Streets of New Capenna Spoilers: Everything We Know So Far

In this article you’ll find all currently available Streets of New Capenna spoilers, potential leaks, and everything we currently know about the set. This is Magic’s take on a gangster movie, which is bound to be exciting.

Streets of New Capenna Spoilers

That’s it for the card spoilers. However, that’s now all. Wizards also previewed full art basic lands, like the Plains you see below.

You can find all New Capenna full-art basic lands here. In that article, we also talk about where you can get these amazing basics.

New Capenna Product List

While this set is still sometime away, you can already preorder New Capenna on Amazon. Let’s take a look at what products you can get from this set. We’re starting with three different booster boxes.

New Capenna Draft Booster Box

New Capenna Draft Booster Box

This is the best product if you want to draft. There are 36 boosters, which is more than enough for an 8-player draft, and you could also do three 4-player drafts.

New Capenna Set Booster Box

New Capenna Set Booster Box

If you want to just open boosters, but not spend too much, Set boosters are the product for you. While there are 30 boosters in the box, which is 6 less than in a Draft booster box, they have better odds for rares, and on average you’ll get more rares from a Set booster box. You can learn more about Set boosters here.

New Capenna Collector Booster Box

New Capenna Collector Booster Box

Collector Booster box has only 12 boosters, but they are stacked! Each one contains at least 3 rares, and all cards are foil or have alternate art — or both! So, if you want to open tons of amazing cards, this is what you’re looking for.

All booster boxes also have a New Capenna Box Topper.

Commander Decks

The set coincides with the Commander 2022 set. (As Strixhaven did with Commander 2021.) This is certainly a prefect fit for five Commander decks, one for each of the five factions.

Tricolor Commander precons are always very exciting and popular, and we hope this will be true for New Capenna Commander decks as well.

Here are the names of each Commander deck:

Each of them will also have a 2-card sample Collector Pack. You can find more about the New Capenna Commander 2022 decks here.

What is New Capenna?

New Capenna is a city on an unknown plane. It was originally built by Angels, but is nowadays ruled by Demons who battle for supremacy.

To be more exact, there are five crime families. Each one of them is represented by three colors, and has a signature keyword ability and play style. So this means that the Streets of New Capenna will be a tricolor set.

New Capenna Spoilers Houses

New Capenna Lore

The most special thing about Streets of New Capenna is that it’s the most modern themed set. You know, since it’s about gangsters and mafia. However, it won’t just be a copy of the movie Godfather. This is MTG’s take on the whole gangster trope.

So you can expect the crime families consisting not only from Humans, but from various Magic creatures. While there probably won’t be a Squirrel or Eldrazi crime family, we might very likely see the common creature types like Goblins, Elves, and so on.

As we mentioned before, New Capenna isn’t the whole plane — it’s just a city on an unknown plane. (Similarly to Strixhaven, which is a school on an unknown plane.) What we know about the plane is that it has a special significance to Elspeth Tirel.

The Five New Capenna Factions

So let’s take a look at the five factions / crime families from New Capenna, and see what they’re all about. We also tried to predict, which kind of mechanic would fit the most in each faction. Don’t forget that these are only predictions, and probably not the mechanics that’ll actually appear in the set.

Obscura (White-Blue-Black)

Obscura Family Logo New Capenna Spoilers
White Blue Black New Capenna Family Spoilers

Obscura is a family of talented wizards and mystics. They use their power to deceive and blackmail. They use distractions, illusions and hidden mechanics in order to manipulate the outcome of any situation into their benefit.

This family still tries to present a facade of normalcy in their day-to-day lives. After all, this makes it much easier to run their schemes in the background.

Possible keywords: Ascend, Exploit

Maestros (Blue-Black-Red)

Maestros Logo New Capenna Families
Blue Black Green New Capenna Family Spoilers

Maestros are the elite assassins of New Capenna. They are old-money Vampires, so they want to keep their power, influence and wealth. Furthermore, they enjoy the finer things in life that they can get because of it. (Seems like they have fully foiled Commander decks.)

They won’t stop at nothing to get what they want, and murder is certainly not out of the question. However, similarly to the previously mentioned Obscura, they don’t just go and make this public knowledge. They maintain a public front, in which they present themselves as art aficionados, who just want to preserve the art and culture of Old Capenna.

Possible keywords: Improvise, Prowess

Riveteers (Black-Red-Green)

Riveteers Logo
Black Red Green New Capenna Family Spoilers

Riveteers are the destruction workers. They are a rowdy brute force of artisans, not to be messed with, as they break down buildings as easily as kneecaps. Naturally, they mastered both demolition, and intimidation.

