MTG Mystery Booster Explained

Mystery booster was first announced on October 10th with little to no information on what to expect. Magic Fest Richmond was the first tournament where player could open Mystery boosters without knowing what’s in them.

It’s probably the most unusual Magic product ever made outside the silver-border cards. The Mystery booster contains cards from last years of Magic, without any clear synergies. So it’s kinda like Chaos Draft.

There are 1000-2000 different cards in the set, but we don’t have the exact number yet. We’ll know the exact card list on Monday – November, 11th.

What’s in the MTG Mystery Boosters?

Each booster contains 15 cards:

  • 2 commons or uncommons for each color
  • 1 multicolored common or uncommon
  • 1 common or uncommon artifact or land
  • 1 rare or mythic rare card with Core Set 2015 frame
  • 1 card with old frame
  • 1 test card (ONLY in convention boosters!)

This probably gives you some more questions. Here is what we know so far.

What are Test Cards?


Wizards (creators of MTG) have to test cards before they print them. To play with them they create their own proxies by putting a sticker on a regular Magic card.

The test cards in a Mystery Booster are a reference to those. This cards look like it has a sticker on the regular card. (It’s still just a printed card.) The Maro’s Gone Nuts is “stickered” on a Doubling Season. Test cards aren’t made for constructed play but can be used in the drafts at conventions.

You can check all of them at Mythic Spoiler.

What are Convention Mystery Boosters?

There are two sorts of Mystery Boosters. Regular Mystery Boosters and Convention Mystery Boosters. Let’s take a look at their differences.

Convention Mystery Booster


As the name suggests these boosters are the one you get at conventions. Usually those will be Magic Fests until the end of the 2019. You can check them out here.

Only these boosters contain test cards. Convention Boosters aren’t for sale at your local shops.

Regular Mystery Booster

Regular Mystery Booster is the same as the Convention one, except it doesn’t contain test cards. You can however eventually buy them at your local game store. When there will be more information about when are where you can get them, we will update this article.

Are There any Good Cards in Mystery Boosters?

Yes. So far we know that the following cards are in the Mystery Boosters:

There are however plenty of bad cards also, so it would be best to wait and see everything to decide if you want to buy Mystery Boosters or not.

No More Mysteries

As we said before, there are still a lot of unknowns about the Mystery Boosters. You can expect more information on November 11. So come back then for an updated article. Until then – have fun with some mysteries.

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