Murders at Karlov Manor Mechanics: All 6 Revealed

In this article, you’ll find all mechanics from the newest Ravnica set, called Murders at Karlov Manor. New mechanics are being previewed right now, and this article is being updated.

Murders at Karlov Manor Mechanics List

Here are all currently known Murders at Karlov Manor mechanics:

  • Case (new)
  • Collect evidence (new)
  • Disguise (new)
  • Cloak (new)
  • Investigate (returning)
  • Suspect (new)

Let’s explore each one into more detail.


Case is a new enchantment type. It has the similar design to Sagas and Class cards, but works differently.

Case of the Ransacked Lab Murders at Karlov Manor New Mechanics

The first part of the card always works. The second part of the card is called “To solve”, this is the condition that you need to meet in order to get access to the third part, called “Solved”.

Collect Evidence

Collect evidence is a new mechanic. It always comes with a number and is a cost. In order to collect evidence X, you must exile a number of cards from your graveyard with total mana cost X or less.

Analyze the Pollen Murders at Karlov Manor Mechanics List


Disguise is a new mechanic, which works similar to morph. It can appear on permanent cards. You can still play such cards for their regular mana costs and ignore the whole disguise part.

Nightdrinker Moroii Murders At Karlov Manor Mechanics Guide
MTG Disguise Overlay Token

However, you can also pay three mana in order to play that card face down. If you do, it becomes a colorless 2/2 creature with ward 2. You can then turn it face up by paying its disguise cost.

While you can look beneath the card at any time, your opponent won’t know which creature is hiding beneath the card. This makes makes it harder for them to play optimally.


If disguise is an updated morph, then cloak is an updated manifest mechanic.

Expose the Culprit Cloak Murders at Karlov Manor Mechanics

A card can instruct you to cloak a card. You can do so by putting that card onto the battlefield face down. It also becomes a colorless 2/2 creature with ward 2. You may look at it any time.

If it’s an actual creature card, you can turn it face-up by paying its mana cost. If it’s not, it will just remain in play face down.


Investigate is a returning mechanic, which first appeared in Shadows over Innistrad, back in April, 2016.

Novice Inspector Investigate Murders at Karlov Manor Mechanics
Clue Token Murders at Karlov Manor Mechanics

Investigate is a keyword action. Whenever a card instructs you to investigate, you create a Clue token. That’s a predefined artifact token, which allows you to pay two mana and sacrifice it to draw a card.

Some cards allow you alternate uses for Clues, but for the most part they are used for card advantage.

This mechanic also appears as the main feature in one of the four Murders at Karlov Manor Commander decks.


It Doesn't Add Up Murders at Karlov Manor All Mechanics Suspect

If a card instructs you to suspect a creature, it becomes suspected. A suspected creature has menace and can’t block. There are also some cards that care whether a creature is suspected or not.


More information to follow later today. In the meantime, you can find Murders at Karlov Manor spoilers here.

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