With their influence in the building industry, they transformed the lower levels of the city into a draconic lair for their own use.

Possible keywords: Riot, Provoke

Brokers (Green-White-Blue)

Brokers Logo New Capenna Families
Green White Blue New Capenna Family Spoilers

You can’t have a crime plane without lawyers. The lawyers on Capenna are demonic, though. If that weren’t enough, they believe in a secret doomsday prophecy — when the halo dries up, the New Capenna will fail.

So in the daylight they are lawyers, and do mundane work in the form of various legal disputes. However, their aggressive solicitors have a way of being everywhere, and they certainly show up in every crisis in the city.

Possible keywords: Mentor, Investigate

Cabaretti (Red-Green-White)

Cabaretti Logo
Red Green White New Capenna Family Spoilers

Cabaretti just want to party. They are very different from the previous factions, as they are a fun-loving cult of druids, which organizes parties and feasts in their dance halls.

Of course, they also have access to magic, and quite ancient one, which they use to sway the opinions of the masses. You can party as much as you like with them — but there’s a catch. Once you’re out of money, it’s pretty hard to leave.

Possible keywords: Bloodthirst, Convoke

Maro’s New Capenna Teaser

As is customary, Mark Rosewater (aka Maro), the head designer for Magic the Gathering, posted some teasers about Streets of New Capenna on his Blogatog. These are cryptic pieces of information, which are usually quite interesting. Let’s take a look!


While no mechanics were previewed, there were some teasers about them. For example, Wizards tried to fit a mechanic in various past sets, but it was never a great fit. Now it’s finally coming with New Capenna.

There’s at least one returning mechanic. It was first printed in a Standard legal set in the 00s. If you have an idea what this one could be, leave a comment at the end of the article. Many players speculate that this mechanic is Hideaway, which just recently got some rules changes.

Shelldock Isle MTG Hideaway Rules

As we’ve seen in recent sets, white cards are getting card draw nowadays. Among the New Capenna spoilers, you’ll be able to find multiple white cards that’ll be capable of drawing a card each turn. These are not necessarily tied to a specific mechanic.

Some cards care about copying spells, and this could be a mechanic for one of the five New Capenna families. There are texts such as:

  • “Copy target spell you control that wasn’t cast.”
  • “When you cast this spell, copy it.”
  • “You may cast any number of the copies without paying their mana costs.”


Mark also touched briefly on the New Capenna Draft format. One draft theme will care about a certain threshold in the graveyard. No previous mechanic cared about this specific threshold.

The other theme will be about a specific creature type. Similarly to the previous mechanic, this creature type didn’t have a draft archetype built around it yet.

Text Snippets

Here are various text snippets that appear on card from New Capenna:

  • “Then, if you control ten or more creatures, you may play the exiled card without paying its mana cost.”
  • “As an additional cost to cast this spell, sacrifice a creature, discard a card, or pay 4 life.”
  • “where X is the number of permanents you’ve sacrificed this turn.”


Since New Capenna is a multi-color set, it should come to no surprise that cards care about colors. Here are some such text snippets:

  • “Count the colors of the sacrificed creature,”
  • “If exactly three colors of mana were spent to activate this ability,”

Additionally, there’s also some five color support, as there’s a card that adds ten mana, two of each color. Another card lets you pay WUBRG, and sacrifice it in order to get an effect.

Weird color costs don’t stop there, as New Capenna introduces five mana costs, which use existing mana symbols, but that specific combination has never been used before. Oh, and there’s one card that costs fifteen mana (two of which are black).

Creature Types

There will be some interesting creature types in New Capenna, for example:

  • Bird Assassin
  • Devil Warrior
  • Plant Dinosaur
  • Raccoon Rogue

Furthermore, there will be at least two artifact creatures. The first one is an Angel Warrior, which sounds impressive, but is nothing compared to the other one – Treasure Dog! It’ll certainly be interesting to see what card it’ll get.


New Capenna Spoilers Maro's Teaser Cat

Here’s an interesting tidbit for Commander fans, the following creature types appear on legendary creatures:

  • Cat Citizen
  • Cephalid Advisor
  • Sphinx Demon
  • Vampire Demon Noble


Finally, there’s some information about creature tokens. At least one card will make both Cat and Dog tokens. Another card makes 1/1 Fish creature token. Perhaps we’re getting a cheekily named card Sleep With the Fishes.

There’s also a red creature that can make token copies of creatures you control.

New Capenna Art Style

Streets of New Capenna Spoilers Art

One very special distinction of Streets of New Capenna will certainly be its art style, which will rely heavily on both Art Deco architecture, and film noir aesthetics. It’ll really bring out the modern, urban fantasy setting, which is something we haven’t seen in an MTG set so far.

