
Case of the Stashed SkeletonB+
Cerebral ConfiscationD
Clandestine MeddlerC
Deadly Cover-UpA-
Extract a ConfessionB-
Homicide InvestigatorB+
Hunted BonebruteB+
Illicit MasqueradeD+
It Doesn't Add UpD+
Lead PipeC-
Leering OnlookerB
Long GoodbyeB
Macabre ReconstructionC
Massacre Girl, Known KillerA-
Nightdrinker MoroiiB-
Outrageous RobberyC+
Persuasive InterrogatorsC
Polygraph OrbD+
Presumed DeadC-
Repeat OffenderC-
Rot Farm MortipedeC-
Slice from the ShadowsC+
Slimy DualleechB-
Snarling GorehoundC+
Soul EnervationB-
Toxin AnalysisC+
Undercity EliminatorB
Unscrupulous AgentC+
Vein RipperA
Agrus Kos, Spirit of JusticeA
Alquist Proft, Master SleuthA
Anzrag, the Quake-MoleA-
Assassin's TrophyB+
Aurelia, the Law AboveA
Blood Spatter AnalysisB+
Break OutD
Buried in the GardenB
Coerced to KillB+
Crowd-Control WardenB-
Curious CadaverC
Deadly ComplicationB-
Detective's SatchelB
Dog WalkerB
Drag the CanalB+
Etrata, Deadly FugitiveB+
Evidence ExaminerB-
Ezrim, Agency ChiefA+
Faerie SnoopC
Gadget TechnicianB-
Gleaming GeardrakeB+
Granite WitnessB-
Ill-Timed ExplosionA
Insidious RootsD+
Izoni, Center of the WebA
Judith, Carnage ConnoisseurB+
Kaya, Spirits' JusticeA-
Kellan, Inquisitive Prodigy // Tail the SuspectA-
Kraul WhipcrackerB-
Kylox, Visionary InventorC-
Kylox's VoltstriderB+
Lazav, Wearer of FacesB+
Leyline of the GuildpactF
Lightning HelixB
Meddling YouthsC
Niv-Mizzet, GuildpactC+
No More LiesC
Officious InterrogationB
Private EyeB
Rakdos, Patron of ChaosA
Rakish ScoundrelC-
Relive the PastB+
Repulsive MutationB
Riftburst HellionC
Rune-Brand JugglerC+
Sanguine SaviorC+
Shady InformantC
Soul SearchD+
Sumala SentryB
Teysa, Opulent OligarchA-
Tin Street GossipB-
Tolsimir, Midnight's LightA
Treacherous GreedC+
Trostani, Three WhispersA-
Undercover CrocodelfC
Urgent NecropsyB-
Vannifar, Evolved EnigmaA-
Warleader's CallA
Wispdrinker VampireB
Worldsoul's RageC+
Yarus, Roar of the Old GodsB+
Cease // DesistC
Flotsam // JetsamC-
Fuss // BotherB+
Hustle // BustleC
Push // PullB

As you can see, there are two new tables. The reason is that 12.5% (or 1 in 8) Play boosters can contain a card from the List or a Karlov Manor Special Guest card. You can expect 3 of those to be opened in a 8-player draft on average. Nevertheless, it’s still a good idea to know which ones exist.


So, that’s every card in Karlov Manor graded for draft. Do you have any questions or comments about our grades? Let us know in the comments below, and get some discussion going.

Don’t forget to also read our Murders at Karlov Manor Draft Guide for the fuller understanding of this format.

Until next time, good luck in your drafts!

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