Art Deco (also called simply Deco) is a style of visual arts, architecture and design, which first appeared in France in the beginning of 20th century. These are modern styles combined with fine craftsmanship and rich materials, which represented luxury and glamour. They are well known by their vibrant colors, and heavy geometric influences.

Film noir, on the other hand, is a French term for a dark film. A lot of cynical Hollywood crime dramas are made in this style. You can expect dark colors, and some mystery as well.

All in all, with an art lesson out of the way, let’s move to our next topic.

New Capenna Predictions

In this section, we’ll talk about various predictions about the set. Since the article first went live, we got some confirmations already.

Streets of New Capenna Spoilers Ob Nixilis Returns 2022

Completion of Triomes

Remember how we got Triomes with Ikoria? They are lands that enter tapped, but can provide three different colors of mana. They also have the respective land types and the ability to cycle them for three mana.

Raugrin Triome Streets of New Capenna Spoilers

Since Capenna is a tricolor set, with the other three color combos, it would be a great place to get missing Triomes. They wouldn’t need to be named Triomes necessarily, but they would have the following types:

  • Plains Island Swamp
  • Island Swamp Mountain
  • Swamp Mountain Forest
  • Mountain Forest Plains
  • Forest Plains Island
WUB Triome Streets of New Capenna Spoilers

This prediction was confirmed, and you can find all New Cappena Triomes here. (With special alt-art styles!)

Capenna Planeswalkers

Elspeth Tirel

Since we know that Elsepth Tirel has a special tie to this plane, it’s very likely that she’ll also appear in the set. She might even get a three color card, and would be a perfect fit for the Green-White-Blue family, as she spent some time on the Bant shard in Alara.

Ob Nixilis

Ob Nixilis New Capenna Spoilers

Ob Nixilis appeared in the official art for New Capenna and, it looks like it’ll be the main planeswalker for the set. So this is basically confirmed, and not much of a prediction, the players have already nicknamed him Mob Nixilis.

What might be interesting is if Ob Nixilis will fit into one of the families completely, and have a card in three colors. In that case, the most likely scenario is probably a Black-Red-Green card. Of course White-Blue-Black and Blue-Black-Red are also options, although it’s hard to imagine White Ob Nixilis, and Grixis combination already has a bunch of Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker versions.

New Planeswalker

The vast majority of sets nowadays have new planeswalkers, which are native to the plane. So one of the families will probably have their own planeswalker from Capenna.


Since Elspeth will be on this plane, maybe some Phyrexians will be here as well. For example, Vorniclex, Monstrous Raider was running around on Kaldheim, so perhaps Elspeth will meet Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite here?

Important Dates

Mark Rosewater, head designer for Magic: the Gathering, confirmed on his Blogatog that Kamigawa and Streets of New Capenna follow a similar time frame as Kaldheim and Strixhaven. Additionally, on February 24, 2022, Wizards announced when the set will release. You can find all the dates for New Capenna in the following table:

Full Spoiler Season StartApril 7, 2022
All Cards PreviewedApril 15, 2022
New Capenna Prerelease WeekendApril 22-24, 2022
New Capenna Release on ArenaApril 28, 2022
New Capenna Release on MTGOApril 28, 2022
New Capenna ReleaseApril 29, 2022

You might’ve noticed an interesting thing. The paper prerelease is happening before the Arena and MTGO release. This is a new thing that Wizards are trying out. Depending on how it plays out, this change might be here to stay.


Anyway, that’s all about the New Capenna spoilers, and information we have available so far. We’ll update the article regularly with new info, so if you don’t want to miss it, follow us on Facebook or Instagram.

There you’ll find reminders for new articles, some fun memes and new MTGA codes. Speaking of which, you can find all currently available codes for MTG Arena here. Additionally, if you’re looking forward to other new sets, you can check upcoming MTG sets.

Until next time, have fun and may all your hopes for New Capenna come true!

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    • Magic has 10 tri-color combinations. Five of them are called wedges, and the other five are shards. Green, Black, White combination is one of the wedges. New Capenna features shards, which means this color combination won’t appear in this set.

  1. I have a hunch the 00’s mechanic might be Gravestorm. It’s a mechanic that was first sampled in ’07 in Future Sight alongside Delve, but hasn’t found a home yet.

  2. I think the 3rd planeswalker was already announced to be Vivien Reed, so unless we are getting a 4th one then we already know the 3 with no plane specific one unless Elspeth is the plane specific one.

  3. The Jund triome And Grixis one will be quite sought after in Arena. As Jund Sack and Grixis builds are quite popular. Hopefully the treasure dog will at least be red. As this will no doubt boost these decks


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